💡Atomic Beam SunBlast review: as seen on TV SUNBLAST solar light [75] - ndbatteries.com

💡Atomic Beam SunBlast review: as seen on TV SUNBLAST solar light [75]

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Hey there,
In this video I take a close look at the Atomic Beam SUNBLAST. The SunBLAST is an as seen on TV solar light. The Sunblast has two brightness settings low and high. It can be mounted with the enclosed screws or 3M strips. The Atomic Beam Sunblast doesn’t require wires because its powered by the sun. The SunBeam can be purchased at your local As seen on TV retailer for around $20. Check put my full review here!
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  1. I bought one back in 2015 and it still works great. I bought one brand new a few months ago and now it’s dead. The solar array does charge. The battery is no good. And this is out of the package. I should have bought more quality ones from fry’s back in 2015

  2. I bought a total of 6 of these lights, a year later 5 have quit coming on. Contacted bulbhead and they told me these only had a 30 day warranty, and pawned me off on the place where l purchased the lights. They are a piece of crap. They have all been replaced with Bell and Howell lights that work great. All lights were 20 dollars with a 5 year warranty. They replaced 1 light for me with no questions ask. Bell and Howell is the better product.

  3. will the sticky backs work on vinyl siding?

  4. Bought one an when you walk up it comes on but it blinks. It won’t staton.

  5. omg the dragon ball jacket!!!! ☺️☺️☺️

  6. I like it.. i need 2 or 3 for the sides of my house

  7. It looks cool on the door!
    (PS. thanks to stopped my mine then it reminds me to catch your videos up, Jeff. I have been working whole day whole night for a week…i missed a lot)

  8. Nice and i need this to our house . You explain it very well!

  9. How would you compare the light on high vs lower setting outside? Thanks for the review!

  10. Thanks for sharing. I wouldn’t have known if you hadn’t revived it. Now that I know it works. I’ll get one for my garage.

  11. Thank you !!! Does anyone know a cheap outdoor video camera with a monitor I can get for cheap .??? PS i know it wont be as cheap as an on seen on TV but wanna get as inexpensive as I can …. Thank You & Have Great Night!!!

  12. Just bought one of these and wasn't sure i made the right choice. You're review is positive. Question: i see you placed it quite low on your shed. How high is best? Thanks.

  13. I plan to buy one or 2 they work pretty good on high switching allways leave on hi

  14. You need someone else to video you approaching the detector.
    Then I can see how well it lights up the area. Just pointing the camera at the light is just blinding and gives little experience with the unit.

  15. Here goes hunter again ,peddling his snake oil junk, oh hunter, hunter, what piece of crap is next?…….

  16. For 24 bucks free shipping on ebay,you can find a 100 lumens solar light that will light up the whole damn street! 3 controls on it.

  17. Thanks for your review Jeff……. I just seen the commercial and was hoping you did a review!! 👍

  18. I just bought this today from dollar general for 20 bucks. I used to have ever brite which lasted few years. This one seems brighter. Going to install this and see how good it is.

  19. I need a light that covers the driveway … but my garage has a large tree nearby. I can just see the light coming off & on all night in windy weather. I appreciate the review however.John from Louisville.

  20. Please how long can it last. I mean the lifespan….thanks

  21. Where is it made I heard there’s a lot of problems with this

  22. I could have sworn I saw a commercial that included 2 lights for $19.99.
    I love the fact it does need to be mounted it, buy batteries, and a bright motion sensor.
    Soooo…. I'd be super grateful to find out where I could buy either (2) lights for $19.99 or (1) light for $12.99.
    Thanks much! Since this is a great channel, I'm happy to announce I'm a new subscriber!

  23. Someone else on the tube tried it and it worked once for her but not ever again. Have you tried it more than once like the other lady did and what was your result?

  24. Hey Jeff my name is Bridget and I ordered two of these sunbeams lights paying extra for the second one got a confirmation thanking me for placing an order but didn't getting a confirmation numberand now I can't get anyone on the customer service number I was hoping you could help me with this I paid a lot of money for these two lights that I did not receivesure wish I knew I could have purchased it at Walmart I just would have went in and bought themso my question to you is is there a number that I can call to speak to someone because the number that I have does not work

  25. It works great but it recently stopped turning on. Anything i should look for, i think it’s only 6 months old

  26. I was so excited to get these as I've seen no bad reviews. We charged all day and only 1 of the 2 turned on and wasn't very bright. The second nothing! I'm hoping after we move and charge again I get these results. Even in a dark room and test they didn't work. I'm hoping I didnt get a bad product and I'm completely bummed. So we shall see tomorrows results! Great vid nonetheless!

  27. How many luminas you need at least 400, to make a difference, 600 is good

  28. If on/off and high/low beam on back how change once installed?

  29. BTW I noticed that you said the screws strip easy at 3:10. I just wanted you to know the proper way to install wood screws is to 1st, use a drill bit smaller than the screw to open the area and then you can use a electric screwdriver, manual screwdriver, or a drill on slow speed to drive the screw into the wood. This stops the wood from splitting and/or you stripping out the screws head. Thanks so much for reviewing the different products and giving your opinions!

  30. Jeff buddy that is a stupid place to place your solar light. Place it up top of the shed so that it lights up the entire area.

  31. I bought one of these for my back door in July of 2019. It is now February 2021. It has been working GREAT! It still shines as bright as the first day. It is 400 lumens and is very bright for an outdoor light. I have had no problems during the coldest winter day either. It has never failed to come on. I would say the motion sensor reaches about 15 to 18 feet away. It comes on as soon as I drive up in the dark before i even leave the car. I love mine and just bought a second one for the sledding hill so we can sled at night! I found mine at Dollar General for $19.99. I will be buying 5 more to put around the property. The work great for security to scare trespassers at night. Five of them are only $100 plus tax and that is cheap for easy installation and protection. I use my own grade 8 metal fasteners instead of what comes with it. Just thought I would share my experience.

  32. Looks. Like. It. Is. Pertty. Good. For. Checking. To. See. What. Is. Outside.

  33. They work great. I bought one from my local hardware and lumber company. It works great, I only keep it on low beam. I use it inside my home. I’m looking to get another one. They are amazing lights. One piece of advice when you charge it, make sure it is turned in the off position, so it can fully charge and last throughout the night. I am living proof it work.

  34. Well bought mine in June 2021 when we go out at dark it doesn't come on, however if a car speed through the cul de sac it will come. Talk about backwards. I even went out to walk past it nothing!

  35. Bought one an mine you walk up it comes on but blinks it don’t stay on

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