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$1 vs $50,000,000 Watch | xQc Reacts

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  2. Bro has a Richard he has no room to talk 😂

  3. tissot powermatic is the best value on the market period

  4. advice for young guys and girls getting into watches? which ones exactly? the sons and daughters of billionaires with hedge funds? or the degenerate lizard offspring of bezos and musk? most people can't afford to rent a place on their own, people in their 30s have roommates or live with their parents. the "ECONOMY" is beyond fucked, the disgusting greedy self-centered boomer generation has turned the future generations into forever renters. nobody is going to own anything unless it's handed down to them. what in the fuck are these people smoking exactly? because i want some of it. oh wait, i probably can't afford it.

  5. watches just aren't for everyone, i have a vintage GMT and a vintage oyster perpetual that i inherited from my grandfather, i keep them clean and on display but i can't wear them they're just not comfortable

  6. wow who's surprised drake owns the creepy watch

  7. wore a watch for a year, never again. the amount of stress and annoyance related to wearing it is just annoying. apple watch was even worse because you had to charge it everyday.

  8. wow he should of listened to nujabes at the end

  9. people who own any of these watches excluding the first 3 are insufferable.

  10. crazy to see this weird toe-nailing dude go from poppin off on winston to constantly bragging about how much money he has

  11. "its not worth it" like any other watch from that list is worth it except flip flop bs

  12. Guy shitting on nice watches doesn't even know what a jewel is. C'mon man.

  13. He definitely got rejected by jacob & co if he hates them but bought a fugly rubber richard mille

  14. chat saying apple watches are dog shit but im 100% each one of them would want one. This "hate every apple product" trend is getting old

  15. Wear a smart-watch. It can potentially save your life and will give you extra time on this planet. If you want jewellery, wear it on your other wrist.

  16. Real rich people dont overspend on shit like watches.

    Also the reason these watches even ever get this expensive is because they used to be cheap and certain influences made them so popular they could mark up

  17. chat I think im cooked when I full screened the video I went to click the volume and fullscreen button again but it was just part of the stream video

  18. Mfs wanna catch charges over someone putting books down around them 😂😂

  19. can we start to list to og vid link in the description? i like going to their channel after and giving them the watch, likes and comments. Makes it so much easier to give the og poster the credit

  20. of all the unnecessary entrixically worthless shit that people feel the need to decorate themselves with and parade around, watches I think are up there with the stupidest useless shit, they are redundant as hell. You are getting robbed for rocks that some malnourished zambian mined and sold off for 8$ and bread. Its all entirely in the wearers head

  21. jacob and ho zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  22. The coolest watch ive ever seen is the TREAD 1 TECHNA, its 22k, but atleast it looks like it, unlike a typical steel watch that just happens to have a rolex logo on it.

  23. Casios used to be super cheap. You could buy them for less than 10 bucks. I remember always wearing a casio in middle school so much that i got a tan line on my wrist.

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