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1532 How To Make A DIY Nuclear Battery

Robert Murray-Smith
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  1. Why couldn't you run say a couple hundred of these in series?

  2. Glad you tried that experiment now and not before you sired that brilliant soon of yours 🙂

  3. If Robert Murray-Smith is demonstrating it then it works. I'd like to know the sizes of the collector and base coils.

  4. AFAIK the alpha particles would have a hard time making across the room to the camera as the pesky air molecules interrupt them too much and some thing like 3-8 cm of air stopped them. So camera person was very safe 😜

  5. So, if you made a sheet out of depleted uranium and stick it to solar cell in theory it would be quite powerfull battery

  6. So one gives about 100mv from what I saw, so ten for a volt and 50 would give 5v. That would give you a forever battery for a mobile etc.

  7. Well I lived long enough to hear the phrase, how to diy a nuclear battery. Now what will be the next one?

  8. You ignore two major problems: power density (tiny 10 micro Watts per cubic centimeter) is too low to make it usable in almost every application where batteries are used today. And if you really don’t care about the massive volume needed, you end up with a huge dangerous dirty bomb for any multi Watts application. This concept is rather easy to debunk but still you can find lots of disinformation online.

  9. Could one be built mixing in radioactive material in your carbon devices?

  10. And next… How to make a tiny nuclear bomb.

  11. When I was running a cab in Yorkshire. I had this scientist from Bristol in the back. He state he could go to a nuclear power station get 2 or 3 radioactive rods bury them 100 feet under his house and never worry about electricity or heat again.

  12. Loved this ..was that 100ma for 400 years ?

  13. That's 876 Ahrs per year into a battery or super capacitor which could supply 1A for 876 hrs which is 36.5 days @1A. So 12 of these could supply 1A enough current for the complete year every year for 400 years !! That is quite an amount.

  14. other easy method: take two small solar cells (for example from solar powered garden lights – usually 3cm x 3cm), a couple thorium glow-sticks and some aluminium foil to wrap around

  15. I haven't read all the comments and someone may have already noticed it, so I apologize for repeat. The initial voltage measurement with the light shining in – uses V scale and shows 0.256ish V – which is 256mV. When the source is being inserted into the transistor opening, the measurement is in mV scale and it shows 130ish mV. So 256mV with light and 130mV from the source. However, the light is only partially blocked, so one could conclude that the voltage is still being supplied by light although there is now less of photons coming in, which would explain the drop in voltage. Forgive me, but I do not see how this works – it seems that the radio active source does not contribute to anything. It wouldn't – theoretically the distance between the source and junction is too far for anything other than gamma particles to produce any effect. While nuclear batteries are possible and exist, the setup in this video is faulty, non-functional and the video is a click-bait. I wasted my time even watching it at 2x speed.

  16. The most important question here is "should we?" Not "can we?"

  17. Was that 132 millivolts? Was wondering if this could be setup to charge small disc batteries in like a remote or something? With shielding of course! 🤪

  18. Diamond batteries are now being produced and are very promising if the manufacturers are to be believed. Supposedly able to power cars etc with a huge driving range before re charging and a very long life span.

  19. Get about a hundred of those and make a nuclear solar cell.

  20. Your alpha-voltaic battery wins the MacGyver DIY Grand Champion Prize. Left me stupefied with awe. How many old smoke alarms will we need to power the LED reading light, and does it double as a pocket warmer?

    Carry on!

  21. i wonder why robert hasn't yet made a video on making a electret, or easy to make electret? it would be much safer than exposing oneself to radiation.

  22. I want to build one so I can put it on my résumé 🤓

  23. You are an an excellent teacher. I wish you were my teacher when I was at school. I have adhd but when I'm watching your tutorials I never slip away. Thank you 🙏❤️😀

  24. Alpha particles are harmless, if not ingested. They will bounce off the skin.

  25. That was just what I needed to hear to convinve me to make one of these.. The slight chance of two headed children!

  26. I was wondering when you were going to make one of these
    And what do you know where you are

  27. Disregard for my personal safety. Oh, buddy point me to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant.

  28. Uk generates usable electricity from americium- world nuclear news, they should have reached out to you, would have saved millions 😀

  29. Would a betavoltaic solar cell produce any more energy using the 241?

  30. The words DIY and Nuclear should never be in the same sentence lol

  31. Greetings from downunder, Rob,

    Correct me if I'm wrong…

    If your battery is 120 microvolts
    I would need 240 / 0.00012 = 2,000,000 such batteries to run my 240v house.

    2,000.000 smoke alarms @ say AU$30 each would be…
    | don't even wanna go there!

    Imagine the Geyger counter readings for the next 432 years ! LOL

  32. Could they not make the smoke detector power itself instead of replacing battery every few years

  33. Alpha particles? Can't penetrate your skin.

  34. They got rid of these pace maker batteries so you have to endure more procedures, to the protest of engineers – I'm one of them in cardidiology

  35. So put a whole bunch in series parallel to scale it up practically

  36. So you could scale this up using several in series and parallel. And/or use several pieces of AmO2 on each NP junction. Hmmmm.

  37. I wonder how many of these would I need to put together before I can power my WW3-ready bunker.

  38. I loved the way you got a bare junction on a cheap. I expected it to be a diy using nuclear `glow sticks` with solarcells, this was exceptionally wel explained. To bad it was just for educational purposes, atleast I now know a few tricks and safety tips atleast, not gonna do it myself, but if I got drunk and did iti, that me not you. 🙂

  39. Lithium sulfur battery with a very fast recharge time.

  40. What happens when you put a radio isotope in a photo multiplier tube? What if you hook two transistors one on each side of the isotope wired in a darlington array with some sort of coil and capacitor or transformer as an resonant lc tank?

  41. Isn't nuclear safe, the Currie family seems fine after close to a hundred years of constant exposure.

  42. Jesus ur a legend Robert 🙌 amazing information

  43. Robert talk about permanent battery Plz

  44. It'd make an ace trickle charged 2000 volt capacitor powered defence system for my tomb though… Bzap!

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