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1960s Remco Barracuda 578 Atomic Submarine Battery Operated Toy

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  1. My brother ane I each got one for Christmas

  2. Why do they always do military toys??

  3. One of my favorite toys. Got it for Easter in 1965 or 66

  4. I would love to modernize and have a parent give one of these to a child in the 2020s on Christmas day… And film the child's reaction. "You see, Cody/Kayden/Sierra…children back then used their imaginations…." (while child throws tantrum and looks for his/her iPhone)

  5. I seem to remember that the nuclear reactor lit up. I will have to look at mine. I haven't powered it up in decades.

  6. Seems to be loosely based off of both USS Nautilus and USS Skate. I absolutely love that ballistic missile VLS

  7. Everybody wanted one of these in 1962. Unfortunately, I never got one.

  8. i was born sept. 61, so this is the very first time i have say the sub.. Oh, way too cool thanks for showing..

  9. Schlipperschlopper Schlipperschlopper says:

    Looks like a German WW2 Type 21 Submarine Toy :-)))))

  10. Awesome!!!!….now I want one for sure!!!!

  11. Got this one for Xmas when I was about 10.

  12. How come the reactor is not lighting up? Hmmm?

  13. The clear top of virtually every Barracuda Sub I've seen is warped. How did you manage to keep yours from warping?

  14. I had this toy as a kid and loved it. I think over time I pretty much wrecked it. It had some plastic Navy divers, raft and some other sailors that could fit in the various compartments. Mine used to get stuck on carpet and the batteries ran down fast. The lamp under the reactor dome flashed. Tried to find one on Ebay but all are either parts or not in great shape. Yours is in EXCELLENT shape and you are fortunate to have one that is such good quality. It's a great vintage toy.

  15. Why dont they make toys like this for my generation why

  16. I still have mine. The transparent top is gone but I still have most of the crew figures. Still runs too.

  17. Ah, yes. Adding fuel to the fire of that ever-present Cold War dread of nuclear war we all grew up with. Those thrilling days of yesteryear when we crawled under our school desks during air raid drills, waiting for the flash, the boom, and the mushroom cloud. We survived those years. Maybe humanity's not completely crazy, after all.

  18. One of my favorite toys ever! Indoors and out I went through batteries much like my phone does now. The detail in the compartments were great.

  19. Those torpedoes and Polaris missiles did more damage to my Dad's bare feet than they did to the enemy.

  20. This was my best Christmas toy ever. In 1962 Santa came to my house on Christmas eve and gave this submarine to me and I climbed the walls I was so excited. My Dad filmed the whole thing in 8mm and we saved it on a DVD and I watch it every Christmas. I still have it too although I am thinking about selling it because I just can't keep everything.

  21. I had one of these back in the 60s thank you again

  22. I had 2 of these when I was a kid, just not at the same time. The first one was lost when my parents divorced. The second one my grandmother bought when she was working at Kreskys. (A for runner to K-Mart I think) It was broken. It wouldn't run. I was 11 at the time and I decided to fix it myself. I took it apart with a butter knife and discovered that the power switch in the conning tower had been pushed down to far and broke some of the plastic holding the switch in place. I somehow got it back together and got it working. I would dream about how I could seal it up and turn it into a real submarine. My brother and I would shoot the torpedoes at the cat. I had a lot of fun with that toy.

  23. My brother had this toy xmas of 62 . It's long gone but I recall it had a "ding ding'" noise it made while running. I loved playing with it. Cool little blue men too. My brother made torpedoes sounds as he shot them which added to the action. Could have choked on those little torpedoes, they looked like "hot tamales".

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