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1966 Batmobile start up

John H. Wilson
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Batman and Robin moving out with the Batmobile.


  1. これだよ これ これでこそバットモ-ビル。

  2. Back in the late 70s early 80s when me and my best friend were getting ready to hit the clubs, we’d say those lines as we were pulling out on the street. Fun times and a good laugh to get things going.

  3. If this Batmobile stops by the side to any of these modern ultra fast supercars, IT WILL make the driver of those supercars turn its head and make his eyes open wide in disbelief.

  4. 2025 Batmobile will be electric any takers? Actually for all i know they may have already had one in the lastt few Batman movies. I gave up after. Keaton.

  5. Not only can the Batmobile make a u turn moving but in one episode Batman made it change direction while the Batmobile was standing still. Amazing.

  6. No replica owner has been able to duplicate the spinning flame.

  7. I say that line everytime I'm about to start up my Mustang! Lol 😂

  8. Perfect !how we rememver it on t.v.!back then !

  9. 0:02 Chris Roberts is too cool to admit that in “Wing Commander 3” he copied this.

  10. It had a Ford Big block V8 during the filming

  11. Can't we just agree that Adam West's Batman had the best Batmobile?

  12. it would've been good if the Batman TV-Series had an episode showing the origin of the Batman and how he discovered the cave beneath Wayne Manor.

  13. This is me Everytime I start up my SS Camaro!

  14. "Atomic batteries to power… Turbines to speed"

  15. Your Old Uncle Noongah, Back From the Dead! says:

    I need that turbine sound effect!

  16. Girls when they got their driver license: OMG this isn't the car I wanted. ;-;
    Boys when they got their driver license:

  17. Little piece of trivia for whoever noticed: In 1968 when 20th Century-Fox released "The Planet of the Apes" they used a combination of the sound of the Batmobile's turbine engine and the sound of the Jupiter 2 (the spaceship from "Lost in Space") engines as the sound effects for the Pegasus (Charlton Heston's spaceship from POTA) engines as they are entering Earth's atmosphere. All three productions were filmed at Fox.They obviously saved some money and used the sound effects they already had from their sound department from those 2 shows.

  18. “Atomic batteries to power…….Turbines to speed.” Ready to move out.” Man I missed that line!

  19. Tires peeling out with a turbine engine. Good stuff

  20. A prelaunch checklist in the Batmobile? How cool is that, but what a hassle every time you go to the store to get a gallon of milk.

  21. They got a lot of mileage out of that scene during the next three seasons.

  22. The Batmobile's the only vehicle I ever saw that had fire coming from the exhaust pipe when it was started up.

  23. I still quote this when I start my car, when I have passengers; of course most of the time, I have to explain the source.

  24. "Atomic batteries to power…turbines to speed…" pulls out onto the road going 15 MPH

  25. Always wondered what the heck shoots out of the back. It doesn't look like fire to me.

  26. The fact that the Batmobile is atomic powered is mind boggling.

  27. Best and coolest start up ever ,get ready to move out !

  28. The wife loves when I say this when starting up the car.

  29. How did Batman register the Batmobile with Gotham City? HOLY PLOT HOLE, BATMAN!🤣

  30. So The Batman (2022) batmobile start up sound is a little nod to the 1966. I really love the 2022 batmobile sound though, that moment is so epic.

  31. hey.. so this is where they got the inspiration to create the sound for the new batmobile.

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