1976 Citicar Electric Car: The video I never published from 2021 of removing the batteries. - ndbatteries.com

1976 Citicar Electric Car: The video I never published from 2021 of removing the batteries.

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  1. After the lithium swap ,next project installing openpilot on it😂😂😂😉

  2. Can't wait for more EV content. Just got my first EV and now I want more of them. I keep wondering if I could diy something for snow removal etc.

  3. I watched this video when i was in school, when he added batteries to this car and now i am graduate ❤️, i am an old subscriber

  4. Did you have videos of this thing like many many years ago? for some reason I remember when I was like a teenager watching your videos you had a citicar but I feel like that one was yellow haha. its been so long watching your adventures and its always great because still to this day it reminds me of old school youtube, like the best kinda youtube. keep on doing what you love!

  5. Friend of mine had one. He passed a couple of years ago after he sold it.

  6. I think I would throw a Harbor Freight 8hp Predator engine in that, it would probably get 45 mpg and be a whole lot cheaper to do.

  7. Well, it's easy to push. Something tells me that will be useful in the future…

  8. I thought you sold the Citicar, years ago.

  9. if you can restore and customize will be AMAZING! what a bout a solar panel at the top???

  10. these little cars are actually cool. they have their place kinda like mopeds and scooters, yes they are under powered and small but they are cool.

  11. My father showed me something very similar to this way back in the 90s ir was made by PYE who made radios and other electronic stuff and the car was running at the time but it was vandalised over time and not sure what became of it.

  12. The CitiCar has inspired me to design and build the "VolksVagen", … a micro car and the first short of it is on me channel! 😱😁👍👍🇺🇲

  13. Thank You, I have seen many videos concerning the "Citicar", and although I constructed, and designed some parts of e-bikes, and admired the "Citicar", reminding me of the VW "Thing", I have yet to own one.

    Thank You so much for publishing this video, and I look forward very much to watching the video later today. I purchased one of the EGO scooter prototypes from the father of the owner of the EGO manufacturer, but I decided to "get rid of it", as it was (Approx.) 110 pounds, 50 pounds of battery being almost half the weight.

    In addition, I did not appreciate the fact that it had a hard time getting out of the way when necessary in short order, but did have a thoroughly fantastic regenerative braking system.

    🙂 – Happy Holiday, John [-.-]

  14. I'm finding myself rewatching old "Random bits". Hope you buy a house, I love the yard cleaning videos, moving around stuff, looking at stuff, the lawnmower and the occasional fire-pit crescendo. I understand you have visions for your channel focusing more on completing projects, but there was a comfort in experiencing someone on youtube really honest about tinkering being something that never ends.

    My wife likes the Bill's house series most, and it's cool, I get that. But nothing beats "Random bits". Seen you posting some new ones, always a delight. This video is nice and I hope you'll be more open to post more of your backlog in the future.

    Rural PA seems to be really nice, never been to the US, but Lord Spoda (don't remember the new channel name) visited some amazing places in a recent video.

  15. it probably break its own speed record now its so lite , those old batteries look vintage , older than the car itself

  16. My buddy's grandfather went broke building those things.

  17. How about calling it CyberCityCar.
    Looking forward to seeing it in full restoration & running…🚙

  18. A mountain of old lead just waiting for Li-Ion replacement! 🙂

  19. Have you thought about what power you want in the engine?

    For a motor of up to 2Kw I recommend a 48V battery.

    For a motor of 3Kw or more I recommend a 60v battery or larger.

    With a 2Kw motor you should be able to reach a speed of 25 Mp/H.

    I mounted a lithium battery.

    Greetings from Spain.

  20. Wow you still got this car,Im glad you didnt scrap it or sold it.I find it interesting that the car didnt have a speed control.Its only work by adding more volt 12,24,36(btw were they 12v) and so on

  21. You are odd from the heat? And I always thought becouse you are unique.

  22. I love your channel… but this thing needs the whistling diesel treatment. I bet it would be your most viewed video and be on the front page of youtube for a long time.

  23. Someone's panting real hard in the video. Those are neat cars.

  24. Plastic can deteriorate. Got the dentures to prove it.

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