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2022 Atomic Hawx Prime 110 Ski Boots with SkiEssentials.com

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Bob walks you through the 2022 Atomic Hawx Prime 110 Ski Boots.

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  1. Curious to hear your thoughts on these (or the updated 2023/2024 version) vs the Tecnica Mach MV 110. It seems like they are targeting the same customer, so I'm wondering how to choose between them.

  2. Is the fit for the 110 the same as the 120.? I have the 120s(the all orange ones. 2020 model I believe) now and the fit is perfect. The 120 is just a little too stiff. May order the 110 but wanted to make sure they'll fit as well. Appreciate it.

  3. I've got a high instep and somewhat wide feet (104 mm) and have been fit to a 27.5 mondo boot. Advancing intermediate, looking for my first somewhat performance oriented boot, but I don't want or need max performance. Prime 110 fits like a glove but is much too tight on the instep, more so on the left. Great heel hold, almost no toe movement, but after 20 minutes standing (inside) the instep pressure is unbearable. I have Raynaud's, so I'm worried about getting something may contribute to that on the mountain. Tried the magna- nice and snug on the instep without being uncomfortable, good grip on the mid foot, I can wiggle my toes again, but I can lift my heel if I work hard at it. Have to crank the buckles more to get snug. Feels more secure than rentals for sure, but not that snug prime fit, and I know it will get packed out eventually. I'm clearly in between models. At most I'm going to be skiing 10 to 20 days a year- do I get the prime and some serious bootfitting (I'm in St. Louis, BTW- only one boot fitter in town) and hope it works, or go with the magna that works better out of the box? Or- do you have a recommendation for a high instep 100 mm last boot? Thanks- you guys are great!

  4. hi! is there a big difference between the 100- and 110 flex option in the atomic Hawx Ultra lineup? im an intermediate skier, 144 pounds, 5,9 and 16 years old it just seems like the 110 flex boot is a little better… wich boot would you recommend?

  5. I was looking at a pair of atomic hawks prime 90 flex 2022, im beginner-intermediate skiier, im 175 pounds 5”10-11 height would that work??

  6. Love all your reviews, can you please tell me/us the difference between the hawx prime 110 and the 110 S ? Appreciate keep up yhe AWESOME work!!!

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