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2187 – The 50 Year Nuclear Battery From China And How To Make Your Own Version

Robert Murray-Smith
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  1. What can you even do with 400mV though? What can it powerM

  2. Time to convert all my cheap Landscaping lights that never charge really from crappy solar cells or from being slightly cockeyed…off to the Dump to find Smoke alarms

  3. Somebody tell me why I shouldn't put one of these together, shield it with some 1mm lead plates inside of a plastic casing and use it as a passive maintainer/charger for a 3.7v lithium ion battery.

    I'm gonna do it if no one stops me.

  4. Instructions unclear the ATF is knocking on my door nowโ€ฆ

  5. Since this technology been around for while , how come we don't have it already in consumer usable form ? Of course it is rhetorical question. Just like battery powered vehicles stoped developing with preference to sell petrol in early 1900 or in 80"s (EV-1), solar technology in 60's or HHO fueled combustion engines and other inventions. This is probably just another dream that we can dream on for next 50 years ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. The end of the world won't come from AI, it will come from DIYers building home made Nuclear batteries ๐Ÿ˜‚

  7. What if you cover a solar panel with those?

  8. oh good, this will solve the lithium problem, now we just need copious amounts of (checks notes) DIAMOND? lol

  9. No need to disregard: you are safe, we are mislead. Watch Galen Winsor, he ate uranium, plutonium for years. No health damage.

  10. So here's my question: How do they know it will last for 50 years? Unless this battery was invented at least 51 years ago, they can't possibly know, and calculations never cut it because the long-term effects of new technology upon itself rarely result in tech that is as good as predicted. "50 years" is just a marketing claim that has zero bona fide evidence of being anywhere near correct.

  11. Youtube should give channels greater control of what advertisements are shown. The first commercial to interrupt this great video was of a scantly clad woman asking if I knew of the "Horse tonic that greatly increased male member size". A strange juxtaposition of content indeed.

  12. What would the output of arrangement be using old uranium glass instead of Americium? I assume using old radium watch dials/hands would cause undesireable radon gas production.

  13. Below par editing or not, I love geeking out and listening to this guy, I wish he was my science teacher 30 odd years ago, Iโ€™d have probably taken a completely different path ๐Ÿ˜‚โค

  14. Who sold that technology to China?

  15. great video! Also I would love to see someone make a video comparing this type of alpha photovoltaic cell to the much more common tritium/ phosphor alphavoltaic cell in terms of voltage and current.

  16. Chinas favourite population control device, now with belt accessory!

  17. I would love this in my Tesla tho ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  18. 6:55 Your transistor diagram is wrong. In an NPN transistor the Base attaches to the P-type semiconductor, not the N-type.

  19. Well done sir!your explanation is very good and easy to understand!

  20. Weird Al Yankovic anticipated that…kinda


  21. Honestly making a simple LED that never runs out of power is a good start for these things. Especially if youโ€™re using it as a grow light for plants.

  22. keep it going,. next level in humanity is needed at the moment cause 8 billion people and rising,….

  23. If there was no greed, batteries should be made once and last for 10 to 15 years without charge but the greed of making money is there.

  24. handy for cars and planes but normal casual appliance is useless as they break earlier than 10 years… but if we use it we need to wright down whom bought it so that if recyclers a nd garbage get ridders, see it in their trash they can sue the heck out of the owner for throwing away a nuke battery

  25. Is it fair to call these power cells and not batteries since they are not charged?

  26. Now if you could make some for the rc car/boat/plane/ Drone industry then this would be the best thing ever ๐Ÿ˜‚

  27. wait what the hell are we doing mining coal…?

  28. How much fire detector I need to power my house for 200 years?

  29. "And the only other thing needed is a healthy disregard for your own safety and that of any future children who may be born with two heads." LOL

  30. There appears to be a bit of misunderstanding regarding the half-life of a radioactive material. Half-life simply refers to half of the radioactive material breaking down into something else. It seems 10 half-lives is the aggreed upon number of half-lives before the amount of radioactive material remaining is negligible, assuming it didn't break down into another radioactive material. Of course, the output of the battery will continuously drop over those 10 half-lives, but the americicum-241 battery would still have power in 432 years and 864 years, assuming the rest of the components held up.

  31. it should say battery on it.. so we know what it is betavoltanic source model 1 misas ???? HUH!

  32. As soon as i saw the magic word 'China' in the title, I could not stop laughing my a$$ off!

    Tell me folks, what good came out of china except rice, the clothes you wear, the food you eat, the keyboard you're typing on, the screen you're looking at, the car you drive, the air you breathe and few billions more..?

  33. Worth saying that Alpha particles can only travel a few cm through air and are blocked very easily by thin materials, like a sheet of paper or your skin. The main hazard is if the source material enters your body through an open wound or ingestion.

  34. This could be used to drive Teslas Cyborgs and allow the building of Terminators.

  35. Entertaining and informative; great combination!

  36. china mass producing nuclear batteries, what ever could go wrong…..

  37. Up to 1:37 he smiled and said what's not to love that rarely goes well let's see.

  38. I have no intention of making this but my lord was it interesting to watch. The way you deliver information is fantastic!

  39. What happens in the future when there are 10 billion people and everyone is using several of these batteries. Where do 50 billion nuclear batteries go to be recycled or dispose of safety.

  40. so maybe oneday, my ebike will last forever?

  41. Radioactive materials should not be made easily publicly available. Our society as it stands in 2024 is not conducive to peaceful responsible and non-destructive use of radioactive products.

  42. so i can build nuclear clocks for my home and they tick forever ;D or TV remotes ….or those asian cat figurines ๐Ÿ˜€

  43. not having to change my Pokemon save battery for 50 years would be nice^^

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