28,000 Years BATTERY Life🔥Nano DIAMOND Battery Technology Finally Developed by SCIENTIST - ndbatteries.com

28,000 Years BATTERY Life🔥Nano DIAMOND Battery Technology Finally Developed by SCIENTIST

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Researchers have claimed that nano-diamond batteries could last for 28,000 years. Such batteries would not only be beneficial to the world of electric cars and mobile phones, but their application would also be useful in aerospace and medical technology. This article discusses the development, commercialization, and application of novel nano-diamond batteries.

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  1. Long Travelling Satellite 🛰️ also revolutionized with this Battery…🙏🙏🙏

  2. Iron man's suit is possible in real life using this batteries

  3. Kya Diamond battery technology success hai ya ho sakati hai kya ye aap bata sakate hai conform √👍

  4. Wow. Nano Diamond Battery lagao in Smartphones, Laptop, Electric 2 wheeler, 3 wheeler, 4 wheeler, Trucks, Buses, Trains and Aeroplane. Then no Tension

  5. will these batteries be radioctive too….if so then dangerous to all

  6. ऐसी बेटरी आये तो बहुत बढ़िया हे।अभी तो बहुत कम सिर्फ ७,८हजार कीमी चलती हे।इस लिए बेट्री वाला बहुत महेंगा पड़ता हे।

  7. Electric byke के लिए 8 years चले ऐसी बेट्री हो तभी बहुत हे।अभी १से२ सालमे बिगड जाती हे।इस लिए पेट्रोल बाइक से भी मेगा पड़ता हे।

  8. It's fake it may be upto 2800 days

  9. Yeh research india mein possible nahi yahan sirf aur sirf jatiwaad hindutwaad ho sakta hai…


    These batteries are only 100 milliwatts, and in proof of concept stage, so they are both unavailable ATM and are nowhere near powerful enough (by multiple orders of magnitude) to be relevent to Electric land vehicles. Long lived satellites perhaps, and microsensors, but not vehicles. Duh.

  11. Deep study I appreciate your job keep it up thanking you

  12. Ye video aliens ne dekha to heartattak aayega 👽

  13. Innovative 💡 invention but is it possible to mass production and used..

  14. India should also develop such as innovative technologies

  15. Yes Indian's should come forward and develop this kind of technology.

  16. Its going to revolutionalize almost everything related to its use if it becomes readily n universally available .
    Thanks for this great piece of information. 👌

  17. I want this technology to implement in power plant… Please contact me if any team can implement it….

  18. We all have seen that vested interests would allow game changer invention within the availability of its citizens, only when they have another game changer to milk the consumers. For example (a) internet followed by virus, followed by antivirus. (2) Covid-19 followed by 2 shots of vaccines, followed by Delta varient

  19. A very good initiative towards bright future of planet earth. It will improve the lives. Nice explaination. Worth pondering

  20. What if we create Dimond by carbon capture or by coal. Are they able to work as this type of battery (NDB) ? Please comment

  21. Design may be such that it can used in two wheeler, four wheeler or everywhere we want it to use.

  22. We don't even need battery for electricity.

  23. We are looking for it. We will create a team and will develop efficient battery. Just need talented and interested people to coordinate with us.

  24. Bhai saheb ji
    Nuclear se jitni doori utni achhi
    Ek baar hbo mini series
    Chernobyl abyss dekh lo
    Netflix film Chernobyl bhi baad me dekhna
    Mobile World me samsung ho ya one plus 4000mah nhin sambhali jaa rahi hai
    Phone phat te hi ja rahe hain
    India bhopal gas tragedy se ubar gya
    Par Russia me nadi naale sheher k sheher abhi bhi radiation grast ghoshit kiye hue hain
    Mini series ke end me kuchh slides ayengi pause karke padh lena
    Unka radiation 1000 saal tak rehta hai
    Note 8 aur Nord models ka sabko malum hai
    Baat processor ki over heating ki hai
    Har kisi ko fastest processor chahiye
    Uske chakkar me garmi
    Garmi ko hi shaant karne ka sab locha hai
    Battery bhi garm hoti hai jab consumption peak pe hoti hai
    Battery to honi chahiye par wireless battery system hona chahiye
    Jaise wireless charger me hota hai
    Phone me battery na ho kar ke wireless adaptation honi chahiye

  25. Bro why dont you create this type of battery

  26. We are watting kab tak milega or ek bat hai kya yea domestic purpose use kia Jiaga pl.letest update chahie.

  27. Not required in India.. We are busy with making power out of dung.

  28. Bhai gajab ka innovation hai👍👍👍👍👍👍

  29. Will it create radiation while using its battery

  30. फेकने की भी कोई हद्द होती है भाई

  31. Excellent news.. Please inform to minister nitin gadakari… Please.. India will be a better place by this technology.. Please inform Mr nitin gadkari

  32. agar sach me bani hoti to space me boht use ki jaati

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