28,000 Years Battery Life - Nano Diamond Battery - Unlimited Power For Smartphones🔥🔥🔥 - ndbatteries.com

28,000 Years Battery Life – Nano Diamond Battery – Unlimited Power For Smartphones🔥🔥🔥

Technical Guruji
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Namaskaar Dosto, is video mein maine aapse baat ki hai Nano Diamond Battery ke baare mein jaha pe NDB Inc isi tech pe kaam kar rahi hai aur hume unlimited power waali batteries mil sakti hai, jaha pe upto 28000Years tak backup milta rahega. Mujhe umeed hai ki aapko Nano Diamond Batteries ke baare mein yeh video pasand aayegi.

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  1. sab bolte hein tum kamine insan ho kya sach mea mere kheyal se waki tum hboht kamine ho

  2. Ek pade likhe logo k channel par subscriber itne kam aur ek bas kam gyaan wale logo k subscriber itne jyada

  3. This type of technology will never be implemented. Guys search for a term "planned obsolescence" . You will come to know how smartphone companies cheat customers.

  4. 13 lakhs views he didn't even show contents presentation evidences research papers,atleast website what kind of nonsense u r seeing

  5. Bros Ndb battery sirf 100 mili watt tak power de sakti hai hazaron salon tak. Is se sirf aik wrist watch hi chal sakti hai ya phir memory ke liye use ho sakti hai. Baqi sirf batein hain filhal.

  6. It would last over 300 generations

  7. Lekin first time charge (in factory) Karen mai kitna time lagega

  8. भारत में ये कब आएगी।

  9. Mera pr pr pr pota mera phone ko use kr paaayega.. 😂😂

  10. Now we can say in future we can make iron man

  11. mobile kharab ho jayega par battery kahbi bhi nahi khatam hoge. nice for making memes 😂

  12. Diamond battery policy : Zindgi ke sath bhi aur zindgi ke baad bhi 😂😂

  13. इसे इक नुक्सान होगा मोबाईल उज जड़ा होगा अभि बैटरी ख़त्म होने पर चार्ज करते ये पर nev bateri आने पर चार्ज लगाना जरूरी नहीं होगा जिसे मोबाईल edition bad jayga 🥺🤖🤳

  14. This is a scam. No proofs have been provided by any of their developer about its development. It mostly looks like another Nikola case.

  15. Dron me lg sakti he unlimited time chlta rahega !

  16. Ager world wide implant hua to electricity bill zero, fuel bill zero ,petrolium opec country oil base economy will crash permanently

  17. Bhai a urenium ke isotoper se semiconductor pe @ rays, b rays ,gama rays ke wajah se generate hota jaise solar panel pe sun light parta hai to electron move karta hai

  18. Make new vedio nano diamond battery 🔋

  19. For example a drone💁‍♂️💁‍♂️

  20. Now Duracell be like: ohh bhai maaro muje maaro🤣😂

  21. Sir ye battery banane wali company konsi hai

  22. This type of battery should be removable and universal in use so we can switch it to another phone or device so if some point in life if that device fails to perform our task or just damage than we can use that battery in another device.

  23. Ye toh Mere Par Pote Ke Par Pote Ke Par Pote Ke Par Pote Ke Par Pote Ke Par Pote Ke Par Pote…………………………….. bhi chala lenge lol

  24. Hum kabhi bhi esa resource nhi bana sakty jo hame infinite energy de, kyunki energy ko banaya nhi ja sakta only iski form ko convert kiya ja sakta hai, or mujhe nhi lagta ki Nuclear waste se ye ho payega, fir bhi dekhte hai..

  25. Naino diamond battery wala smartphone Kahan milega kitne dam Tak mein milenge kya price honge

  26. dangers need dip test for every year cancer health care

  27. It not safe because neqular weast is redio active camecal unsafe for our environment

  28. It is a scam like. Remember 251 Rs. Android mobile which was not delivered to anyone. That was big scam 😄😁😄😄😃😃

  29. Ese kaha se purchased kare links shear kijiye

  30. बहुत सुन्दर नरेंद्र शर्मा पानीपत

  31. Guru ji aap kaa yeh video 2 saal ho gaya aaya huwa lekin is battery k bareme aur charcha nahi ho raha hai..

    Kya aap hum viewers k liye ek video bana sakte hain yeh nuclear diamond battery k baareme ab kya horaha hai kab tak yeh use common main hoga..

    Please mera req hai ki aap research karke ek video banakar daale..

    Your big fan and your common viwer

  32. Isake release ke bad to world ka rup hi badl jayega..

  33. It can't be use to give continuous large amount of Power or To be specific Current to power the Smart phones and Ev because it generates only little amount of Current because it generates Very very low Quantity Radiation but it is also possible to Generate continuous Large Power but than it would be impossible to Get rid of Dangerous Radiation so not Practical for Portable devices and also there will be risk of terrorist Making Atomic Bomb from Pure source of Fissile Elements like Uranium 235 etc if the get on hand in Mass of its critical Points when It can be use to make bomb or Very dengerous source of Radiation.

  34. Topic of presentation is Nuclear diamond battery

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