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30 minute session with Doc (handheld gaming)

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  1. I was thinking to get PSP or the PlayStation vita but I change my mind because I’m might get distracted when taken transportation to go to work. I might miss a stop 😂 but now I have Nintendo switch lite so I’m careful 😂 I play my lite home for a couple of minutes 😂 but playing on my 4K tv does looks better than portable device but my first gaming console was sega game gear sega nomad and game boy color I was young because I can’t not buy console devices on my tv because my dad won’t let me because I don’t pay electric bills 😂 I was in my 20s

  2. The Gameboy Advanced told them that we wanted play our consoles on the go.

  3. Hey Doc, I have the perfect Tech Sponsor for you….. RAZER! Much love but it GTG.

  4. Fam been gaming so much on that rog .. he got a beard lol… yeah I love mine

  5. The psp go was actually the first mobile/dockable console.

  6. i am one of those that 90% doc my switch never left my room much unless i house sit for my sister dog when they go out

  7. Man I envy you guys with these beard genetics, I notice that Doc will shave and have a full beard the next day lol

  8. 👍🏾👍🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. Great topic. The chips are shrinking as tech advances.

  10. just got into the handheld with the deck and ally. i wished the ally had the battery power that the deck had and i would keep it. but the ally is better but i can't be tethered to a wall adapter. i play cod a lot and the ally can not handle that output.

  11. Love these sit downs doc, hope you and the fam are well 💚🤘🏼

  12. Aw shit DOC got the beard , I know its serious now …….I wish I could grow 1 lmaooooooooo

  13. Yo I think I figured out the ROG ALLY sd card thing. there is a sleep wake glitch and it will turn the screen and fans off while a game is still running and it'll cook the SD card. I think they will be able to fix it with software. if you SD card reader still works turn it off between uses for the next few days until the fan update comes out

  14. You look more handsome with your beard brother no homo

  15. Have you played zelda tears of the kingdom yet it is a masterpiece game of this generation best game in the last 15 years the only game comes close is elden ring

  16. The wii u games was native from the TV too the tablet the sony q lite is cloud only so it can't compare to the wii u

  17. I do all my handheld gaming at home its too hot outside for handheld my switch would overheat in this florida sun

  18. If the q lite anything like the wii u it would be epic

  19. Wii U flopped not only because of marketing but also the lack of 3rd party support. The Switch has way better support by devs.

  20. a real man of god would not promoting Microsoft bruh. jesus hates that woke stuff. dont believe me? do youre own research who owns microsoft. once you know who those company are those are the same one who made up the esg system or the woke system.

  21. Use my Switch a lot in handheld, but mostly in the house. It’s very convenient even in the home

  22. Oh damn. I missed this. Handheld gaming is the future! I'm glad you is paying Homage to the Nintendo Switch. They started it all with this hybrid gaming..

  23. I can tell you hit the gym big boy. Thoses arms are massive

  24. Nah I rather talk about VR gaming instead.

  25. I love Nintendo switch lite on the go. PlayStation and Xbox too 😂

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