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308-805 Color Wireless Atomic Weather Station

La Crosse Technology
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La Crosse Technology’s 308-805 product set up guide. Please comment below with questions or concerns.

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  1. Not a single GD mention in this video about holding the TX button on the sensor while pressing the search button on the unit. I can't believe companies put out video like this.

  2. My friend got one of these model 308-1414BV2 …..DC 030520. He set it up and got it working. But he cannot get the screen to stop flickering so he called me. I read the instruction (manual?) the only cause of flickering I saw was when the unit searching for the atomic clock signal. We follow the instruction to make it stop flickering (searching) and it woirked for about 3 minutes now its a flickering display……Any recommendations? Any way to shut off the atomic clock function completely? are there are causes for flickering that were not listed in the paperwork? ThanksJohn

  3. When selecting an outdoor location for the sensor, should it be in a shaded location or direct sun?

  4. After watching the video in total, my question was answered. Locate the sensor on a north facing wall out of direct sunlight.

  5. I need to order a new outdoor sensor for Model No. 308-805 where can I order this?

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