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60+ AMAZING Tool Deals This Month At Ace Hardware

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Check out the latest AMAZING tool deals from Ace Hardware!

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  1. That set of two 4AH craftsman batteries will do what ever you need with that trimmer / blower combo.

  2. When I saw that transfer shovel come on the screen I knew you were going to call it a shit shovel. I was cracking up for the rest of the video

  3. Fiberglass for sure! Had a craftsman for years

  4. I've seen a lot of fiberglass handles brake. They may be cheaper than wood, but not when you keep breaking them. Gotta have wood.😁😎

  5. 1.5ah isn't going to last even if it's 80v system. 20v OPE should be outlawed. 40v at least 60v or 80v is better

  6. Thanks. I live in small town so we don’t have Home Depot and lowes but we have ace. Generally more expensive so helpful to have discounts. Thx

  7. Thanks for finding these amazing deals. You are the Master of Deals!!

  8. The Metabo HPT 36V cordless compressor can use batteries and the AC adapter
    All Metabo HPT 36V tools can use both battery and AC adapter a
    Big reason why I have converted many of my Milwaukee and Makita tools over to the green over the last 3+yrs
    Luv em and better priced

  9. Target has my favorite shovel, FISKAR’S steel handle (comfortable rounded triangular handle for natural hand grip), big step, for $25. Other places sell it for $40. If you cannot find it in store, you can order it online. Great deal.

  10. Not a big Ace fan but your changing my view. Thanks pj

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