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Vivarium, Jumanji 2, and Sea Fever are all discussed before the gang hunkers down with their picks for Atomic Age Sci-Fi!


  1. Well I did some experimenting and looks like the efficiencies are too low with the radiation source that I'm using to pick up using magnetic separation and I don't want to increase that I'll have to work on the efficiencies of that design later but I was inspired when I watch one of the many videos on the atomic Diamond battery and figured well I could use the radiation Source itself as one electrode and use graphing as the other electrode with a very thin separator and as the ion particles get trapped in the graphene it should produce an electric charge just like the diamond battery but instead of using expensive diamonds and vaporizing shit ton in a radioactive carbon and compressing it into a diamond this would use the process of using the graphing as a neutron moderator and direct ion capturing system I will be probably doing some testing here soon

  2. I Recently got interested in engineering a passive atomic battery using americium because I'm able to get it out of old smoke detectors and it emits mainly Alpha and gamma anyway Wouldn't we have higher efficiencies with a direct ion capturing system using a magnet and a coil Crystal like they use in radios using a permanent magnet to separate the charged particles capturing them with the coils capturing the energy through electromagnetic induction has one photon being is passively accelerated through one coil giving you a positive charge and the other ion beam is being accelerated through the other coil giving you your negative charge and a extremely fast switching rectifier to prevent any charge from flowing back out of the coil feeding it into a capacitor Bank without relying on tricky thermonuclear nuclear or inefficient photovoltaic nuclear generation. this would rely radioactive decay at a natural rate that depends on the element you use meaning that are fuel will last longer and we don't have to force it into criticality if we want more energy we can do two things make more cells or add a little bit more radiation without ever getting the radioactive material hot enough to go critical or supercritical reducing any chance of a meltdown

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