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A 2500 Year Old Book That Will Make You A Strategic Genius!

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The Art of WAR – Sun Tzu (24 Lessons)


  1. This is very amazing video, coz you give the right application on the work environment❤

  2. 0:34: 💼 The Art of War is a book that provides valuable lessons for business and life.
    5:25: 💡 The importance of focusing on strengths, understanding the costs of starting a business, and knowing yourself and your allies in both business and warfare.
    10:16: 💡 Lessons on preparation, problem-solving, and reading signs for success in business and life.
    15:14: 📝 Knowing what not to do is more important than knowing what to do.
    20:54: 📚 The passage discusses various tactics for effective management and success in different aspects of life.
    26:06: 📝 The importance of planning and strategic thinking in business and life.
    31:20: 📚 The lessons from #no.18 are about eliminating distractions, utilizing willpower effectively, treating soldiers with humanity but enforcing discipline, hiring the right people, and maintaining secrecy.
    37:59: 💡 Leaders should balance love and authority in order to effectively lead soldiers or a team.
    Recap by Tammy AI

  3. Ok, i subscribed. Rule #1, control your emotions. Unless you can take command over your ingrained and well trained reactions, surprise issues requiring a specific choice, when these arrive your refex actions will destroy most. Dont cry till you've had little laugh. If you cant laugh, dont.

  4. Keep asking. When you reminded me, I subscribed. Thank you for your efforts!

  5. I observe, Margaret Thatcher's ghost is heard in this video – the 24# quotes that provide the skeleton of the video are uttered with tones redolent of Thatcher. Notwithstanding this trivial observation, the video is very useful – especially the first half. Thank you Ms LittleBitBetter, and I have subscribed!

  6. Have no words for your video… I truly appreciate you and wish u to be on the top youtube channel soon

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    I always learn new things from your precious valued channel

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    U r extra ordinary mentor for me

  10. What's with the annoying voice when quoting… 👎👎👎

  11. I have been waiting for this book review for like forever..thank you 😊

  12. In the first lesson (He will win who knows when or when not to fight), it is nice to make the decision you did, knowing you are correct,

    knowing why you are correct because of how much better the course is from the alternate,

    and celebrating with quiet contentment the power you may have of crossing paths with the same people who did you wrong, and spontaneously not helping them when they don't expect it! 😆

  13. 22:37 just wanted to hear about the art of war and I just got some Karen preach about position you businesses and services away from people you don’t want to see using your services and then deny them service..😢

  14. Thank you so much.Lesson no. 2 is insightful to me. I had an idea of starting a decoration business and also doing youtube at the same time . I love making videos more. I talked it out with my Mom and she advised me to drop the decoration business, at first I was angry but then after the emotions I was able to reason logically and see that she made sense.Now I have decided to focus all my energy on videos and am sure I will one day be a success and trust me I won't forget about this channel.
    I love how you summarize your videos. You normally simply them and make things easier especially on money.I had given up on studying about money coz every body used to talk a complex language and I got intimidated.
    Then I found this channel..
    God bless you❤❤

  15. I just subscribed the moment after you mentioned 75% don’t. There’s something about the honesty and transparency of it. You’ve gained a lot of wisdom from the books you’ve reviewed. You’re great at what you do. Keep up the good work.

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  17. Your patronizing voice when reading from a smater person makes up for an anoying experience. Doesn't matter if you do it on purpose or not.

  18. Good content but horrible attempt at an Asian accent. Almost a mockery.

  19. Unfortunately this is not the highest art of war 😂
    it’s only for the commoners

  20. Love the content and the accent when reading the Quote 😂

  21. Hopefully that is the last time we ever here you narrate in that annoying alternative voice!😖

  22. I've always read and studied books about the art of war and your video is a great companion to it. Thanks for doing this. This video just made me a subscriber to your channel.

  23. wow great summary …love it love it! Thanks…. esp the tone of quotes !!

  24. Perhaps people not subscribing because this video was OK but the majority of break down was not in or on screen

  25. Good video. Except for the attempt at an accent when quoting each thing. Just talk.

  26. This video sounds racist or at least cringe when your try to sound Asian.

  27. Win a fight by never fighting at all. Happens everyday. You do not know the adversary out in the world fighting to take your place in the world. Every time they give up or fail; you win.

  28. Enjoyed the cartoon story explaining the book.

  29. What do you call this kind of animation please?

  30. Thank you. Did a great job. Can wait for more summaries.

  31. Your contents are super excellent! Love from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia ❤❤❤❤

  32. I subscribed with the first video I ever saw of yours 🙏🏼 and it’s probably the channel I watch most now. So insightful.

  33. You are only biased, tell me are you CEO ?

  34. This guy is true inspiration to the world!

  35. Utter Nonsense…Even Gandhi’s “ Non- Violence “ Role is now being Trashed … Hilarious 😂😂

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