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A New Way to Achieve Nuclear Fusion: Helion

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Writer/Narrator: Brian McManus
Editor: Dylan Hennessy
Animator: Mike Ridolfi
Animator: Eli Prenten
Sound: Graham Haerther
Thumbnail: Simon Buckmaster

Select imagery/video supplied by Getty Images
Thank you to AP Archive for access to their archival footage.

Music by Epidemic Sound:

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  1. Maybe when you have completely figured this technology out you could start making these smaller. Small enough to run a house off grid or a vehicle. For everyday usage.

  2. I remember few years ago when almost all youtubers are talking about the new fusion reactor it created noise for a while but never hear anybody use it, its all a theory of how good it is and how humanity can do alot of better things in cheaper or almost free eleftricity. Lol

  3. Does no one want to admit this is actually the laser used by the Russians to open the rift in Stranger Things?

  4. “With alot of freedom we can get really good repeatable results” he’s saying we ducked up really badly afew weeks ago, expected the plant to explode, everything worked fine still

  5. Besser langsam hoch mit 1g+ und im All unter 1 Jahr nahe c ohne explosiven Treibstoff nur Wasser für Energie von kalter Fusion damit Qiecksikber Ring Beschleuniger angetrieben und in Röhren mit D2O linear abgebremst für Vortrieb ohne Verlust von Hg dazu Turbine mit Fliehkraft Kompressor Rücklauf Kühlung th. isoliert, Generator usw .

    Can Teslamag Elon Musk reach if he can invest in Future CANDU HTR and in cold fusion by shooting Hg in D2O also in spacecraft propulsion with Hg ring accelerator in tubes with D2O shot linearly decelerated with propulsion without loss of Hg and against turning on the common ring to CO2 /Hg turbine circuit with centrifugal force compressor blower return cooling th. isolable nearly 100% efficiency faster shot Hg Soalcation to Hg-197 to Gold.

  6. fuck I may be absolutely miserable and hopeless in technical, mathematical part of science, etc. but I fucking LOVE trying to under the general gist of what it going on! I wish these companies and projects ALL the success in the world so that we may one day have a civilization powered by clean, abundant, cheap energy….. Despite all the problems humans have and some weird people out there, I'm just so fucking thankful we also have teams of mega intelligent humans who understand and work on technologies like this. I wouldnt even know where to begin

  7. This is the first time I can honestly say I didn't know 90% of what this guy was talking about. And it makes me happy

  8. This is not nuclear at all it is a Phusion a magnetic repulson heater? Then there is no new elements being made it is just converting to different forms of the same elements? This tech is not new they just got it working when it was came up in the 1920s?

  9. Hi. Ummmmm wait … You have to reverse engineer something that is clearly built… did it come from the future?????

  10. whats is it made of? green material doesnt look like metal >.>

  11. ArianeGroup is doing furtif4 tries on Ariane 6

  12. 30 years ago: In 30 years we will have fusion reactors.

    Today: In 30 years we will have fusion reactors.

    In 30 years: In 30 years we will have fusion reactors.

  13. Ahh yes the light is so bright it goes thru the steel

  14. meanwhile my b s detector going berserk 🔔💣🤯… wt* is wrong with real engineering? … i am not a nuclear scientist, but understand enough highschool chemistry to worry whether the guys sitting next room won't be cooked alive … too much wrong here … this is the first machine? 2.8kw? a million amps through those? fusion conditions contained with a v6 sized block? d+h mix wont cause d+d? whats stopping the neutron? … above all the guy sounds like a sales man recollecting things to say rather than explaining science … RE shame … sellout … i am unsubbing

  15. They should stop using this machine, in theory it could actually project waves into space if ever timing and precision and pressure of surrounding environment was off.

  16. be careful trusting anything that the secretary of energy says in the USA….she is a lying PoS…

  17. Haha. That's a cold end drive gas turbine at 9:00, not a steam turbine.

  18. You're thumbnail looks like a pocket bussy, auto stroker.

  19. I like the ideas, but I hate how we put all this effort into fusion, when fission is so much more practical and something we have had down for a long time. If half the money that went into these fusion projects went into sensible fission power networks, I feel like the Earth would be in a better place for power.

  20. If I were them , I'd build this closest to the hill with the highest lightning strikes per year. Secondary power source for better unit economics.

  21. Now we just need to make sure to protect it from big oil lobbying, otherwise fusion will fizzle out, dream only slightly explored before regulation stamps it out like fission did.

  22. Did I miss it? Where did we answer the basic question plaguing all fusion research; how to get substantially more energy output than you put in? We seemed to talk about it in theory, but Helion did not come right out and say; Yes, our experiments are generating break even or more electricity than we are putting in. Further, we did not really answer how much of that 12.5 yer radioactive decay waste we would be storing, are we talking a barrel a year, a hundred, a hundred million barrels, will we have to stuff radioactive waste in our attics, basements and closets? Lot's of questions.

  23. But can you just tell us if math is related to science?

  24. This is like when the computer first came out. It took up the whole room.

  25. Deuterium is not safe. Deuterium isotopes fit nicely in the space on the stator where the hydrogen ion fits that powers the ATP synthase motors in our cells mitochondria. Deuterium, being heavier causes mitochondrial destruction. That idiot that drank the deuterium enriched water just killed a bunch of his mitochondria. Perhaps consulting a biologist once in a while would be a smart move.

  26. Jus 2 questions out of curiosity, what is the expected footprint in size for such a plant, and the cost to build it ?, i can ONLY imagine how much time and money it took to get this far

  27. im 30 years old, ive done an apprenticeship as a carpenter, firefighter and now an electrician in germany . I know these are humble basics but i was in absolute awe of the knowledge and expertise it takes to develope something like this. That there are people out there working to such a complex degree in such a impactful field. amazing

  28. If you stand it up on its end the visualization of the collisions looks just like the warp drive in Star Trek TNG.

  29. soooo when do we start building the death star?

  30. first time?? have you not heard of LLNL's MFTF project in the late 70's, early 80's ?? at the time they utilized the largest super-conducting magnets in the world to compress and contain the plasma . . . how do i know this "secret" – i was on the team!

  31. Is it outputting more energy than it is inputting? Also, what part of the video does it answer this question?

  32. Why is there a flash when the fusion event happens? Whatever reaction there is should be contained inside the Trenta.

  33. Put the videos up for society to teach to educate to be a decent human my opinion..

  34. I'm curious how they plan to harness energy. The magnetic field is what keeps the plasma in place and continues the reaction. But then you claim that force against the field preventing your machine from being destroyed can be harnessed. My thought was you would need more power to maintain. So how can you reclaim energy in this way and maintain integrity

  35. No matter what the problems are, we are already a big step further from the time we were saying that fusion is just impossible. So given enough time, if the efficiency is promising enough during tests and experiments, we will overcome the obstacles. It will never be perfect but it will be a new level in our progression.

    8 AGUSTUS 2017

    17 AGUSTUS 2017

  37. The M.I.C and big oil are no doubt watching closely.

  38. Love that these engineering designs and specialized buildings are starting to look more and more like Black Mesa in Half Life.

  39. THAT’S WEIRD! Its just like a TIG welder, but add a superconducting magnetic fields plasma and two electron guns that fire 🔥 at each other! 😮

  40. I feel like if they could just get the pressure to a point where it creates a pseudo-star, i feel that would be the only legitimate way to sustaine a reaction, but im not a fusion expert. So i may be very wrong.

  41. बहुत ही अच्छा काम कर रहे हैं आप लोग और एक दिन आप सभ लोग सफल होगे

  42. I almost cried, so happy that everyone who laughed when I said we're going to have fusion powered houses have no idea what's coming hahahahahaha.

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