All of AQA PAPER 1 in 1 hour - A-level Physics -

All of AQA PAPER 1 in 1 hour – A-level Physics

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0:00:00 Particles
0:06:44 Quantum
0:14:24 Electricity
0:28:58 Waves
0:42:08 Mechanics
0:54:04 Materials
0:56:19 Circular & SHM


  1. A lot of people getting weirdly angry about the polarisation diagram.Polarisation is way more complicated than the simple concept we learn about at A-level, not least because light consists of two perpendicularly-oscillating waves (E & M) – yet we only draw one.The reason that this diagram is correct is because, put simply, the electrons need to be able to oscillate in order to absorb photons. If absorbing a vertical wave, they cannot do so if in a horizontal line.The real crux is when it comes to antennas: if you have a vertical antenna emitting radio/microwaves, the receiver must also be the same orientation to absorb them. And the most convenient model states that therefore the waves are vertically polarised.At the end of the day, you'll never be asked which one goes through which etc – all we care about is knowing what happens when a filter is rotated 90 degrees, regardless of whether intensity starts at a max or min.

  2. Tomorrow is gonna be lightwork 😴🛌

    (academic comeback isn't happening)

  3. 59:40 i just wanted to ask is the centripetal force not just mg sin theta because thats the force going towards centre also i used this method in 2020 past paper question 4.5 and it was right

  4. guys im ngl im going to significantly lower the grade boundaries for you

  5. THIS SAVED MY LIFE (but WHY tf does a strange particle have -1 strangeness) im tweaking over here

  6. soooo we are all here rn…. good luck (but not really, please take one for the team and lower the grade boundaries)

  7. its defo not the literal day of the exam and im last min cramming, couldnt be me

  8. really good video, been watching this and its actually taught me some stuff i didnt know before, super short as well

  9. WHAT?! You confused cells and batteries?! I’M SO ANGRY!!! GRRRRRRRRR! 😡

  10. think that fact that im here half an hour before my exam tells you all you need to know

  11. literally doing physics exam in 30 mins and watching this

  12. I’ll come back here in 5 years and see how much this moment actually matters

  13. Last minute run through! Good luck everyone!!!

  14. Honestly thank you SO much. The exam went better than I thought it would, although did run out of time for some multi choice at the end (because they were all so damn long, even my ET couldn't take it). I learnt a lot from this video and I used what I learnt in that exam, and I only watched up to the first half lol. Your videos help so much, and I like how interactive you are with the comments. I'm pretty confident about P1. Thanks.

  15. How did everyone find AQA A level physics 2024 paper 1, May 24th???

  16. you saved my life MrScienceShorts 🙏🙏🙏

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