Analysis: THE BIG potential of nuclear micro-reactors -

Analysis: THE BIG potential of nuclear micro-reactors

U.S. Department of Energy
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The U.S. nuclear energy sector is going through one of the most innovative and transformative times in its history. More than 50 U.S. companies are working on designs that are smaller, scalable and even mobile—providing far greater access to nuclear power than ever before.

Micro-reactors will likely be the first advanced reactors to enter the U.S. market.

Ed McGinnis from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy explains why these smaller systems could be game-changers for the industry.

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The BIG potential for nuclear micro-reactors:

What is a nuclear micro-reactor? :

Nuclear energy is a carbon-free energy source that brings resilience and reliability to our nation’s electric grid. The Office of Nuclear Energy works with industry and other stakeholders to extend the life cycles of our current fleet of reactors and to develop new technologies that will help meet future environmental and energy goals.

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  1. advanced modular reactors are already prototyped and being tested in china in hainan province …they are typically 50 MW units bundled and cooled together …for say 300 MW and cost 300 M $ whereas big ones 1.7 GW cost 7-9 B $ ..also data analytics and computer learning is helping monitor hazards ..

  2. Could this technology transfer over to rocket propulsion?

  3. If the president got behind these, it would boost their prospects (and investment backing) greatly. It would be a smart move, politically.

  4. Shut up and take my money! Where can I buy one?

  5. I would like to see a Micro traveling wave reactor. Why not use the spent fuel from existing reactor power plants?

  6. I want to buy one for my bitcoin mining operation.

  7. guess whos going to be flying around in a micro nuclear reactor powered mech suit in the next 10 years

  8. We in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia own patents registered in King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, competitive invention patents based on the theory of nuclear fusion to produce clean energy. We can produce nuclear reactors that compete with all standards. And we rid the world of nuclear waste for reactors that operate with the principle of nuclear fission of uranium.

  9. Liberal Climate activist have an inherent distaste for nuclear energy
    The only real solution to the energy crisis and climate change.

  10. Lost and Found - The Face of America Abroad says:

    Still haven’t dealt with the waste issue.
    Ah, who cares? Just bury it underneath that temporary military base that the enemy wants to turn into a mini-Pripyat to employ a lose-lose scorched Earth strategy for all forward deployments. That, or just get ripped off for a few KGs of fissionable material.

  11. So what will you do when the inevitable second-hand market pops up for used parts and materials??
    'Industry' is concerned about churning a profit, not nonproliferation.
    And as for the excuse that 'safer' radioisotopes will be used: just remember what a boy scout (David Hahn) did with some smoke detectors and other simple items. Think about how much this 'venture' will really cost in the future.

  12. Make energy naturally abundant and save trillions across the world. No more black hole energy bills.

  13. 10 years without refueling! Clean energy. This is amazing technology that has been used safely for over 50 years.

  14. How does the reactor cooling occur? That normally takes a vast amount of water and a large cooling tower. I see pictures of these things in the desert with no water or cooling system attached and it seems hard to believe, at best.

  15. How does the reactor cooling occur? That normally takes a vast amount of water and a large cooling tower. I see pictures of these things in the desert with no water or cooling system attached and it seems hard to believe, at best.


  17. Nuclear is the best way to go. Fossil fuel companies have made the general public afraid of nuclear energy through propaganda. We need to stop the technological stagnation.

  18. I sure would love to see these micro nuclear reactors up here in Alaska

  19. Michael reactors tied to a battery bank for peak distribution loads. With additional resources tied in with that to get carbon emissions down to zero

  20. giving people microreactors like this allows people to make nukes out of them through enriching uranium. i love the idea, but humans are humans.

  21. If tRump is involved in this…RUN, it's a con job.

  22. Why no mention of keeping fissile materials out of the wrong hands and how to dispose of waste and decommissioned reactors in the presentation?

  23. What happens if the containment of the reactor is breached? How much radiation is exactly generated by a reactor of this scale, and what damages are done in case of terrorism. I see this as more of a potential threat than a benefit…

  24. Looks like a commercial… Show me the money.

  25. I hate when people protesting against nuclear but they still allow coal power plants.

  26. Αλεχιοσ ξομμυνιστ Βρεακερ says:

    nuke cola?

  27. I'm guessing we're not going to get tiny reactors with the new administration.

  28. Just hope they can make them cheap enough so they can be bought by people everywhere.

  29. Micro reactors operated by who and located where? Just one accident or proliferation theft, and nuclear will take another 50 year hiatus. Do it right.

  30. In India, a medical clinic went out of business and left a machine that used a radioactive isotope. The machine wound up in a scrap metal yard and was dismantled and the radioactive material contaminated many people including children because they were ignorant of what it was. Very Tight controls on what happens to radioactive material must be enforced.

  31. There is no explanation of the time required to manufacture nor cost to taxpayer or customer. Are these theories or is there an actual model. If more expensive than renewables then should not be used.

  32. We need a micro in the 30kw range…perhaps the size of a dumpster or roll off container..that is affordable.

  33. have the technology to generate electricity from waves, looking forward to cooperation and dual tracking solarfram

  34. Wooooooooooooooooooow❤️👍❤️👍

  35. The small nuclear power stations being built by Russia are actually former marine-use reactors placed in a differently configured context. Not a bad idea since during the times when everyone in the neighboring city is angry at you; one can alway pull up anchor and leave town. I've worked at a total of four N-plants at two sites. "Small" or conventionally sized; nuclear plants always start out the same way. A older gentleman at one of my previous work locations told me that whatever the technology; nuclear plants always start out with the same degree of confidence and aspiration — almost like the acquisition of a new, small pet dinosaur in the neighborhood. Everyone laughs as the tiny little dinosaur goes "Yap, Yap" as we give it a can of dog food. But the fact is five years from time present our dinosaur [even at the small size of 200 or so megawatts] will to have grown to the size of a large building and we are all trying to feed the thing with seventeen-hundred pounds of dog food a day or, as we have now found out, the thing is simply going to eat all of us. The radioactive waste dump trucks are leaving with the "product of the day" two-abreast lined up for miles. This is in fact what happened to the major world utilities when they decided to go in for a dime for nuclear power in the last century. Mark Twain lost a tremendous amount of money trying to develop a moveable type machine — It was not until the 20th Century that movable type finally became a generalized reality with the invention of the LinoType Machine. Sometimes technologies just take a lot longer. A N obel Prize physics laureate once said; one can defy the laws of Nature, for a time, if one has enough money.

  36. A picture of my home, Kodiak, at 0.46
    Our energy is already 100% renewable from hydroelectric and wind, with six wind powered turbines on the ridge above town, but of course many other communities in Alaska could benefit.

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