Apple News Stories - $749 MacBook Air, Jony Ive New Project, New macOS Virus, OLEDs, & More -

Apple News Stories – $749 MacBook Air, Jony Ive New Project, New macOS Virus, OLEDs, & More

Craig Neidel
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In this video we cover some 2023 Apple news stories and important information. If you like Apple products and services like the 15″ MacBook Air or the iPhone 15, then watch this video to see what is happening at Apple.

In this video we cover the following topics: $749 MacBook Air sale, Jony Ive New Product Design, Launch Data of Apple’s Vision Pro, Apple Savings Account, 13″ MacBook with Bluetooth 5.3, CarPlay Updates, Stealer Mac Malware, Apple Car Crash Commercial, Mac and iPad OLEDs, iPhone 15 Battery Size Increases, Apple Chip Production, and much more.

In the video we talk about these products:

13″ M1 MacBook Air Sale –
M2 15″ MacBook Air Sale –
Apple iPad 10th Generation Sale –
Apple iPad Mini 6th Generation Sale –

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  1. I went for the MacBook 15 inch 16gb 512gb but then on the refurbished page in the UK for 300 less… 14 inch MacBook Pro with the M1 Pro chip and same specs. So had to return the air an get the pro. such a good price.

    Great to see Jonny ives is doing something new… even if he is making over prices stuff just for fun, we need him back at apple

    Deffo want the vision pro & seriously considering getting one from the US so I dont have to wait for it to come out in the UK. Its not gonna replace anything just yet but will be cool to use

    Got iOS 17 beta 3 today but with these updates I don't notice any differences but just download the updates anyway for fun 🙂

    I don't drive, the rules tend to be something I avoid, so for me to be a driver….. wouldn't mix well lol

    Never had an issue with macOS. Anytime Apple go nuts about a virus I never have any problems

    Always worried the crash detention would go when im on theme park rides lol

    We don't really need OLED so waiting is fine

    It's great that every year the iPhones get a better battery…. up to 20% better each year is about right. Looking forward to seeing the iPhone "ultra"

    When I ordered the MacBook Air custom from china it will 2 weeks, a lot longer than it use to take

    Another fun video 🙂

  2. $60,000 for a record player. You are not wrong. That’s just plain nuts. Even if I were a Saudi prince.

  3. Those are great prices for the M1 MBA and the iPad Mini 6, both great devices.
    Also, after seeing your videos on inexpensive storage I followed your lead and picked up a 1TB NVME and a USBC enclosure using the Prime Day discounts. I got both for <$90 US.

  4. That crash would also be a great commercial for that phone holder. Didn't budge.

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