Armored Core VI Fires of Rubicon is a slow burn (Hands-on impressions) -

Armored Core VI Fires of Rubicon is a slow burn (Hands-on impressions)

Skill Up
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Armored Core VI doesn’t make the strong first impression that FromSoft’s titles are typically known for, but there’s a clear sense that its rocky opening hours are building towards something truly excellent.

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  1. “It’s kinda slow”
    shows footage of high speed action

  2. Member when we used to play mecha with a joystick 😎

  3. Oh no shillup at it again 😂. This about to be as controversial as final fantasy 16.

  4. You prefaced this video by saying that it's not a souls-like game, yet you compare it and even got elated when there's a semblance of souls-like into it 16:34

  5. Shill Up: "Especially in the West"

    Also Shill Up: *Lives in Australia, which is east of China*

  6. I had paly AC in my 8age on PS1 and AC2 in PS2…In that time many game is more creative then graphic pretty….so AC is good for me..slow build up a cool machine every part and color you want…can spend many many hour on it…😬😬This one is my most want game in 2023….🤓

  7. The old AC do feels punishing. By old i means the Ps 2 era AC. Your AC barely can fly. Heat management Weight and energy management. You have to do all that while fighting. No shield no ap recovery. And when you meet the boss you already out of ammunition 😂😂😂

  8. This review screams Dunning Kruger effect so loud. God damn.

  9. "Its not a souls game"……proceeds to constantly compare it to souls games. You sir are dumb af. This may be your first armored core. Im here hoping its your last. Stick to souls games dude. The game has its fans who grew up on this and their loving everything they see. Hard to take someone who just started getting his feet wet in this series seriously. Ps. The game looks "bland" because guess what. Its supposed too. Decolate areas full of mechs shooting things up in constant battle with each other. Last i checked war causes things to look bad not all sunshine and rainbows.

  10. Most of the review is comparing a mech game to soulslikes. Why? Like if a potato farmer starts growing strawberries, you don't make fries out of the strawberries.

  11. FromSoft fans when someone dares the criticize a FromSoft game:

  12. "This is not a souls-like so it shouldn't be compared to one". Proceeds to spend 20 minutes comparing AC6 to Souls lmao

  13. Sounds to me it's a game meant to be played of a higher difficulty level. I think it looks awesome

  14. Armored Core 4 was my jam, so I’m glad to see this is adhering to that model, bolstered by the Dark Souls pedigree.

  15. Not gonna lie between this and the FFXVI review think skill up losing his touch fast. It’s fine not to enjoy a game, everyone has preferences, but saying stuff like some of the missions are too short and easy while having no mention of the replay value with the rating system is blowing my mind. Every other preview review I’ve seen of AC brings this up but instead skill up rather focus on how the environments are “dull” and lack detail. Please stop saying your open to something new while constantly comparing it to the old, this isn’t souls if you wants a dark souls there’s 6 games you can go back and play instead.

  16. Oh you USED to be an anime fan, implying that you aren't anymore. Now I definitely prefer Austin.

  17. How did this video earn such a hate crowd? "Impressions" is in the title and even as that it's very mellow. The main controversy seems to be comparing AC to Souls-likes, which, yeah? A person CAN begin with a statement and then talk about it. "I don't think this should be compared to Souls-likes. Now let me talk about where I felt the difference so the statement is supported and you know what to expect."

  18. I”ll pass this up. In 50 years we”ll see real life robots bombing us:))

    Ty for review

  19. I have no idea what ShillUp is on about this Austin thing but he definitely took it personally 😆

  20. Great, so its basically gundam styled diet Mechwarrior5, A game that was already considered diet Mechwarrior4:mercenaries… Missions that could have been an email?! Bruh I'll pass.

  21. will pick it up eventually so many games wayfinder,starfield,baldur's gate 3

  22. Why do people think making complete garbage eyesore mech with garish colours is the peak of irreverent lol so randum humor? "haha look, i put all the character sliders to max, look how craaaazy my guy looks, aren't i just the king of comedy? woah, whatch out there, my guy has red skin and yellow hair, I'm just the most original content creator out there no ones done that before!"

  23. I've been waiting for an AC game since 2013

  24. All this "slow burn" stuff sounds like wishful thinking. Prepare for a non-recommendation–or a very lukewarm one.

  25. The amount of pre order copium in this comment section is unreal 😂 From Software’s magic and finesse that makes their games special may or may not be present as much in this game compared to their previous ones. Accept, make your own take after playing and move on.

  26. In AC4 the NEXT units you piloted were so advanced and so deadly the only thing that pose a real threat was either massed emplaced weapon fire or other NEXTs. AC’s are just considered to be the peak of human weapon systems in the setting, so your character is going to be necessarily powerful and dangerous against common enemies.

  27. Can't wait to catch you in pvp, I will show you what fear is with crackhead reverse joint leg builds!

    10/10 the game sounds like an armored core game, game of the year

  28. The Virgin reviewer: this game has souls-like mechanics

    The Chad reviewer: this game has Gundam Breaker mechanics

  29. Welcome to Armored Core, from someone who's played 1 and 3.

    It's an acquired taste like Sekiro that not everyone will enjoy, but it's par for the course with this series.

  30. the game is not a soulds game, its an armored core game very clearly. Yet proceeds to compare it to a souls game for the next 20 mins. This review is a slow burn.

  31. Please it’s not a souls-like game, this review is very bias like a fan boy. Sigh 😔 AC is it’s own genre.

  32. To be fair……even though these are only soft criticisms, this is the only criticism I’ve heard so far about this game. And he isn’t dead set on liking the game or not. So I appreciate the honesty.

    But my point is again….this is the only criticism I’ve heard so far…out of so many reviews and thoughts from other YouTubers who have played the game.

    I’m no expert and obviously haven’t played it yet….but this doesn’t not look slow at all!!

    I personally cannot wait to play it. And this will be my first AC game too.

  33. The game looks about as dull as skyrim or fallout…

  34. The best comparison might be Monster Hunter. Not for any mechanical similarities, but because Armored Core is also trying to be it's own thing for a very particular audience.

  35. Those who doesn't know about armored core now shouldn't be playing it just because from software made it. Don't do it now if you've played a few in the past i don't have to tell you how great it is! For those into souls games won't like armored core because it's not a souls game.

  36. I've never played armored core before but I'm gonna compare it to the graphics, gameplay and bosses from elsen ring lol

  37. You'll hate balders gate 3 then don't try it out! It's not a souls game but can be harder if on the right difficulty. Think souls like 40k.

  38. Okay, pick one – is the game not a soulslike, or do you want to compare it to soulslikes? It's a very different genre, of course there's differences.

  39. It looks exactly just like another armoured core. None of the recently preceding expertise seems to have been aplied to the formula tbh. That might be good or bad depending on your perspective but i think new people will be mostly let down.

  40. Judging by the comments, I really expected Ralph to be slamming Armored Core in this video, but it was actually pretty… balanced and complimentary? I mean, he outright said he’s not an AC veteran in the beginning of the video, of course he’s gonna have the perspective of someone new to the series. IDK.

  41. "armored core 6 is nothing like dark souls and i dont like it as much" good. Lmao. Also using KBM in an armored corr game is a horrible mistake.

    I get it. "PC gaming, i shoild be allowed to use any inout device and it should be viable" yeah i guess. But some are better than others.

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