Ashton Forbes, Don't Stop Me Now! -

Ashton Forbes, Don’t Stop Me Now!

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Will he get on Rogan, well we hope so, lets talk about MH370, Ashton Forbes joins us LIVE

Ashton Forbes

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  1. Thank you for the interesting conversation!!🫡🙌💯

  2. Please reach out to David Paulides ( Missing 411 ) That would be an awesome interview!Great show guys!!! 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 👽

  3. Same way Randell Carlson,teams thunderstorm ,generator ,free energy,

  4. Who believes this guy? Wow… The electricity doesn't travel through the wires? The battery doesn't contain electric potential?

    Wow. Talk about theories to no where.

  5. Alien addict lost credibility on this one.

    When asked how we could be sure Ashton wasn't the video hoaxer … he said he did not possess the skills to do so.

    So how on God's green earth does he have the ability to critique these videos ?

    Just listen to the experts. The video experts. Not a health care it worker.

  6. @alien addict you wanna show some balls ? Host a debate between ashton fizzorbes and Steven cambian.

    What ? Scared ? 😅

  7. I love how quickly Dave took it down the gay path lol yet totally not gay, just “Guy talk”. lol Alien Addict has become one of my most favorite podcast to listen to. Lee and Dave, thanks for this episode guys. Very entertaining. Hit me up sometimes guys, I have a WILD Bigfoot story for you and a crazy picture. Dave, hope your alright brother, tornadoes killed several above DFW and Oklahoma has several killed too.

    Love ya guys, God bless.

  8. Awesome show again guys and always great to see 4orbes on again he’s ligit. Love y’all sorry not in a gay way el davo😂

  9. l0v3 Ashton, he is onto something, glad that he is well and kicking

  10. Also haven’t they found multiple parts of the plane every year including parts recently in Madagascar or somewhere

    Also I can’t remember if it’s this clip but I remember someone debunking a video of a plane disappearing and the exact “portal” was found in a VFX software package

  11. I also remember a video debunk of a video (it might not be this one) but the video was proven to have been uploaded online months before the situation it claiming to portray happened

    I’ll try find the videos I’ve referenced guys! It could be I’m wrong and they are about another event but i can’t think of another event it could be off the top of my head

  12. Re ether- he didn’t mean flat earth ether!!

  13. The tech for electric cars wasn’t good enough in the 90s/00s it’s not that it was popularised

  14. Haven't you been debunked on DannyJones and Julian Dorey shows. Wasn't that enough.
    Some people really need attention.

  15. Oh dear….. I’m at 48 minutes….. that’s enough for me (he just proclaimed he has been learning science etc for 6 months….)

  16. The "Trolls" attacking Aston are all PAID to do so.

  17. I like Ashton cause of this podcast but recently hes been bugging me with his desperate Rogan plea to his Costco blowup getting exposed !

  18. You guys.. Don't do this to yourselves. You could be friends with somebody I get that and you can platform them I get that I completely do but look.. I know you don't really believe it You can't If you're an adult you can't. I'm not quite sure why he's so hardcore about it when it's obvious why it's not real. Just from the one frame of it matching identically 100% to something you could have done on the computer years ago should conclude it for everybody. His only defense to that and I'm just Joe rwetard I'm not This smartest person here by a long shot but I'm also not a fool and I do have a lot of common sense and if one frame is not real then it's not real… That would literally be like saying You're watching a UFO video and all of a sudden Roger rabbit for one frame pops his head out of a UFO and waves and then vanishes.. You know when your heart if that happened even one time for a split second then it's not real. That is exactly the same thing except for I replaced what he's trying to use with a rabbit that's the only difference.
    Beyond that, It is such a frame that has so many things going on at one time and so many places, it's an explosion for God's sakes or an implosion, it's not just a rabbit.. It would be as if the rabbit exploded and was in a million pieces and if every single piece of it flying through the air just so happened to match up 100% identically and you still want to believe it's real Tell me how crazy that sounds. That's why Joe Rogan hasn't had him on That's why everybody is up at arms about it because he won't stop and it's beyond obvious to the point where it's becoming cringe. You cannot possibly believe that. And believe me I am probably the biggest conspiracy theorist here I have strange strange things that happen in my life that if I just told you about them you would never believe me which has caused me to go out and spend thousands of dollars in camera equipment because of what's going on in my life so believe me I'll believe pretty much anything is possible in this world In fact I know it is but this did not happen. There are many other things I could go on about especially being a satellite technician for 10 years in the Air Force with a security clearance so my background has been vetted for over a year I definitely know what I'm talking about when I see something and I would be the lowest level of that but I still know in my heart of heart that that's not real and there is absolutely no convincing me somebody who would or shouldn't matter when it comes to his opinion versus mine because I've not just scoured the internet for words or write-ups I've actually lived it and had hands-on experience with it. Your boy here has not. He's just going off what some other men wrote on the internet for him and he's taking it for what it is and that's unfortunate because he needs to understand just like he said there are disinformation people out there there are a lot of them there are more than what he thinks unfortunately He said quite the opposite. There are many more than what he thinks I promise you we have entire divisions dedicated to that in the military. This is something that they would feed him information on for fun and if you think I'm joking well.. I'll say this going to work all day sitting on a computer on the internet and not being allowed to leave and having it still up every day regular job but think about it with nothing else to do but look at things like this, a topic like this that's being platformed by plenty of people debunk or not debunk there in the mix regardless and it's not even necessarily to steer people in one way or the other they're just going to throw information into it to see what comes out of his mouth You can go in one way or the other after he does that what you find out you've got him you're good You can push him wherever you want. One of the thing the place that the video even comes from in the first place. His reasoning behind that I hope makes you roll your eyes. And no name channel that has nothing but fake videos All UFO and Bigfoot and that sort of thing but every single one of them is in Spanish and are badly fake. It's known when you look at his channel and you would know the instant you saw it took the videos that come from this channel are generated probably by him at his home group explain to me how he can explain away the fact that this guy got a hold of top secret information and was able to post it and it not immediately be taken down by youtube because the government would immediately put it into investigation maybe he doesn't realize that or understand how that process works but if I was at work and I decided to take classified information first off that makes me nervous even saying that second off the instant I put it online that essentially puts me into the death penalty category during a time of war which we have been in for the last 50 years or more. Look at what's happened to everyone else that's given up information and they've given up real-world impacting information. They don't live in the country In fact one of them hardly lives at all. You think they would let him run around with this Scott free just really really do say whatever you want with it we're not even going to question you where it came from or the guy that had it or nothing like that but it's going to let it go because bygones be bygones? Stop it. 🤦‍♂️ Again he can try to justify what he heard here or what he heard there or what he learned here or what he learned there The thing is he has never been in the military And he does not understand the intricacies of the legal system and how illegal what he is trying to propose is and the process that comes from that. This is no you can't handle the truth situation.. This is supposedly top secret information that comes from apartments in the military that are known to put people to sleep with heart attack guns that melt away or like an icicle none the wiser but you're telling me this guy your best friend has been able to inspector gadget his way through life because they just don't want no part of him? Guys… stop it..

  19. Always good when Ashton is on. Lately i have wondered if the Tic Tac has anything to do with Ashtons 3 orbs. Its most likely not but i like to keep an open mind. I used to think the Tic Tac was a bunch of bs before.

  20. Let's go Ashton, you're on to it mate….it's all connected.

  21. Brilliant shows guys wow that guy can talk!!!!! It needed to be said though I just wanted to ask him if the orbs did open up a portal where did the plane and the people end up in another dimension ???

  22. I keep hearing Rogan;
    But all i'm watching is Forbes…
    Only one has serious discussions today – 4orbs…

  23. triangulate the sign in the corner Ash… maybe some tilt?

  24. Kirkpatrick always was a "noting to see here" and every time he was in front of a camera ;
    HE LIED! When it all shakes out of the rubbish trees of Gov;


    and another one just as 3 letter…

  27. First/last time watcher here…Lee seems like a good dude, El Dave not so much. You guys should both be ashamed of the final 30 minutes though. Not a good look at all.

  28. Dear Ashton,
    I believe you.
    Stay motivated.
    Thank you,

  29. Havnt listened to the whole thing, or all he has, but didn't the plane change course at some point? How does he explain that?

  30. The MH370 is a 15 sec video clip that came from an account that makes fake ufo videos. The End. It's been debunked over and over.

  31. Science will always follow the path of least resistance to the cash.

  32. Just a note about the "Free Market" in an honest market, yes. The present crony capitalist, multi national conglomerate, not so much.

  33. Any9ne in this chat remember a guy named Gerard Morin? He disappeared about two years ago. Resonance hyperactive generator

  34. Come on boys, this has bedebunked, debunked,and debunked again it's bullshit ffs😂

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