Astral Hoops Atomic Evoke - My Saved Presets -

Astral Hoops Atomic Evoke – My Saved Presets

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I decided to make a video of the 15 settings I found and saved on my evoke. I especially fell in love with the stars mode with the rainbow background. I also love the color fade solids. This is a 5/8 HDPE tubing hoop with standard LED count and a battery life around 2 hours. The thicker tubing hoops have a longer battery life but are heavier. The double LED evokes come in thicker, heavier tubing but double LEDs take more battery life. This hoop is your only 5/8″ option for a smart hoop with over 165 built-in modes and where you can make your own patterns!! Go to this site and use code “Transcend” at checkout at . I apologize that astral hoops no longer provides a discount when using codes. I appreciate you using my code, though.


  1. this is the exact hooping I am thinking of getting! 🙂 

  2. Amanda B, your comment will not allow me to reply to you. It is single.

  3. I love the second one you use as well, like twinkling lights 🙂

  4. What kind of battery do you have in? I am looking into getting evoke at some point and the heaviest battery can last for 5 – 9 hours which sounds awesome to me. but wondering about weight

  5. Amanda B, your YouTube doesn't allow reply to comments so I had to answer you here. This is standard LED count, not double.

  6. I like this song! What is it? hah beautiful hoop! I'm so excited to get mine!!

  7. Did the mode with the stars already come on the hoop or did you create it? I'm about to pick up my new Evoke tomorrow and I love this setting!!! 🙂

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