Asus ZenPower Atom Review - Nuclear Battery on the Go!? -

Asus ZenPower Atom Review – Nuclear Battery on the Go!?

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Ever dreamed of carrying your very own nuclear reactor in your pocket? Just watch this.. (Hopefully not burning your pants down)

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  1. What is someone accidently drop it in public??

  2. What if the power bank copy Chernobyl XD

  3. So eveyone is now equipped with a pocket bomb ,playing Bomberman with eachother

  4. Fuck you 😡 I was doing some research for my project and you fucked my time

  5. Alright I guess I just have to make one myself

  6. this was very funny. It also makes me think we could see device like the in stores in ten years time.

  7. Its thermo electric.


    Ill take your entire stock

  8. If people educated themselves on this stuff we would probably not even need to charge phones due to them haveing micro reactors inside that self regulated and would use a micro MSR reactor to run useing a minature turbine that could turn and generate power to run the supercapacitors that would charge the batterys. Its possible and should not be an issue given we allready use nuclear isatopes in our phones without you even knowing.

  9. Oh no ,,It’s almost 2021 and we still don’t have it,,, fuuuuuuuck!!!

  10. Its just a regular power bank, it isn't a nuclear one

  11. Please just delete this video because I wasted my time and I watched to learn something useful for my project 🤦🏾

  12. 1st of all I am watching this in October and this video published in mars and he says in the video April fools XD

  13. The problem is safety and disposal that kind of powerbank

  14. How did you get your hands on one of those if they are not yet available to the general public?

  15. Everyone gangsta until some guy get pissed and throws the power bank with a molotov cocktail.

  16. You heard it.
    Lets get some old Fire detectors

  17. Plug 1 of these battery on flying car and enjoy

  18. When a laptop is really powered by nuclear energy, you know shit just got real

  19. I have better idea for betavolatic device i just need help building it because it's dangerous to work with tritium gas. I also wonder if a custom effecient electrolyzer machine could create rare earth tritium out of heavy water(deuterium) or light water.

  20. How is it nuclear powered? Where do they stick the plutonium & uranium? I would think they are using betavolatics? Then does that mean they're using tritium vials combined with inefficient solar panels & trying to collect energy through a night light.

  21. Damn April fool's !!!
    4 years later ..

  22. A note from 2021. I am here because I read an article about a company who is making nuclear batteries. Only 4 years later. Wow.

  23. you son of a… you got me on this ngl

  24. Not so funny given the present political climate on Earth! But appreciate you were trying to make your video “interesting!”

  25. Which movie scene was that can anyone tell me

  26. I guess this was never released, too bad, I would have loved buying a few and installing them into a Toyota Prius to make it charge itself!

    Edit: ooooh, okay. You got me.

  27. Do a startup. Most people wont even notice it's a joke, as batteries like this actually exist. Make it a betavoltaic cell generator, get like 100K dollars and disappear. Hahaha

  28. Hey, I was watching the entire video completely serious, and now you want to tell me that it`s a joke?

  29. the blast shown is not possible with this type of fission because due to radioactive decay only light and heat can be produced in very less amounts

  30. Classic april fools joke, very classy 😂

  31. I realised it was fake when you showed the bridge turning to rubble. I mean the one on Hiroshima bridge couldn't even collapse it.

    On a serious note: think about all the terrorists using it. 🙃

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