Atomic Angel Review: As Seen on TV LED Motion Light -

Atomic Angel Review: As Seen on TV LED Motion Light

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Atomic Angel is the easiest to setup motion sensor light available. Watch my video review for full details and visit for a complete report of the product and real customer reviews.

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  1. The outside part of the review was very good but as far as the inside part goes, its kinda distracting for the viewer when you do a vid with posters on the wall and and other stuff on your headboard distracting from the review.

    Maybe if you do the reviews in a kitchen or dinning room then the viewer can focus on you and not the background. This is only my opinion and by no means am I telling you how to make vids. Keep up the good work.

  2. Appreciate this info mis, i just bought one off Amazon for the back of my big garage!

  3. I wish they made a wired version. For the cost of all the batteries over its lifetime it will probably cost a lot more than other lights that are wired. But good review and the light apparently does what it says.

  4. The reason it came on as you walked under it is because you had it facing down if you tilt it a bit it will pick you up at the beginning of your drive way

  5. You should have done the inside review first and then you wouldnt have ruined the sticky tape since you dont need it for inside 🤦‍♀️

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