Atomic Angel Review: Motion-Activated Light *As Seen on TV* -

Atomic Angel Review: Motion-Activated Light *As Seen on TV*

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Atomic Angel is a motion-activated As Seen on TV light.

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  1. Nice honest review. Appears unbiased. I hate reviews that compliment items when not deserved.

  2. The main difference is that they are using COB LED rather than LED bulbs in the older design.

  3. Atomic Bailey (Atomic Blonde sequel) confirmed!

  4. I've been impressed with the Atomic line of ASOTV goodies. I got the headlamp after a review of yours, and its great.

  5. Living in Vegas. Pebble yards and concrete block walls. Don't forget that you are in a very dry climate. When we use adhesive strips like that in Maine Portland where I live for the moment and I was born and raised here. When we use those strips overnight it gets very damp and they tend not to stay for very long.

  6. You know, with a little Tweaking, Solar panel and some rechargeable Batteries, you could have a LONG LIFE light here, just sayin'

  7. Hi, James. Thanks for your constant hard work. I see this was posted about a month 1/2 ago. Any change in status? Batteries and tape holding up?

  8. Fantastic job on your reviews. You posted this review 2 months ago, how are the batteries holding up?

  9. Bought one mounted it above my shed door and tested it, I like it alot!!

  10. Please post another video on the longevity of the light in the future. (As long as there is a track record/future.)

  11. Love the COB led but I wonder how many batteries it will go through. It would work during a power outage and in places that it would be difficult to run wires but for the cost of the light and batteries I would stay with wired lights. Great review 👍

  12. Thumbs up for Bailey and camera man's taste in music!

  13. can you give an indication how long the batteries last please?

  14. Have you reviewed or seen the Deluxe edition to this light? I was wonder what's the difference between the 2.

  15. I have just bought it last week. It doesn't work well.
    The Light went off in just 6 seconds.
    Not Like Yours

  16. Bailey is just an adorable , well mannered dog awww so cute👼

  17. i bought 2 because of your review and love them, yeah you have change the batteries but its a great light for stairs and where the wife parks her car..

  18. I've been looking for an option for the side of the house. I think this would be the best one. Unfortunately, it's not an option in black. But nothing that a can of spray paint and some really detailed painters tape can't fix. My only concern is how long is it going to last with decent batteries

  19. I just picked this up at my local Wallymart for $19.95 and just installed it in my driveway. Waiting for darkness to adjust the beam and see how it works. Thanks for the great review.

  20. JAT - Just Amature Tech - Phil PJ Davis says:


  21. JAT - Just Amature Tech - Phil PJ Davis says:

    My car keeps getting broken into. Recently broke driver window. Im gonna put this in the car and face at the window so when approached or looked into, they will get a blast of blinding light in their eyes? Think as a deterrent?

  22. JAT - Just Amature Tech - Phil PJ Davis says:

    Does not work through glass such as a window.

  23. I love how salty he always sounds when the batteries are not included. It cracks me up. XD I, too, am salty when the batteries are not included, lol.

  24. Ok people, enough with Bailey.  Let's talk about ATOMIC ANGEL LIGHT!   You got one??  What did you think of it?   There is a switch in the back of it that says ON and OFF, and NOWHERE in the directions (which pretty much suck other than tell you how to put batteries in) does it say what the hell you do with that switch.  I flipped it on, and the dam thing stays ON in the dark.  I flipped it in the off position, and it does nothing.  Didn't yours come with an On OFF switch??  I'm about to ATOMIC thisshitbacktoWallyWorld.

  25. Have you heard of the Night Hawk security light???

  26. JAT - Just Amature Tech - Phil PJ Davis says:


  27. "Atomic Angel" is the worst product name. It sounds lame and doesn't explain what it is.

  28. 1:40 Oh my goodness no! Something is attempting to grow in your garden!
    Kill those little plants and return your garden to sterile desert!

    Love your reviews ; )

  29. Just installed mine and it worked 2 times before dying and never turning back on I used brand new Duracell quantum batteries

  30. Hi.
    I just purchase one of these, but seem to be having issues… I thot it would detect my car as I pull it in the garage, but no, it doesn't see the car movement at all.
    On top of that, it doesn't even see me unless it's absolutely pitch black out. Any light at all that might filter into the faesge in the morning, seems to make it stop working. So it's very inconsistent in its working, and also, it doesn't seem to want to hold its pivot position… Keeps falling out of position.
    I called support, they suck.
    So wondering if you know, if it only works with the heat signature of a moving person, as it doesn't work with the car movement, right in front of it.
    And/or, do you know of a way to change the sensitivity? Possibly by taking it apart?

  31. I'm only here for your dog! 🤣🤣🤣

  32. when cameramen came out i lost, that wolf attack was no joke!

  33. I'm going to see if you reviewed the Mr. BEAM or the Nighthawk. If not, maybe you can.

  34. Hi. How long did the batteries last? I'm thinking about getting a couple of these.

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