Atomic Batteries To Power, Turbine To Speed! -

Atomic Batteries To Power, Turbine To Speed!

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Louis Ricard and Maxime Robitaille going down in the sweepers of one of their favorite local hills.


  1. One small pebble in the road, and it's all over ….

  2. i wish i had the balls to do this type of stuff 🙁

  3. I wish I had balls, mine were removed as a child due to incurable inflammation

  4. If you play this in fast motion for a minute straight then play it it regular motion, regular looks slow

  5. You fuck up, then you become best friends with a tree.

  6. At least you don't have to use a condom.

  7. i wish theyd keep some of the original background sound, so much more impressive and interesting that way

  8. its about skill not balls, if you are skilled enough to go this quick you will be comfortable doing so

  9. one wise man ones said "It is not the balls on the outside which defines you,,but the balls on the inside does".

  10. that's why you have original's logo as your picture 🙁

  11. Disappointed that this made Abec 11's channel. Lacking in quality of skating and filming.

  12. sounds like you just had big ones and the surgeons were jelly.

  13. First time i see Louis doing downhill, wow

  14. i wish i had the money to do this type of stuff 🙁

  15. ino right……..the guy filming is a good rider

  16. Man i wish i could ride for a sweet company and hit sick hills like this. Thats like living the dream man. Love it

  17. This doesn't have Batman in it. >.>; Or Turbines for that matter. "Worst Video Ever" …

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