Atomic Beam Headlight Review: As Seen on TV -

Atomic Beam Headlight Review: As Seen on TV

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Atomic Beam Headlight is a tactical light that is worn on the head, allowing it to be used hands-free. Today I put this to the test.

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  1. I bought the Atomic beam headlight and it worked great for about two weeks and without notice and without dropping it… it just stopped working the red light at the rear works fine but no flashlight beam in the front what-so-ever it did ot get wet as well… upon taking the unit apart it became evident that the bulb is not changeable as well so basically I feel like I wasted 20 something dollars…what a rip off is my take on the Atomic beam headlight.

  2. s.t.a.r.s of Iowa did a review on the flashlight, and we got the same results after the water test

  3. if you hold the button it will flash an sos pattern.

  4. also you can put two c123 lithium batteries in it, something you can also do in the atomic beam flashlight and taclight. but it has such a high output it gets very hot, so be careful.

  5. I don't like the battery pack on the rear….it'll make your head sore and it's uncomfortable

  6. I don't trust anything with "Atomic" as it's prefix!

  7. Splash Window Cleaning Wagtail Waterfed squeegees says:

    why you would put it in boiling water ? lol

  8. Good video. I just bought one last week myself and wanted to know if I wasted my money or not. I guess if I don't drop it in water I should be okay. Thanks for the review.

  9. I have one of these now. I bought a four pack of 2,000mA 18650 Lithium ion batteries from the garden center at walmart for $4 and they fit this headlight as well as the atomic beam and Tac Light. No charger yet but I've heard that you can make one from a small power bank like the stick type ones. Pull out the board and then just use that to charge the batteries. Just need a holder for the batteries. If you broke this light I hope you saved the parts. I could use the holder.

  10. Did the ad say it would work in BOILING water? I haven't seen the add but I bet they didn't say it would work in BOILING water!

  11. Um. Never mind. After I pushed my comment I thought, "Maybe I better see the ad". I googled it and by God, they did say "Boiling water"!

  12. I wonder how this compares to the coast 285 lumen headlamp

  13. Go to vape store and get batteries and charging station

  14. Me too : I bought the Atomic beam headlight and it worked great for about two weeks and without notice and without dropping it… it just stopped working the red light at the rear works fine but no flashlight beam in the front. I used it in normal conditions. Upon taking the unit apart it became evident that the bulb is not changeable as well so basically I feel like I wasted 20 something dollars…what a rip off is my take on the Atomic beam headlight. Living abroad, I even can't bring it back to the shop. Total rip off.

  15. Bottom Line I still keep hearing my Dad's Voice, Use to keep telling me growing up ' YOU GET FOR, WHAT YOU PAY FOR' ?

  16. Maybe just for an Emergency Power Outage at Home if you need it to get around, Till the power comes back on etc

  17. Regarding the hat . Turn hat around. You don't need the bill at night . I assume you're wearing hat for warmth . Bugs ? Don't wear it unless necessary and hold in hand the rest of time . Bugs like light no matter what the light source . Thanks for your reviews . Longevity ? . How about a follow up video with all the Atomic Beam stuff after you've used for a while ?

  18. What if you did the water test before you tried to break it by bouncing off the concrete? I have a feeling you popped it open a little by doing so.

  19. I would have tried just room temp water at first . Ya i know the company claims HOT water but unless you are maybe using it at night in a hot springs lol i would have not done the HOT watet test .
    Still thanks for sharing this review .

  20. Try it and regular water versus boiling water and see what happens

  21. I just bought the damn thing four days ago and it just stop working got new batteries and it still doesn't work.

  22. main bulb quit after 1st set of batteries. back red led, (why even have? just a waste of power) still worked. would not buy again.

  23. Underwater, not under boiling water! Lol..

  24. Great review!!  You can wear a hat with it, use a baseball cap, but turn it backwards.

  25. Every head-lamp and flashlight I own cycles through a "strobe" setting. NOBODY I KNOW has ever needed a strobe…but everyone has to cycle through it just to turn off the light.

  26. how long would it last on each intensity if you put in a decent 18650 battery like a sony vtc6 3000mah battery? (by the way people, do not ever use the cheap 18650 batteries usually supplied with headlamps like these. they can be very dangerous and have a tendency to fail explosively.)

  27. Just a couple things missing from this comprehensive review of the (As Seen On T.V.) headlight. 1. What's the LED make and how many? 2. Different types of batteries. Can you try using 3 AAA rechargeable batteries? That might make a difference in brightness and life of the light, or it might not work at all. It would be interesting and informable to know that bit of information. If the rechargeable batteries don't work on the Atomic Beam, If that is the case, then in my opinion, it's a money/energy pit.
    "They don't make 'em like they used to."

  28. Well I don't ever plan to go swimming in boiling water sooooo ya lol I am sure it's fine in rain right ???? I want one for fishing at night up here in AK it needs to be water proof and reliable lol

  29. I just bought mine and it made out some cheap aluminum not plastic at least the one I got

  30. I just got this headlamp and then watched your review. Good review and you taught me how to focus it! Ha ha. Did not find that info in the instructions! Anyway, I have several of the rechargable batteries that fit this light. Got them at my local fleamarket to use in my Tac light, but am using one in this unit. I love the even lighting on both high and low settings. Wish this thing did not have a strobe…got no use for it unless I want to make someone sick and have them strobe out! This will be great to use with my lawntractor to mow at night since its headlights crapped out years ago! Thanks for your efforts on this review….I was really hoping you would plunge yer head in the boiling water with it! Just kidding! Ha ha

  31. I bought 2 of them. They are very bright. Both of them went out after 3 weeks of using them at work. I took them back and got 2 new ones for exchange. They went out after 3 weeks. I could have taken them back again and got my money back but I just let them sit. I want to take them apart myself to see what is going on with them. Just haven't done it yet. Will not buy another one again.

  32. I just want to say y'all who paid 20 for this y'all just got ripped off, this thing is not really revolutionary since the advance of LED light technology it's getting cheaper to build lamps with strong lumen counts. It's still better to pay extra for diving lamptorch or headlamp since they actually built for high pressure diving and their lamp can be set to various brightness levels because underwater is dark. Meanwhile his thing only worth around 5 to 10 dollar.

  33. i wish the underwater test was done first before the smashing test.

  34. Boiling water? Really? Why would you use a headlamp under booling water? Will you use it on a boiling water while its on your head?

  35. I lost all respect to this youtuber after I saw this on his amazon recommended list. This product is absolute trash. For the same price you can get a wowtac A2

  36. It was flashing SOS in the boiling water.Too funny.

  37. Well bad news. My light is starting to die on me. When its on for awhile the LED Dims, I think it's a loose connection in the LED. I took it apart and found nothing wrong. I plan to get another one of these and it looks like I now have my battery holder I was looking for. Guess I can build my charger now. A year long life for this thing, not bad. I used it a few times when the power went out for a week up here. This lit up behind the building next door to me nicely.

  38. It lasted for 9 months, died at once. The plastic clip retaining the strap broke the second week. I used it with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery and saved some money. It is programmed to fail.

  39. Just caught this review, nice job! I've had one for 3 years now and hasn't failed my. Ideal when plowing snow at night on my lawn tractor or working in the dark areas of my basement. Much better than a drop light. There are headband clips on either side of the switch. Make sure they are attached and the switch box won't turn when you put it on!

  40. Thank you for showing this. The first thing I have learned about products is, what they ' donot say'. Example A product working underwater is very, very interesting. They do not tell you at what temperature or depth does it work under. I am a skeptic so, I am not very confident about certain type of products. Get what use one can out it and leave it at that. This way, one will not be disappointed.

  41. I bought this product howevr it's a diffent brand name
    ****VERY GOOD***

  42. just saying it works in heavy rains is enough, it’s not a diving light so why would you ever need it submerged? i can understand a quick dunk underwater by accident but purposely submerging for more than a fe seconds is ridiculous

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