Atomic Beam Lantern Review: How Well Does it Actually Work? -

Atomic Beam Lantern Review: How Well Does it Actually Work?

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Here’s my complete hands-on review of Atomic Beam Lantern. This As Seen on TV item is similar to “Tough Lantern” and brought to you by the makers of the flashlight known as Atomic Beam USA.

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  1. I expect my lanterns to take bullet for me otherwise, what good are they? You just saved me 19 bucks my friend.

  2. Would you recommend the Atomic Lantern or the B&H LightBar?

  3. I bought one today, I like it for home or camping tent use, the hook and magnets are a good feature. I would use it for power outages or tent camping. I like that it closes up. I made the mistake of buying the Brooklyn Lantern, that one used D batteries and was very dim, heavy and bad for camping. I need to find the best batteries for long life.

  4. LMFAO! What was with the dog and the chicken? LOL!

  5. So if the Atomic Beam Lantern is not bad, what is better? Thanks.

  6. if it took larger batteries would have been awesome . but over all for 20 bucks it good .

  7. The problem with this lantern "dimming" as you lower the light into the casing is that even though the light is obscured, you still have the full battery drain until you close it all the way and it turns off. I was checking if I could find it cheaper on Amazon and I found a knockoff lantern that has the same features plus it has a button that provides 4 stages of brightness. So you can actually dim the light while it's open (and not drain your batteries as fast…or blind yourself if you're using the lantern in a tight setting.)

  8. You claimed you could get a 4 pack for $25 dollars? I have tried those camping and bought one of these, and they are not even comparable. I guess if you consider it "comparable" just because it is LED. However, if you need them not to break really easily and things of that nature, they're very different.

  9. AAA batteries are cheap bought in bulk. Just about every rechargeable battery I've ever had goes dead after a while. I'd rather pop in something readily available like AAA's thenfool with rechargeables.

  10. You looked like Obadiah Stane pulling the Arc Reactor out of Tony Stark's Chest at 3:13

  11. One down fall once u put your card information in get the total and decide not to buy and never hit process payment it will be charged on your card no matter if you wanted it or not it automatically charges you this happen to me twice I tried the secind time to maje shure thats whats happing be careful do not put you card information in unkess you want it you cant price check and then decide

  12. Nice review
    Looking to purchase and found your video.

  13. Things that they come up with today wow & this is I don't order things when I see them on commercials. They all try to make something out to be what it's not. If I need a flashlight or Lantern I'll go to Walmart or I'll go to Cabela's and get one.

  14. The store replaced my Lantern and it seems to be working fine. It doesn't want to shut off when it is closed at times. It is pretty Bright

  15. The Atomic Beam Lantern should be banned. What about risk of radiation? Also terrorists could get one and break down it's components to make a dirty bomb. Doesn't seem very safe.

  16. I was shocked by the cheap feel of the plastic housing when I found this at a local store. For as much as they want to portray this as tough and durable on the commercial, the plastic tells another story. I'd buy it and pay more for a metal housing that could withstand falls on concrete and maybe getting stepped on but as it is now, I don't think this will hold up very long unless you keep it in one place or baby it. Not making it rechargeable was a big oversight too. I'm passing on this.

  17. Why doesn't mine have the hook or magnets on the bottom? Came in the same exact box but doesn't say atomic beam. It says bell+Howell.

  18. I think its worth the $20. I dnt hve either but i id buy my neighbour the flashlight & i just believe its really worth it. It is def bright enugh We had a storm bout a yr or so ago the rechargeable idea is a gud idea bt nt gud n a power outage i guess that's why they want u 2 use the batteries.I want 1 Thank u 4 all ur reviews.It sure does help me…

  19. I did it with the help of Avasva solutions.

  20. i'd love it if they made it 18650 compatible i liked that in their flashlights. .
    their site is off, these lanterns have already gotten us very comfortably through one blackout.

  21. Garbage not worth 5 bucks. The light don't always come on. And is light n cheap. A kids toy. Only thing good is the magnets

  22. Great review Bro.. Combat means camping. Combat means, low, soft and low emitting green. Hehe…It's good for $7.95 for non plastic / non rechargeable…!!!!

  23. Wtf, are you trying to burn your dogs eyeballs

  24. Maybe I missed something along the way but what is the Lumen Output of the lantern?

  25. Nice beard dude, wish I could grow one (no homo).

  26. people complaining about it not being rechargeable or with usb, you can't plug it in when there's no power lol

  27. I used mine until the batteries went dead. Brought new batteries and now it doesn't work….Why is this….

  28. Winn Dixie, $6…there are some products that are Chinese in origin, generally get over to the states and get rebranded by various companies. When in doubt, check eBay.

  29. If you unscrew the top there is a compartment to store 3 spare batteries, i keep my spares in a ranger band in there.

  30. Great video bro. I just received one of these for a Christmas present from my sister. You’re right, it’s very bright! She even gave me a 4 pack of energizer max AA batteries! 🙏🏼
    Anyway, thanks for your review. I look forward to utilizing this thing when it’s all stormy & the lights go out. Chance favors the prepared eh?

  31. I connected the lamp to a cellphone charger, 5 Volts 2.1 amps using an old usb cable that I cut to connect the lamp to the charger. The heat generated by the lamp melted the plastic that forms the reflectors of the lamp and the insulation of the cables that feed the LEDs. I'm not sure it will survive having it on during a storm.

  32. This is shit! I bought 1 that can't even open

  33. same lantern at harbor freight without the magnets or bottom hook, batteries included $4. im using mine now and its excellent.

  34. I like the magnets on the bottom. Useful but strong. I paid 12 bucks close out price

  35. I like the review…you are like the Bob Ross of product reviews.

  36. I do not have one of those. I have a Coleman. Not as bright but works well. Thanks bra!

  37. First rule of Atomic Beam Lantern, We don't talk about Atomic Beam Lantern.

  38. Rechargeable and I wouldn't have it. When the power goes off, how would you re-charge it?

  39. Loved mine right by the bed; we get lots of short-term electricity outages. Just checked it today and the batteries had corroded – which defeats the point of having it ready at all times.

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