Atomic Beam SunBlast Review: As Seen on TV Solar Light -

Atomic Beam SunBlast Review: As Seen on TV Solar Light

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Atomic Beam SunBlast is a solar-powered motion-activated light. Today I put it to the test.

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  1. I suggest less filming at the light and more filming away from the light at what is illuminated. Still a good video, as always 🙂

  2. Ok brought two of these and they both do not work…what am I doing wrong?? I screwed them on in perfect line of site of the sun…!! I put settings on high?? Is There a paper that has to be pulled off from the battery I did not notice that

  3. I just saw a commercial for this. I didn't believe it. I knew I needed you to try it out for me… I'm shocked. This solar light seems to be legit

  4. Light diffusion (moon, city lights), air quality and even color of vehicles can all have an effect on how well the sensor performs.

  5. Very good information need a pair of these.

  6. Im surprised this works at all. Most of the as seen on tv products are crap.

  7. Hey James. You say that your prev light died after some period of time. The light probably died because the light kept recharging the battery even when it was full…. and since you always seem to have a bright sun where your at…. it's no surprise…. 😛

  8. Great video , however my mind drifted off at 0:07 , keep up the good work . .. Pandemic Isolation Rules !
    Any one have any canned cheese whiz for sale ? JK . ..

  9. I prefer the switch in the back to avoid tamper by others

  10. Test invailed! Why do have your kid standing there? He could set off the light! WTF?

    P.S. Next time do a video without somebody standing underneath the light! 🤔🙄😱

    By the way how long does it last at night hrs?

  11. Its not a good product, it doesn't charge much and hardly ever lights up when I go to my car

  12. WOW,just read reviews on Amazon,52% say this light is Junk

  13. I have an atomic beam one not sure if it's a sunblast…but it's been working for years in the yard…

  14. It's not really a sufficient test whatsoever with someone standing directly under the dang thing lol

  15. My light died in a week, and reviews seem to show that they don't last more than a few weeks

  16. I purchased both the Everbrite and SunBlast solar lights. I like the Everbrite better overall. It gives you some light when you want to know which direction to walk. Also, The Everbrite ran all winter, even when twenty degrees below zero Fahrenheit. The Sunblast does not work at all below freezing. I am looking into other solar lights now, because I also have found the battery is nearly dead after one year. If it was replaceable that would be great. Recently I purchased a Towkka Super Bright 120 LED Solar Lights: Equipped with Eco-friendly 120 LED chips and high-quality rechargeable 2200mAh Li-ion battery. After charging for 1 week, I mounted the lights and found the light the area around the house better than either of the first two in either medium or high brightness mode. But the Dusk-Dawn medium mode kills the batter after 2 to 3 hours. But in the off/bright mode the light works all night, but they could have made it stay on a lot long, like maybe a whole minute.

  17. I have a very shaded yard and very few places get enough solar energy necessary (typically 5-8 hours) for a full charge. I use a pair of cheap motion-detecting lights that have a 6' extension cord attached to the solar panel for placement to get optimum solar energy capture. They suit me fine. But I've seen solar lights that range in price from $40 to several hundred dollars for 200 watts or more. Some solar panels can get very large too. For example, the 200W version Cyberdax has a  14.2 x 22.8-inch, 400 LED solar panel with a 16' cord. If you have large wide-open spaces that need more security then that's the way to go.

  18. my light came on and has stayed on in the day

  19. never mind my light on my sunblast went off 🙂

  20. How many times can it be triggered on before it runs out of juice?

  21. I saw this video when you first got these and convinced me to get 4 of them and after a few months I actually upgraded the batteries from 1200mah I (believe) to 2000mah and the results were amazing longer life 👍…

    But now that I moved back in Aug of 2020 and the location were I placed them isn't good with sunlight so I got me a magnetic 18650 charger to charge them without opening the light when needed… I did solder (+) & (-) wires from the battery to a screw that went thru the back so the charger can stick to them

    This the charger i used to help give an idea of what I created

  22. Is not worthy I have some and then don’t last the long they turn on less than 4 times at night and after that they don’t turn on

  23. For what it's worth, 30 months later and it's still working in another review.

  24. Mine works great…right out of the box lasts all night.

  25. Tape tape tape tape! Get some velcro! $1 solution

  26. My ever bright lights stay on low until motion sets them to high. Even when we have multiple rainy days where the sun doesn't come out, my lights work for 3 nights. My lights also detect motion from a wider angle than the one you were reviewing. Not knocking the light as it seems pretty bright. I'm just wondering if there are different specifications the ever bright lights are built to

  27. They both ok….battery and solar…..but if you lived in cleveland ohio…..they bot sucks and dosnt work durning the winter months….wich here is from November till may

  28. very nice houses out there in Arizona or Nevada

  29. I bought one at wal mart these are very bright but they must be out there on the side to make work very bright but they work

  30. Here is the beautiful Solar post lights I like so much: amazon shops sogrand

  31. So which light would you prefer for distance and easy to put the high and low settings

  32. I have 2 of these they really work and so very very bright. You must put it outside where the sun can hit it. It will work for 8 hours.

  33. I bought more about a year ago, zip tied 7 on the upper poles of my chain link fence. During the recent power crisis that we had here in the south, my yard was lit like a stadium as we were walking around. These were probably the best inexpensive solar lights that I have ever purchased!

  34. Is the sunblast light still working (lithium battery)

  35. Piece of junk not heat resistance after 2 months sun baked it stopped working solar panel was baked not heat resistance sun will bake these cheap solar panel

  36. Just heard He received a letter from the FAA citing that pilots on the glide scope approaching the runway all of the sudden were being blinded by a mysterious light.

  37. We formally invite you to test our products

  38. Nice… but will only work on like a third of the walls, the rest doesn't receive enough light. (You need your sunlight to shine DIRECTLY onto your solar panels if your want them to generate any decent amount of electricity. Anything less, like for instance cloudy days of with overcast to will cause them to to hardly do a thing. Diffuse light has that much less intensity, that's the point.) I notice it also activates during the day when you don't need it and there's plenty of light already.

  39. Atomic Beam Sunblast and Atomic Angel sound like anime special moves.

  40. Small Solar lights use cheap Nicad batteries so they don't charge after a month or two. I tried to replace the batter but i couldn't get it off my wall lol

  41. Yea mine stopped working after a day motion sensor no good. Have to toggle switch to turn on. Then it goes back off not to turn on again.

  42. Got one, it came in a clear package so I would assume it would have a bit of a charge but I get NOTHING when testing it.
    Will lay the piece of *** in the sun tomorrow, (if the fan sun comes out)

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