Atomic Beam USA Flashlight Review - Worth the Money? -

Atomic Beam USA Flashlight Review – Worth the Money?

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Review of the Atomic Beam Flashlight “As Seen On TV”
Just in time for Holiday buying.

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  1. Spend more on a rechargeable with memory and access to modes without going through all the other modes. I’m a huge tightwad except when it comes to flashlights. I prefer olight. But stream light amongst others are very good. Battery life is also a big improvement with better lights. Obviously you don’t go outdoors outside the city much or else you’d own much much better flashlights. When I lived in the city 20 years ago a flashlight wasn’t a thought, so I get it.

  2. At first I loved it everyone said good till button switch goes out and I was assured it will just a matter of time I was optimistic. I was wrong lasted 1 week button messed up I took apart fixed it happy again short lived bulbhead .com / atomic beam you all need to make a product correction with your switch can be done. You need to fix the problem!

  3. I really enjoy these As Seen On TV reviews.

  4. I wish you would have left it on to test battery life.

  5. Let's see tests like water proof life of bulb

  6. That's a rebranded and overpriced generic Chinese flashlight. You can get the same ones with various branding from Aliexpress and eBay starting at 7 or 8 dollars. You should also be able to stick an 18650 battery in there instead of the battery pack with the AAAs.

  7. Hi . i Like the Led lenser T2 it has ca 240 lumen . you can get up to 1000 lumen With second ledlensers but a good question what do tou need  Is a robust waterproof torch that can withstand   pounding.Batterycapsety is good I have many trip over the mountain.Take always with you spare in case.two hours no problem and plenty left. If i do not remember right you have five year warrenty With normal use. That is normal use , it is often question coming up in. Using the torch to everything. it does at least I . Sorry for my not soo good engelsk

  8. I have one now for about 8 months
    it's real bright but the drawback is the battery consumption makes it very inconvenient if using it alot on the job. it would be interesting to know how long the battery lasts. but even still, once the bright ness level drops off I find myself changing the batteries alot.

  9. A couple years ago you could still get the Ultrafire branded version of these on e-bay for $15 shipped… with a pair of generic 18650 lithium batteries and a charger. Looks like there's still a seller with them in pairs with four 18650 cells for $20, shipping extra though. Mine have been working great for 2 years now.

  10. Why didn't you at least test its' ability to withstand a car driving over it or frozen in ice? Nice review, but can you extend the testing in your next video to its' reliability under extreme conditions? Thank you.

  11. I enjoyed this. It "brightened my day" . Don't wreck it. looks like your only decent light.

  12. I have a couple lights like that that came with rechargeable 3000ma batteries. I don't like having to go through all the modes to get to a normal light mode.

  13. Thanks for the demo. I'm not wasting money on that.

  14. 20$ is a wast of money. I'd like to know how it can be waterproof with no o'ring under the lens… you think the plastic switch can handle boiling oil? For the same price, you can have smaller but as powerful as this one but with better run time on one AA….check Thrunite T10….

  15. did the atomic beam USA as seen on tv infomercial work guru buru

  16. Sir……..You seem to have a wonderful attitude…………..You might consider De-Caf………………………..

  17. Wow dude you are such an inspiration! Have you thought of a career in motivational speaking?! As my dad would say, "You couldn't please some people if you hung them with a new rope." Would someone give him his $20 back so he'll just be quiet? SMH

  18. I do like my over a year old Atomic Beam flashlight. I have used 18650 3000-3200mAh Li-ion rechargeable batteries in mine since I bought it and it still works after over a year of use.
    I did buy one of those 7-8 dollar Chinese flashlights that looked identical. But it was only half as bright and the 5 mode button on the Chinese flashlight failed in a month.
    I had a TacLIGHT for a short time as well. It was not as bright as my Atomic Beam,And the TacLight did not last 3 months.
    I believe that  my Atomic Beam flashlight was a good purchase. And I will buy another Atomic Beam if this one fails.

  19. A $20 bill is the new $10. twenty bux, is literally, nothing in today's world.

  20. You should have purchased this on Amazon for $18.99 that does come with a rechargeable battery, a car charger and a wall charger for the battery should you ever need it. The top of the flashlight is made of aircraft alloy for self defense and the entire kit comes in an Army green case. I bought one for my 80-year-old mother who sometimes checks her mail as the sun is setting.

    CVLIFE 800 Lumen CREE XML T6 LED Flashlight Rechargeable Torch 5 Mode with 18650 Battery 2 Chargers

  21. The holes on the lens piece look like spanner holes. I was getting bored with this until you said the magic words, "Let's take it apart"

  22. when i focus down t a tight columation mine has tiny dots all over the square beam when i shine it on a light surface. is that normal? i tried to look at yours but the camera didn't pick it up. thanks.

  23. On mine, the switch broke after ten short uses.

  24. this flashlight was made generically and companies could put their names on it. this flashlight SUCKS and sucks the life out of batteries fast. good thing I only paid $10 for two of them. only a couple weeks and one of them just went to crap. haven't used the other one yet. I used rechargeable batteries instead of regular on SEEMED to be a bit brighter maybe because they were fully charged other wise they dim out fast. supposedly the cr123 batteries make it even brighter, maybe ill buy a couple see what gives for my other one.

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