Atomic BZ Overview -

Atomic BZ Overview

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Just an overview and close up of the Atomic BZ. earlier i stated that i would do a review and unboxing and i kinda missed that chance so this is just a sub for that. Also they just released The Atomic BZ EVO 2017 Edition with quite a few upgrades


  1. ran mine for the 1st time. where did you get your truck body?

  2. Far from a 1/5th scale. I would love to see a speed run on that.

  3. Ive had one of these for a while now fully upgraded aluminum lower bulkheads,aluminum diff hubs,and adjustment rings,med chassis,I even built my own spektrum micro rx for it! I'm running the Audi R8,and I have 3 PN hobby GT bodies!

  4. cool, I'm having issues with mine, put it on the RCP track yesterday and couldn't get a good lap in to save my life, going to do more tuning on it. Have you tried the GLA by GL Racing, I'm loving the way it drives.

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