ATOMIC BZ3 MINI RC car set up and programming atomic esc -

ATOMIC BZ3 MINI RC car set up and programming atomic esc

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2.20 suspension
3.05 brand and type of tyres
4.13 wheel track width
5.29 programming esc with card
8.02 body shell and custom mount
10.43 lipo used
11.05 charging lipo
13.25 flysky nb4 settings
15.11 track footage with new tyres and settings


  1. I have the Hobbywing esc program card similar to yours from what I read is compatible. I have the same ESC as yours for a DRZv2, when I plug in and turn on esc no lights come on the program box. Any recs on what to do?

  2. Hi bro nice Video BTW! How do you do maintenance or any monthly service on your atomic series RC car? I was wondering how u guys servicing a atomic 1/28 rc cars because Im a mini z mr03 driver I can't find any tutorial on YouTube hahaha

  3. After watching this… I think it’s more than hobby to you… it’s just like profession… mini rc specialist.. hopefully your channel can grow more..

  4. i just started to get into it but you inspired me to switch my mind between the mini z to the gla v2

  5. Lol nice crash right at the beginning, quite a tumbler

  6. Your videos are inspiring me to get a 1/28 for my son. We have raced 1/10 off road only, and fool around with the 1/10 TT02. I had a couple of questions. I have been pricing these kits out and they can get quite expensive. What are your thought on the Surpass Rocket mini 18A ESC and motor … both sensorless? The combo is cheap, but I worry if the sensorless aspect will cause low speed cogging … can't find any reviews on it. I have read a lot of issues with the BZ3 and the servos losing centre when the wheels are bumped … people complain about having to trim all the time … don't have this problem with 1/10 off-road. Any servo recommendations? Lastly, the cheaper route would be to go Kyosho … however I went cheaper with the Tamiya TT02 and found the car to be of much lower build quality and parts quality than a high end kit. I actually regret the purchase and don't want to regret my 1/28 purchase. My son would mainly want to club race … and he is an average racer … what platform would you recommend?

  7. The blue wire on that batter is cut. be careful my friend. Great video. I love your passion.

  8. Hi. Just about to build my first car. Who do you recommend to buy from here in UK. I Like the BZ3. Do I need to buy direct from Atomic?

  9. Is 3.2V the default cut-off for this esc? I just purchased one and it did not come with a manual and I haven't been able to find any info online about it.

  10. Can you do one of these on the AMR as well? I’m looking to upgrade from my MR03 sometime next year.

  11. Can't get enough of your videos brother. Is there any books on the mini z world of rc?

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