Atomic DRZ v2 Mini-Z walkthrough - Everything i learnt about the build -

Atomic DRZ v2 Mini-Z walkthrough – Everything i learnt about the build

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This was original a review of the DRZv2 turns out once i said everything about the build i said everything in a single sentence ‘Great if you don’t mind tunning everything otherwise a bit fiddly and there are better options’

if you have questions leave them below. New format is working out well i am just trying to make the videos more succinct now so there is not hours of footage to watch


  1. Hey buddy great video !Question what receiver are you using for your build ?thanks

  2. Can any one throw a few links out to make sure I get the right parts. Seems like you have to order from 2 or 3 different sites to get what you need

  3. Mines still in the box. I'm waiting to let everyone else deal with the atomic nuances 😂. I've just built 2 gla 94mm cars. It was a joy. Can't face another drz(2) build yet.

  4. That is some serious toe in! 🙂 good video tho!

  5. Been looking at these to get into mini RWD drifting for a while, do you think the V2 is worth the extra money compared to the V1? Pretty much ready to buy just found your channel though and I’m loving it!

  6. Your electronic set up is so clean, can you please send me some close up photos of them for references?

  7. Hello, are you running any toe in at the rear end,and if you recommend?thanks mucho.😎

  8. The Beaver recommended your channel. So here I am, good video 📹 so far. Thank you.

  9. Oh yah, I have that screwdriver, its amazing! I use literally 3 different kits of drivers but I mostly use my electric one.

    Oh cool, you buy the cheap blue IMR lithiums too!

  10. If you want a REALLY nice set of screwdrivers and wrenches perfect for mini z size cars theres a purple and black set on amazon thats really nice for like 15-20 bucks, comes with tweezers, magnetic screw mat, basically every small Allen, every screwdriver tip, every small nut driver size, all the goodies. I use it more than anything else in my kit. Theres also a grey power screwdriver i LOVE on there that makes assembly/disassembly SUPER fast but safe because it doesn't have enough torque to strip screwholes.

  11. In my build I literally busted out the digital caliper to make sure I had the right screws in the build. Funny thing… the dimensions they give are wrong on a lot of em. Theyre close, but theyre not quite right. Lol. The set screws I kept in but I reamed it so it moves cleanly. Ive been trying hard to adjust the handling, she moves smoothly all around but I cant get her to not sometimes flip around uncontrollably, despite having a heavy grease in the diff making it limited slip. Im currently working on that, and trying to figure out getting all the slop out. Ive got a 3d printer, laser, AND CNC so there's plenty of tools to fabricate parts, but im coming up short so far.

  12. Hi, getting this car. quick question. did you use threadlocker for all the screws? or any kind of glue ? thanks

  13. Do you know what battery's will fit with the smallest configuration. 90mm I think. I've already bought 2 different batterys there both too big. The smallest is the eflight 280mah. I'm struggling to find anything smaller. The nanotechnology your using looks even bigger that the eflight I've got. Thanks in advance

  14. Growing to hate this car lol can't get it to drift at all. Trying all kinds of settings and it's just awful.

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