Atomic DRZ2 Build Tips RWD Micro RC Drift Car -

Atomic DRZ2 Build Tips RWD Micro RC Drift Car

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First concern is to address any sticking in your suspension, you want to make sure that your suspension is as smooth as possible. If the suspension sticks at any point during its travel, it will cause become unpredictable & loop unexpectedly.

Next we want to make sure the suspension droop is set properly. The ride height might seem insignificant but it’s crucial for reliability & performance. If the rear ride height is set too high, the swing arms won’t be properly seated in the drive cups & it will cause something to break over time. If your ride height is set too high in the front, I noticed the suspension would bind & limit my overall steering angle.

Marking sure your car has balanced toe & camber settings on the left & right sides sounds like a given, but this was an issue for me. I followed the manual faithfully & set all my linkage spacings according to that spec, but still my car was unbalanced. Manufacturing tolerances on the plastic parts can make measuring the linkages unreliable, so use your eyes to make sure both sides are set evenly. Initially my car had way to much toe in & camber on the left side, which caused the steering linkages to get caught on the knuckles & severely limited my steering angle when turning right.

Finally i suggest using the rounded tires provided with the kit. I’m using flat tires from DS Racing & it’s causing the suspension to lift since the stock caster setting is so high. By using a rounded tire, the tire will gradually transition with the caster & provide optimal front end grip.


  1. Hey man I just ordered my first atomic drzv2.1 kit. I also ordered the furitek Odyssey kit. It has the momentum esc and a 5500kv motor. Do I need to purchase pinion gears separately? Do any come with the kit? If I do how many teeth on the pinion do you suggest? Thanks for the help

  2. hi what wheel dimension and offset did you use for your DRZ to fit with kyosho body?

  3. Just ridiculous how sloppy their manufacturing and QC is. Similar to you, I had to spend probably 2-4 hours doing trimming, sanding, gouging, etc on parts. The sad part is, we continue to buy their cars, and so they've no reason to better themselves.

  4. Ha hitting all the same issues i did in my video, you can see why i am not a fan of atomic. quality control is bad, parts can be missing (and critical parts such as entire swing arms have been missing in some of my kits) and there is so much plastic that had to be filed back. glad to see you got rhough it

  5. Man, from my memories building a 1/10th is so easier!!!

    Nice and interesting video !

  6. Finally a detailed video on DRZ V2. It took me 2 months to figure out the ride height thing and drifts properly-ish. Like you said I still have problems switching direction on my V1 (Probably need to recheck all the linkages). A lot of my problems went away after switching to the original tyres (Started immediately with LF4 not knowing I need to adjust the settings). You said something about making sure the front is balanced on each side and the measuring gaps can be deceiving. How can we properly see that our cambers and everything else are balanced? Is it purely by naked eye? PS: I wished you would go these much details on the V1 too. Awesome video!

  7. The value proposition just isn’t there for me and that’s from someone that’s blown a lot on Mini-z’s.

    I think mini-z’s are just the right amount of work/investment to performance/fun ratio for me.

    It’s funny because it bothers me in terms of “realism” how much the front tires turn despite the fact that ma-030 is an awd drift car. Doesn’t make sense but that’s the way it is lol

    Maybe if they had reasonably priced prebuilts with the ability to use AAA but these just weren’t made for me so I won’t hold my breath.

  8. The Atomic tyre that come with the kit, what is the width?

  9. Could we get a link to that manual? Yours is different than the one I have.

  10. a couple of hrs for the rear end alone? holly crap i think im going to love this hobby. btw best help video in you tube as far as what i can see. i really like the way your cinematography flows. cheers man you found a loyal follower. i will participate as much as i can in this channel albeit my exp in this subject is limited. but my fathoms in finance and the philosophy of money is vast. lol

  11. What receiver do you have that works with KT-432pt?

  12. Sorry alot of excess talk not needed making the video longer than needed

  13. You saved me some headaches dude! Thank you!

  14. What's the Facebook group you mentioned a few times?

  15. So what youre saying is you want your "lower linkage to just flop and hang free, and not get stiff"? 🤣 sorry…I know…dirty mind.

  16. Sorry to ask a silly question but how do you massage a ball link and loosen it all up. I’m asking for a friend. Haha

  17. Hi sorry I’m new to this how do you massage a ball end and loosen it all up

  18. Do you have a measurement for the track width of this car? (Center of one wheel to center of the other)

  19. what lipo/battery do you use for your drz, I'm quite new to this so I don't know a lot.

  20. My esc keeps blinking once hooked up any solutions ?

  21. Hi, did you use threadlockers for all screws ? or any kind of glue ? thanks

  22. Really appreciate the video. One question I have is if I should keep everything loose on my build? It wasn’t clear if I should. Thx

  23. Can I use my ma-020 or ma-030 evo motor to test drive it ?

  24. Any tips on therlse tiny little 0.3 mm spacers? There almost impossible to fit. Its saying 2 in the upper front wishbones. Which leaves a massive amount of slop

  25. I voulnd find parts for v1 like the plastic lower control arms going with v2

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