ATOMIC HEART Full Gameplay Walkthrough / No Commentary 【FULL GAME】4K 60FPS Ultra HD -

ATOMIC HEART Full Gameplay Walkthrough / No Commentary 【FULL GAME】4K 60FPS Ultra HD

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Atomic Heart takes place in Facility 3826, the Soviet Union’s foremost scientific research hub in an alternate 1955. In the 1930s, scientist Dmitry Sechenov develops a liquidized programmable module called the Polymer, sparking massive technological breakthroughs in the fields of energy and robotics in the USSR and freeing much of the populace from manual labor. These breakthroughs include a networked artificial intelligence called the “Kollektiv” linking these robots together.

Sechenov also develops a device called “Thought” to integrate Polymer into the human body, allowing remote neural interfacing with the robots as part of an improved Kollektiv 2.0. However, its official launch on 13 June 1955 goes awry, plunging Facility 3826 into chaos.

ATOMIC HEART Full Gameplay Walkthrough / No Commentary 【FULL GAME】4K 60FPS Ultra HD includes the full story, ending and final boss of the game. The game was played, recorded and edited by Gamer’s Little Playground team. We recorded the game in 4K 60FPS on Steam PC. In short, the video includes the full game, ending and all story related scenes. The video includes the ending, full story, all cutscenes, final boss, all bosses, no commentary, all missions and all cinematics.


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  1. Sorry but shooting game wise this is pretty generic shooter gameplay that doesnt really match what you see in the cutscenes.

  2. im scared of the main character since he ate an icecream in 3 bites

  3. This was an amazing game, it had a creative storyline, interesting environments, and decent combat, now was it revolutionary in the fps franchise? No, but it didn't need to be, it is perfectly fine as it is, however, one complaint I do have is that this wasn't a walkthrough, this was a borderline one weapon only challenge, through 11 hours of gameplay where you had every opertunity to explore and unlock all the weapons and upgrades, instead you use exactly 4 weapons through the entire game, 4, out of almost a dozen, and even then, once you got the electric rifle it might as well have been glued to you, never deviating from it, the only times you ever used anything else was when you ran out of energy, you never used the MP pistol, or the kalash, never even touched the elemental cartridges which I was really excited to see, you barely touched the polymer combat, using only shok and the shield maybe once or twice using the telekinesis, overall this is a great game played by a poor gamer, if you happen read this before watching the video, be warned, this isn't a gameplay showcase, it's a lazy playthrough from someone who has no patience or creativity

  4. Is it me or is it the main character voiced by the same guy who voiced sam in metro exodus

  5. how do you ppl play FPS games with a controller… so gross.

  6. HELP!!
    Hey there can you help me with what you did right after the cutscene ends and you enter the elevator. I'm stuck there, Char-les dialogue doesn't come up nor the elevator moves.

  7. This game got me thinking, what if earth was just like Mars and humans sent life here to monitor its habitableity 🤔 😅

  8. The mutants look scary af fr just look at there head

  9. Thanks for the playthrough, bro. You need to work on your shooting though lol

  10. This is based on reality. There is a thing called the internet of Bodies, where it will link peoples consciousness together and project their consciousness inside of a multiverse. This is transhumanism, what the fallen congregation believes is the evolution of man. This is what the mark of the beast is, the black being at the end is a representation of the anti christ. They also made a movie about it called Gamer, its a psychological technique called priming.

  11. Man, that ice cream bar looks so good and so real and detailed now I want one! 7:57

  12. This game would be massively improved with two-thirds less dialogue.

  13. do you you can slam down the robots using telekinesis?

  14. I've never played a more buggy game. So many times I get stuck and can't move and have to reload and lose so much time. It's a fun game but come on

  15. Geez… the neuro-polymer keeping the dead's thoughts alive is so creepy, and cruel…. As soon as the transmitter loses power and stops sending signals between it and the brain, then they really die. But if they're there for possibly days… do they realize that they've died? Or are they trapped in a loop? I'm not sure which is worse.

  16. Astonishing: I can play this fluid with a Xbox Series S in resolution, performance and 120Hz mode and it looks awesome! Even in quality/resolution mode it’s fluid like 60 or at least 40FPS!

  17. Is it just me or are there times he’s acted like a child, like when he asked the glove if it likes cookies, that reminds me of something childish, and it was kinda adorable too

  18. Bros beard is still running on 1 pixel per a second in that one scene with the government

  19. You would think humans would learn their lessons about using Robots to do their manual labor.

  20. 1:57:31 does anyone know if you can actually help the guy or get in the room full of loot next to him?

  21. the game is flawed, i mustve destroyed my shotgun by mistake now I cant advance because everything is so hard even on easy mode.

  22. No way no one heard that old guy at the beginning say “age is just a number”

  23. The game looks beautiful and I love the art and attention to detail, the only thing is the VAing… it's good, it just feels like it would be more fitting and the MC would come off as less of a dude bro insufferable asshole if it was in RU dub but fuckin normies would complain… so I can deal with it.

  24. 1 thing is bothering me, how Petrov survived without his head when we found his body for the first time?


  26. How is this a full gameplay when you didn't even do the testing grounds,this should be called a speed run

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