Atomic Lighter (as seen on TV!) teardown -

Atomic Lighter (as seen on TV!) teardown

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inside the el cheapo shock o matic!


  1. I found one at bus stop. Lit one cig and doesn't work. I'll try charge and then take apart. Good video, everything I needed to know. Thank you.

  2. I have one of those and it makes a super high pitch sound so it's almost painful kill any idea why it makes it or if it can be fixed

  3. I love mine though, I found mine in the street, it works perfectly, those batteries in there are actually really really nice, that circuit draws about 3~4 amps if not more. That's a high C battery, yes it low capacity but when you are literally holding a royer oscillator (I don't think it's ZVS because I didn't see a resonant cap across the primary) that can make hot plasma arcs, that's pretty cool. In my opinion that in invention is smart as all get out. It's a really good idea, mine is a lot harder to blow out and my battery lasts longer, your battery is probably just needs to be replaced. I mean it has full size SMD FETs in there for driving the transformer. It's an amazing decide. Then again I like high voltage and the miniaturization is amazing. Have you ever built a ZVS driver with a flyback? They pull a lot of current. And that's thing is no bigger than a ZIPPO! That's awesome!! I just appreciate the fact that technology allows this, that lighter isn't bullshit at all. I used for lighting fireworks. Do you understand how difficult it is to do that? To design something like that, it's impressive. Appreciate what engineers can do.

  4. I got a bulbhead brand atomic lighter which I charge about once every 3 weeks,holds a good charge.

  5. Hey buddy next time you open something at list do research to name the part all you say its shit this and shit that.

  6. And I will come by your video with my video setting that it will not blow out at 55 miles an hour of wind

  7. Thankyou, helped a lot with battery size!

  8. My atomic lighter doesn't hold a charge no more than 3hrs

  9. Just subbed like the idea of tear down channel!!! Get creative have a, wish, alibaba, gearbest, dhgate ect… Show down!! See who has the best and cheapest

  10. You are a fucking idiot but you feel Smart 👉 good for you

  11. Doesn't blow out he say, he blows on it doesn't go out and still says its bull shit

  12. I just bought that lighter today and I tested it out already and I have to say it sure has one hell of a spark

  13. Totally failure by throwing shit at the lighter that little thing proved you wrong.

  14. Is just a little ozone generator… that's all.

  15. I found a atomic lighter while I was walking down a street about 6 – 8 months ago. (Maybe a year, I don't remember the exact date.)
    It was abandoned on the ground and I decided to take it home with me, worked since. It's too small to light things like used candles, or to light big cigars or cigarettes. (Since i'm only 16, almost 17 now, my dad had to test it out for me and told me this.)
    I would give it 5/10, works okay, not useful for everyday things, also sucks when you try to use it for barbecues. Works fine for lighting papers then using those lit papers to light other things though, but even then it'll probably not light it and just poke holes through the paper.
    also, mine doesn't blow out when I blow on it, but I am putting bets that it will when you try to use it in the rain.

  16. Go out and buy another one, quick! Maybe two or three even, then always have one on the charger. BAM!

  17. Just turned mine on after sitting for a year… started up burning shit instantly! Battery good!!! 👍🏾💯facts✌🏾💪🏾

  18. these lighters kinda suck. Even the cheapest knock off lighter will actually make it through a pack of cigarettes.

  19. Well I don't know you know these things do have a short timer on them right you can't keep them on indefinitely they still shut off after just a few seconds or so but my point is I have the exact same lighter and trust me I'm blowing as hard as I can and it does not go out

  20. I have one and no matter how hard I blow… It does not go out. You blow it out and remove your finger from the button….?

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