Atomic Pi Basics for Dummies! Hooking up a power supply and more! -

Atomic Pi Basics for Dummies! Hooking up a power supply and more!

Amigos Retro Gaming
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It’s Atomic Pi time for Amigo Aaron! Join me in a NO pressure atmosphere as I speak frankly on powering and using your Atomic Pi!

Power Supply I’m using:

Power Connector i’m using:


  1. please help me 🙁 what screw driver i need to turn the screw to tighten the wire for the power wire to the pi ???

  2. Thanks this video helped me get up and running without waiting on my baby board thats not arriving til next month. TY so much for this easy to follow video

  3. Bueno. If you want to skip the soldering, use a solid (not stranded) copper wire that fits into the connector with some pressure (so it doesn't fall out). Maybe 20 or 22 gauge is a good size to try.

  4. Like the video. Thanks for showing the power pins.

  5. nice setup could u do some on loading differnt os on it, prime os,win7,react os.

  6. what are those pins called used to connect the power connector?

  7. I've got one of these. It's great for $35, but I'd have rather seen them ditch the wifi and Bluetooth in favor of adding an M.2 slot for storage. I assume the cost would be somewhere around even.

    The onboard eMMC has garbage transfer speeds, especially for writes. It's almost unusable! I ended up attaching a SATA SSD as the boot drive via a USB 3.0 enclosure. What a difference! Windows 10 runs fine that way. I've even been doing some gaming on it. Stuff like Bioshock Infinite is pretty playable if you turn all the settings down.

  8. Thinking about soldering to the pins but I need a better tip. Thanks for the ID on the pin #'s.

  9. hi amigo, what kind of cable did you use for wiring?

  10. I got my Atomic Pi yesterday. I used your links and video and was up and running in about a half hour. Thanks so much, this should be fun.

  11. Hi. Thanks for your contributions and tutorials. I was already waiting for a video like that. I bought it but I do not have the power supply or the antennas. please you can put the link where to buy antennas

  12. Dude. You look just like Dr.Eggman on the video's thumbnail.
    Great video btw

  13. Gracias! estaba por volverme loco no sabia donde conectarlos

    christ m8 looks like you tried to grab a blue hedgehog that was running at the speed of sound.

  15. Why not just cut the cables from the adapter and that saves the other barrel adapter?

  16. Would be interesting to see how that big ass heatsink does with sysbench benchmark over 30 minutes.

  17. Finally freak, tons of threads of buy this, buy that, I soldered this I soldered that.

    Thank you so much for making this video! SUBSCRIBED

  18. do you need all four wires connected to the connector?

  19. Now explain how to hookup a 8tb hardrive :>

  20. Do the red and black wires come with the connectors?

  21. Awesome video! Thank you very much. Could you power an Atomic Pi with two usb cables soldered to the backside of the board? Seems like they would provide enough power, but I really don't understand electricity…

  22. Hello it seems when you stick the pins into the port @2:48 there is something holding the pins in the port. I dont see a link to that, can you tell me what that is? Need the pins to stay firm when i put it into the port which is what seems you are doing with that. Thank you!

  23. got mine of ebay, whoever had it before me, got rid of the original os, where can I get the iso for the original os for me to reinstall ? tried prime os, but no sound…

  24. @Amigos Retro Gaming How does one send you a private message?

  25. Hi, I have couple of old mobile chargers (5v 1.8A and 5v 1.5A), Is it possible to use 2 chargers to provide power via different pins?

  26. I wiped the stock OS because it was too customised. It turns out that if the system can't find a bootable image it will failsafe into an advanced bios. You could get there by holding shift as well possibly. Some settings there include sdcard boot option, rtc locking, and emmc read only. Those settings can screw with you if they are set wrong and are using the simple bios. I wish the bios reset switch was not so easy to activate when inserting a plug into a baby breakout board for power. I have a 64 bit Linux mint on mine currently with a tweaked pulse audio file . To properly channel audio to the HDMI since the analog out is harder to use without more wires. I wish there was an easy way to adjust for overscan. I don't have that problem with properly driven video cards on real motherboards, or laptops.
    At the end of the day for me it is just another Linux or a windows computer, although much smaller and less power hungry.

  27. great video, could you please tell us how to install the wifi antenna? I can't see any slots for it… thanks for your help !

  28. Just get a small baby break out board and power adapter. Problem solved.

  29. struggling to get some of the bootable sticks, I made with rufus to boot. Anyone having the same issue?

  30. Have you tried running AROS on this thing? That would be super interesting…

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