Atomic RC DRZ2 1/28 Micro RWD Drift car; build review and thoughts -

Atomic RC DRZ2 1/28 Micro RWD Drift car; build review and thoughts

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Keith and Jesse back at the bench! This week we bring you some RWD micro Drift action from Atomic RC the DRZ2. We hope you enjoy, and stay tuned for more great RC builds!

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RC Car Purchased from @Driftaholics_rc

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  1. Yeah, I also had the Mercedes and thought it to be incredibly slow, I decided to sale it after only a few days of use and than buy a chassis kit. I got the Kyosho Mini-Z 20th Anniversary MR-03EVO W-MML 8500KV Chassis Set, added a 12000KV motor, lipo kit, aluminum LM motor mount, a ball diff LM and than used a Porsche 962 LM body. This thing is insanely fast, definitely the quickest Mini Z you can have right now before moving to an Atomic, GL Racing, etc. setup. I loved the 12000KV motor so much that I also bought a buggy brushless just so I could add one in that as well. I just got a 15000KV X-Power motor that I will be adding on to my next Mini, this time a Zero-Z DZ01.

  2. No wonder the AMG GT3’s are in stock…..their handling sucks🤦🏼‍♂️ wish the Audi’s would be in stock🤬

  3. FN sweet dudes! Loving the builds! Straight forward is my favorite. No bull sh#$&@. On point!

  4. Check out my tire mod!
    Air in the tires

  5. Take the top deck off and reconfigure some radio gear. It will drive better and you can use other bodies. Look up Garage rc on YouTube. Great information on that model and others

  6. Anyone found aftermarket steering ball clips? The stock ones are total garbage. Gotta buy like a dozen if you want 6 good ones.

  7. Wait wait, are you guys from the old awesome atomic mods store that closed? that had those awesome xmods and youtube channel?

  8. Awesome, does the marcedes benz body fit on atomic drzv2?

  9. Awsome job! Looking forward to own one in the future!

  10. What rims can I use for these?? I'm having trouble finding information. Thank you!!

  11. If I just figured out what "rc" stands for, whats the likelihood of me building this without suffering a ministroke? Looking to pull the trigger but I'm scared.

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