Atomic Sun Blade review: magnetic light bar from @BulbHead #AtomicSunBlade [273] -

Atomic Sun Blade review: magnetic light bar from @BulbHead #AtomicSunBlade [273]

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Hey there,
In this video I take a look at Atomic Sun Blade from Bilbhead. The Sun Blade is an 11 inch, motion activated, rechargeable, LED light bar. I purchased this from my local as seen on TV retailer for around $20.
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  1. i thought it is some kind of light saber with that nameAtomic Sun Blade😂

  2. I have a sun blade and have used it for several months and I now need to charge it but it won't charge. I have had it in my mailbox so it is protected from the weather–rain, sun, etc.–what can I do to reset it and recharge it? Or is it a goner.

  3. I have motion detector light bulbs so the whole room lights up and it goes off after a few minutes and I don't have to worry about charging nothing up.

  4. 😮 I’m getting this one! I wanna put it in my kitchen!

  5. Thanks, I’m going to get one and see how it is!

  6. Probably work real good in a truck bed too.

  7. Lol 😆. I love 💘that list 🤣. The Boss. I like the light, just wonder how 🤔long it takes before the recharge quit charging. Cool stuff Jeff 😎

  8. Hello brother I have bought wildcraft gaiter and it is as smooth as your gaiter video s

  9. Superb dude and hats off to your hardwork love you man❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. Down is my whatsapp number but I have written it in another way so it can be visible in the comments section please do call back

  11. Hi brother I m a student of high school studying in class 11 in bihar india

  12. Would definitely get a few! Great review, as always

  13. This might be perfect for me. I am hospital bed bound for about 12 hours a day. For me, I think it would make a great make-up/grooming light for my mirror that is on my hospital bed table. Or attach one to the underside my metal bed for light when I do get up in the middle of the night. I can use my laptop to charge it . 🥰

  14. ANYTHING named "atomic" or "tactical" is a SCAM

  15. Hey, Jeff…These lights are awesome…One of the best uses for these lights became obvious when we had the recent power outages here in Texas. I walked into the kitchen and it lit up like normal and I could see everything. I then realized just how long these lights will work and how if placed in an area of the house, it will give you plenty of light and last for a long time. When going to the restroom, I would just grab one of the lights and take it with me. So if you don't do anything other than use them for under the counters in the kitchen, you have a very dependable light source in the event of a power outing. You can set them up using the motion detector mode or set them to stay on as long as you wish. I was amazed at how bright the lights stay for a very long time. The lights I have are not this brand, but there are several brand which are basically the same as the ones you are reviewing. Thanks for what you do…Vic

  16. Just picked one up today to test it. Now I am ready to do all my cabinets with one.

  17. I just purchased one to place under my kitchen cabinet as well, to lighten up the area when I get up during the night. I will also purchase another to place at the entrance of my bedroom. It works as you displayed and very easy to install. Thank you.

  18. I purchased this product a few months ago and it was installed in a dark bedroom closet. When the closet door is opened the overhead mounted light comes on and does a nice job illuminating the clothes hanging below. I was thrilled that it did its job for two months before I needed to recharge it (that in itself is amazing)! Love that it pulls off easily from the magnetic plates and will charge in a couple hours on my computer. I give this product two thumbs up, or five-stars and will be purchasing some more. Couldn't be happier with this device! Nice review Jeff.

  19. I have one mounted in the kitchen by my bedroom door. I use it to see when I make a trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Love it! Going to get more tiday.

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