Atomic Warhead buggy maintainence part 1 - Strip down -

Atomic Warhead buggy maintainence part 1 – Strip down

Andrew Newton
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How to disassemble this rc buggy. Replacing a universal joint. Pulling out the motor and gearbox. Suspension arm repair. Tuning screws.


  1. look at your receiver where the antenna is there should be 2 plugs in it one is connected to your servo one goes to the esc. just swap them its pretty easy.

  2. By mesh it I just mean make sure the gear teeth are lined up with and meshed with the motor gear teeth.
    To adjust the 2 speed gear change there is a metal disc beside the smaller gear. It has a small grub screw in it which pre tensions the spring which regulates at what revolution speed the lever pops out. This lever engages 2nd gear.

  3. 3 more maintainence videos are now uploaded. Battery box, clutch and gearbox.

  4. Nice vidz! watched them before taking my atomic warhead apart. Nice help for me, as a nitro newbie 🙂 .. many thanks!

  5. Mine were OK but I thought it would have been better if they were a bit stiffer.

  6. Great video….lol but i am getting the Bazooka…lol, but very imformative video well done!

  7. This is the only RC buggy I have used so cant really give advice on others.

  8. Cheap but great fun. Needs constant maintainence. Plastic gears strip too easily.

  9. Sorry, no idea. As I said below, this is the only RC buggy I have used.

  10. First adjust idle screw, throttle fine adjust, low speed screw or whatever, to get it to idle sitting still without brakes on. Sounds easy but your clutch has to be working properly for this to be possible. Then adjust the linkage screw to just lightly apply the brakes when you let go of the throttle trigger.

  11. hi, I have one of these cars and will not change into second,(Not done it from new) any ideas ?

  12. can you please help me tune my engine.

    when i start this car my buggy just takes off ….i want to to idle perfect

  13. They are basically are cheap entry level
    buggy, other rebadge name for then was a Himoto..
    A typical crappy instruction manual included, either fitted with a taiwanese motor 18size 3cc barrel carby purple head or japanese motor 18size 3cc navy blue or black head, barrel carby >> only had idle speed and top end adjustment no bottom end,,, suggest check all
    machine screws and apply a small amount of locktite number 222 also check flywheel nut , undo and apply locktite and retighten…

  14. Might need a new glow plug or a clean one at least.

  15. Sorry mate but I'm not that much of an expert. I never got it tuned perfectly and was not aware of it changing gears. The buggy has been sold.

  16. Hi
    I have one of these HSP Atomic Warhead but i cant get it to start i have primed it changed the glow plug and changed from pull start to electric start to see if it would help it start but still it wont start,
    Any help would be great,

  17. ive got a problem i have no idea witch dirrection to turn the high sped neddle to make it leaner and i also dont want to break my engine.

  18. Clockwise to make it leaner and anticlockwise to make it richer.

    You wont break it by doing small adjustments like 1/4 turns.

  19. will this work 4 any nitro buggy or just the atomic warhead?

  20. Sorry I have only worked on the Atomic so don't know about other brands.

  21. thx anyways cuz ive been lookin at the atomic warhead 4 a couple months now and ive decided thats the one that im probabley gonna get on payday

  22. McEwans Geelong, probably 15 years ago. Any hardware shop will have one.

  23. how easy would you say one of these things would break cause iv had mine for one week and today its like a i cooked it or somthing cause i can start it but its hard to and once i put it on the ground it shuts off do you think i might just need a new glow plug please reply

  24. Are the wheels spinning when you start it. If so…look at the clutch spring.

  25. i bought one of these on ebay cheep,mine is called a side winder and so far it has given me no trouble but i don't think it's changing gear.ithink it's taking off in 2nd. i've only put about 1 litre of fuel thru local hobby shop doesn't carry any spares to suit it.he also sais that the gears don't last.i run mine on 16%nitro..AT Racing fuel.

  26. i hope you tightened up the carby.i double checked every nut,bolt&screw before i even started mine.

  27. could anyone tell what is the best settings fo this car

  28. Yes they are good fun but break easily but can be easily repaired. Dont know any other buggys. No idea what speed.

  29. Look at the gearbox video to see adjustment screw for gear change.

  30. Default plastic gears, my exhaust was black too, ground clearance…maybe 15 to 20mm from memory.

  31. Sure can. Not as much traction but it still works fine.

  32. Thanks im only 12 and on my atomic warhead the spur gear was stripped and i took everythink off and replaceing the spur gear without my parents knowing AND IM ONLY 12

  33. ive just got a warhead and when i start it up its rev,s are really high
    i dont seem to be able to slow it down with the transmitter anyone any ideas

  34. i have one of these buggys and i lost the front drive shaft and its FUCKING anoying to control, once you get the wobblys they just get wider until you spin out of control….i think the last time i was out of control i done three front flips and that was on tare!

  35. @RCBlade66 Cheapest fuel RC car around. Heaps of fun, learned heaps about maintenance.

  36. I bought one of these and put all the upgrade parts on it and its as good as any other 1/10 nitro car i have ever driven.

  37. Is the biggest gear supposed to be closest to the motor, or the smallest? My buggy doesn`t shifting

  38. @RCBlade66 it's a great car if your just starting.

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