Before Buying A Casio: 10 tips -

Before Buying A Casio: 10 tips

Tim Johnson
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Casio is LOADED with options and models which can be overwhelming. This video will help you prioritize 10 descriptors whittling down the thousands of models to those which you’ll enjoy.

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  1. The GD350 Would still be my favorite even if it wasn't AG shock. The fact that it is, is just a bonus.

  2. I recently started buying Casio watches for fun. I had to set a new rule, only ONE per month. Starting next month, this month I already bought 3. This is a weird new addiction. Currently wearing my new Casio Royale, tomorrow my new Gshock Square arrives. This month I also bought the old school Calculator watch.I’ve had a Duro for a few years, I love it. I also have a Twin Sensor SGW100 that I LOVE. Almost all the features of a $300 Gshock for only $40 and a much better size and display. I had a CasiOak, but returned it. I didn’t like the color, but I will pick up a different one soon. Maybe next month. 😂

  3. Couldn't help but think about my kids countering the discreet vibrating function and heaven forbid they actually cooked anything that needed timed but they'd say and why can't I use my fruit phone for that? Honestly these watches were ahead of their time before mobile phones but I use all these functions at least weekly when I separate myself from my phone. Ahhh. It's almost like taking off your boots at the end of the day

  4. Great review Tim, i can't stop wearing my casio 1500 on the velcro strap, it's so comfy and the best watch so far.

  5. We had a kid set everyone's timex Ironman alarm in algebra class to the exact second which was at least 60 seconds before the bell rang . It drove the teacher nuts.

  6. My old eyes love the AE-1500's giant display, I call the Big Ben of wristwatches. The old ears can't hear any Casio alarms so the W-736H is a blessing and what terrific illumination of the screen. Topping it off, I'm wearing my W800H today since I'm working on my motorcycle and reaching into tight spaces.

  7. if you're going to make a Casio video at least give proper information… every G-shock is 200 meters water resistance.

  8. Ive been looking for a casio or g shock with similiar feature like g shock gd350 one push countdown timer. I need the countdown for 2 minute. Apreciate any help

  9. Hi. I don't remember the iPods having a touch screen, the early ones anyway. They usually had the rotating control with a button in the middle IIRC. Thanks for the video.

  10. 5:33 "would I wear a Casio outside of work? Probably not". Question. Why? And what would you wear outside of work?

  11. I love Casios and G-Shocks but I just can't hear the alarms which of course makes them useless.

  12. I have a real tough job so I need my 200m WR and the ability to have my watch fall from the sixth floor and not break. That's why I have 9 G-Shocks and only 4 digital Casios. For the job I do, sitting in front of the computer at home all day, having zoom meetings, the above two characteristics are fundamental.

    All jokes aside, being where I am long sleeves are only a factor maybe four months in the year, so Gs' chunkiness is almost a non-factor. Nowadays if a watch is under 12 or 11mm thick it begins to bother me. I also really like the mineral crystal on Gs. Haven't managed to marr any of them yet. Guess the protuberences on G-Shock bezels help out with that. On my Casios, one does have a mineral crystal (though little bezel protection) and it's still perfect. The ones with acrylic crystal are all scratched to various degrees. As to straps, yes metal buckles are much better (though both my G-Shock DW-6900 and GA-2110 have plasic buckles) and the straps are just better and usually more comfortable on Gs than on Casios. Another aspect of G-Shock I really like over Casio is the possibility to swap out bezels. Yes, I1m one of those who keep their watches going for years, so a G will not only last like a regular Casio, once the bezel gets so bad you decide you have to change it, you can and presto! You have a brand-new watch. Finally, I will confess, always wanted Gs since I was a teen, but they cost a dear penny here. More like 5 dear pennies, so I couldn't justify one. Now I can, so I do. 9 times and counting.

    As to my criteria for buying a Casio, like I said work issues are inapplicable to me and though I still keep a few purely analog watches around, increasingly, even in social or casual situations, I just wear my digitals or anadigis. No one cares and if they do, G-Shocks still have a certain aura about them here. So my criteria is, do I like the design? Would I wear it? Is it not too small? Can I very comfortably afford it? If the watch says yes to those questions, I'll buy it.

  13. Hello Tim😉! Many greetings from Germany in advance. I've been crazy about watches for a year. But at the beginning there are more mechanical watches. And I discovered you through YouTube. I'm thrilled 👍 make great videos. And through you, my interest in Casio watches (G-SHOCK, quartz, solar, etc.) was slowly and more and more awakened. What would you recommend!? I would like to buy one now. Now it will be easy for you! I love watches whether diver, pilot, dress, chrono, moon phase etc. My arm circumference is 18.5 cm. Material No matter! Just your opinion for up to €400.00 the best all-rounder. Thank you in advance 👍 I would be very happy to receive an answer 😉 Best regards Uwe from Ludwigshafen Germany

  14. Another enjoyable video with sensible tips. Many of the aspects you covered here are not being raised in some other content creator: such as vibration alert function, legibility.
    Thanks for making this.

  15. 11. Caution: Casios can be like potato chips. You may find it difficult to only have one. 😁

  16. W86, W218, W735, W93, WS1400. All solid bang for buck. Arguably better than G shock dw5600

  17. Honestly I’m really annoyed by the number of models which Casio offers, not just in Digital, but also in Analog and Ana-Digi. I’ve been buying Casios during the last 6 months and my Cart will be filled with multiple models with comparable prices, all equally attractive (and honestly I’ve lost sleep over the choice !).
    My latest acquisitions have been SGW-400 and AE-1100.. My most probable next purchase (in June) is my second AW-500 (my most loved G-Shock).
    Having bought 8 g-shocks (among countless non-G shocks), let me admit that there’s some ‘pride of possession’ in owning a G, whether I (who work from home 24×7) need its resistance capabilities or not (similar to desirability to own a 4×4 even when we know we never take the SUV for off-roading)

  18. I agree that the G-Shock's are somewhat overrated and over inflated…. the only G-Shock I own is the classic 5600…. Every other Casio I have is just your standard I guess…. and really the only difference between the G-Shock and non-G-Shock is the module inside is covered in a rubber sleeve, but the way some of these Casiio are built. There is very little worry as far as durability….. The 736 for example that you showed is one that I have myself and that is a beast…. I've banged that one around a few times and like a timex, it takes a licking and keeps on ticking 🤣…. I love Casio's in general, particularly the more rugged style ones …. I feel they are excellent value for what you pay

  19. 4200 G-Shocks????? Jeez that's nuts hahaha! Yeah some of those vintage watches are really out there in terms of design… From camera's to lights to sensors to television screens and remote controls. Its to bad they dont make those anymore. Very true brother! They are fit for purpose but most of the rubber models in the standard collection are great beaters. Some of the other ones like the Edifice line are more suited for office use. They have the Protrek one for outdoor adventure guys and of course the G-shock for military and extreme sports. Size and wearability is a great deciding factor and so is water resistance. I think those vibration models like the GD-350 and others somehow looks more rugged and I think they can do a bit more of a hit due to being extra reinforced for vibration. Alarms for me is not a deal breaker but the louder the better. I think Timex digitals typically have a better alarm than most Casio's in terms of loudness. I think those fitness features are great. I want to get me one as well to help with my training and so on. Did you test the glass trick? I am curious to know haha! Hope you have a great weekend Brother! 👌👌

  20. Wow, that’s a comprehensive video. Thanks for taking the time to make it. Over different 4,000 G Shock Models?!🤯

  21. Fun fact. When you said the dw-290 is almost a G-Shock, you are more right than you might think. You could actually swap the modules with a G-8300. Also, when you're talking about using a Casio watch outside of work – Casio has some pretty sophisticated options for every occasion, including the most dressy, and pretty expensive ones, like the Oceanus line.

  22. Great video and tips. I love the g-shock ones, especially the mudmaster and mudman series. But I'm also a big fan of citizen promaster watches with the eco-drive solar movements.
    But the mudmasters are my favorites.

  23. Another excellent video – thanks, Tim! Only one correction – not all GShocks have 10 years battery! Normally, they really do not! – except, of course, for the tough solar models. Usually, battery life for a non solar GShock is between 2-6 years.

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