Best And Worst Memorial Day Savings #milwaukee #dewalt #ryobi #tooldeals #savings #goodandbad #truth -

Best And Worst Memorial Day Savings #milwaukee #dewalt #ryobi #tooldeals #savings #goodandbad #truth

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🔥 Attention DIY enthusiasts! The Home Depot Summer Power Tool Sale is here, and it’s time to gear up with the best brands in the business. Get ready to unleash the power of Milwaukee, Ryobi, DeWalt, Makita, Ridgid, and Husky! 🛠️💥

🔴 Don’t miss out on the incredible deals and discounts on Milwaukee’s top-of-the-line power tools. From their high-performance cordless drills to their robust impact drivers, you’ll find the perfect tool to tackle any project. #MilwaukeePowerTools

🔵 Looking for budget-friendly options without compromising on quality? Ryobi has got you covered. Check out their extensive range of power tools, including their versatile drills, saws, and sanders. Get the job done with precision and savings! #RyobiTools

🟡 DeWalt is synonymous with durability and reliability. Upgrade your toolbox with their industry-leading power tools, such as their powerful circular saws, impact wrenches, and cordless combo kits. Don’t settle for less when you can have the best! #DeWaltTools

🟢 Makita is a name trusted by professionals worldwide. Experience their cutting-edge technology and ergonomic designs that enhance your productivity. Their brushless drills, miter saws, and routers are a testament to their commitment to excellence. #MakitaPowerTools

🔵 Ridgid power tools are built to withstand even the toughest job sites. Check out their durable table saws, compact drills, and versatile cordless options. Experience the reliability and performance that Ridgid is known for. #RidgidTools

🔴 Don’t forget to equip your workshop with the essential Husky tools. From sturdy toolboxes to reliable air compressors, Husky offers a wide range of products that will help you get the job done efficiently. #HuskyTools

🌞 Summer is the perfect time to embark on your DIY projects, and Home Depot’s power tool sale makes it even more exciting! Don’t miss the chance to score incredible deals on the most trusted brands in the industry. Visit your nearest Home Depot store today! 🚀💪

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✨ Gear up with Milwaukee, Ryobi, DeWalt, Makita, Ridgid, and Husky. Hurry, the Home Depot Summer Power Tool Sale won’t last long! Your dream projects are within reach! ✨

🔥 Don’t miss out on the ultimate summer power tool sale at Home Depot! 🛠️ Get ready to supercharge your projects with top-notch tools from leading brands like DeWalt, Milwaukee, and Makita. From cordless drills to table saws and everything in between, this sale has it all! 💪💯

🔴 Discover incredible discounts on the latest models and unleash your DIY prowess like never before. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a weekend warrior, Home Depot’s power tool sale has something for everyone! 💥

🌞 Summer is the perfect time to tackle those home improvement projects, and with these jaw-dropping deals, you’ll have the right tools to make it happen. #HomeDepotPowerToolSale is your ticket to scoring the best bargains and equipping your toolbox with high-performance gear. ⚡

🔔 Hurry and join the power tool frenzy! Watch our video for an exclusive sneak peek at the hottest deals and must-have items. Get ready to revolutionize your DIY game and make your projects a breeze with Home Depot’s unbeatable power tools. 🚀

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✨ Don’t wait—head to Home Depot today and take advantage of the biggest power tool sale of the season. Your dream projects are just a tool away! ✨

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  1. Bizarre that the Milwaukee deals are way better value than Ryobi.

  2. The only deals this year are to ditch the ryobi days. Force 'em to do better by not buying!

  3. Great vid I spotted something yesterday in store but it’s nation wide and online you missed today or wasn’t marked. The Milwaukee fuel string trimmer /blower combo kit 8.0 rapid charge . It dropped to 349 from $449 it’s also on bmsm . You can get it about 250$ with bmsm . The m18 blower kit dropped from 349 too 299 In my stores can’t say yours for sure.

  4. I've been looking forward to Ryobi days because I wanted to pick up an 18-volt cordless chainsaw and an 18-volt cordless pole saw but nothing looks good this year. Thanks for the great video. Going to keep watching for better prices down the road. Maybe 4th of july.

  5. Last year, they had two 4.0 batteries and a charger for $99 and you could get a free tool. I think it was closer to Black Friday, though.

  6. I have patiently waiting for your video man! Hahaha.

  7. Tha Milwaukee mower is probably half the price & the batteries are the other half or more

  8. I bought the stick vacuum a few weeks ago for my house. Loved it so much I got the 299 battery kit and another vacuum for free. I have one on each floor of my house. Those with German shepherds will understand the struggle haha. All my power tools are Milwaukee but these Ryobi vacs are great

  9. As sure as Karen Read killed John Okeefe they have some great deals 😂 Karen Read killed John Okeefe with her SUV .

  10. Robert I wanted to say I liked your video I really did but I can't say that because I loved it 🎉

  11. i got the light with two batteries and a changer for $99 deal. your thoughts on my deal?

  12. Maybe Father's Day will bring better deals.

  13. I just wanted to add something. The box on the Milwaukee compact hammer drill combo says that the drill is rated at 600 inch pounds. It's actually 550 inch pounds just like the regular drill driver.

  14. Thank you for the video! I found some better deals last week.. Gonna wait for now 👌

  15. Hopefully the sales are so bad they have to have some good deals for Father's Day

  16. Yes! Horrible deals. Skipping home depot this memorial day.

  17. I use my 2 AH battery on my flashlight because that’s really all it’s good for. 😂

  18. I bought that spade bit set yesterday, pretty good price in my opinion.

  19. Hoping for some ridgid OPE deals for Father’s Day.

  20. dont know who's in your area for electric supply shops but you can wheel and deal with those guys.. they're on commission i went at the end of april scored the dual bay milwaukee supercharger with 6ah forge (great battery) for $200 couldnt pass it up

    edit: that was city electric supply in MA

  21. Got the Ryobi fan for about $37. Just bring back the batteries

  22. DeWalt and Makita don't want anything to do with Crappy Ass Ryobi Days , why would they ….. 😂🤣😅🤭

  23. I bought the New Ryobi One+ HP 18ga Brad Nailer Kit because a few YouTubers said how good it was for $159 , so it worked pretty good until I put the 3rd rack of nails in it , then it started getting jammed every 3rd nail , so I Exchanged it for another one and the next day it did the Same Exact thing , so I returned it , what a Piece of Crap . Also last year I bought the New Ryobi One+ HP 10" Miter Saw Kit for $250. and I got a Free 4.0ah battery and a few days later they started giving a Free Saw Stand and I got that for free too 😂🤣 , anyway the saw is a Big Piece of Shit , it takes about 30 seconds to cut through a 2×4 and cross your fingers it doesn't stall on you while cutting it , now I use it for Trim Only and thats even a chore for it , but thats just Me your mileage may vary …..👍🖖

  24. I was glad to meet you in my store! Keep on rocking and thanks for supporting our business, speaking facts both good and sour, and being a source of unbiased information to the people!

  25. That M18 hammer drill and compact impact for 189 is a hellava deal

  26. Considering the jig saw for a small bathroom project. Only $69 for the saw by itself and I have 2 4ah batteries already so probably won't get the batteries for the free saw.

  27. What people don’t get about these Ryobi Days battery deals, is that they are the older gen batteries! Not the half way decent HPs! Honestly the best Ryobi deal are the HP batteries for $199. Do your wife a favor and pick that up along with that stick vac. The stick vac is actually pretty damn good. Why the hell does Ryobi package their HP tools with their older gen batteries?

    Usually Memorial Day brings out some really good tool deals, but even HFs deals are weak as shit this year!!

  28. I agree with you, could not get excited over their Memorial Day promotions at HD this time around.

  29. just 3 years ago those two 3amp milwaukee HO batteries were $79.99 for black friday. they doubled it and are calling it a sale now…mindblown

  30. I like the milwaukee combos but I’d rather see more deals like 150$ for the sander or grinder with battery. These deals are leading me into a huge battery surplus because I can almost never justify bare tool prices. And dewalt just keeps picking the same tools at lowes and home depot with little variety

  31. Snagged the 2 6amp batteries with charger and a 1/2 mid torque, felt like that was one of the best deals they had especially since I was looking for that impact

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