Best Impact Drivers? DEWALT Impact Driver Comparison - DCF887 vs. ATOMIC DCF809 -

Best Impact Drivers? DEWALT Impact Driver Comparison – DCF887 vs. ATOMIC DCF809

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Looking for the best Impact Driver from DEWALT, but confused between all of the options from DEWALT? In this video I do a quick comparison of the DCF887 20V Impact Driver and the Atomic DCF809 Impact Driver.


DEWALT DCF887B Impact Driver (B = Bare Tool)

DEWALT DCF887 Impact Driver Kit w/ Case, Charger, and (2) 2AH Batteries


DEWALT DCF809B Atomic Impact Driver (B = Bare Tool)

DEWALT DCF809C1 Atomic Impact Driver Kit w/ Charger, (1) Battery, and Bag

DEWALT DCF809C1 Atomic Impact Driver Kit w/ Charger, (2) Batteries, and Bag


(2) DCB205 5AH XR 20V Batteries

(2) DCB205 5AH XR 20V Batteries and Charger

(2) DCB230-2 3AH Compact Batteries

DEWALT 4-Port 20V MAX Charger, Rapid Charger (DCB104)

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  1. Hi, why does the bit holder swing a lot with the Dewalt DCF887N screwdriver? Do you recommend any model of small Dewalt impact wrench that does not have this defect? Thank you

  2. Can I use an dcf 809 to drill holes in concrete?

  3. I just bought the 809 kit from Home Depot this afternoon. It came with the tool itself, a 2.0Ah battery, a battery charger, belt hook and carrying case for $99. I thought that was a good price. I was looking at other impact drivers from other brands (Ryobi, Makita, Milwaukee) and went with this DeWalt kit because of the price and how compact it is. The Ryobi one was way too big and bulky while the Makita and Milwaukee ones were just a little out of my price range. I've used several DeWalt tools in the past but never owned one until today. I've noticed that they are very tough/durable tools and seem to last a long time.

  4. god damn u`re an IDIOT 809 can run all day everyday and on heavy jobs is better than 887 try by me really go PLAY MARIO is more on you're Level of intelligence. Youtube is too much for you

  5. I went from an 887 to an 809 and I'm loving the 809 so far. The 887 is notorious for having issues with the speed selector. After a few years I started having problems where I would have it in speed 2 and it would think it was in speed 3 or I would have it in speed 3 and it would act like it was in speed 1. Plus the variable trigger on the 809 is sooooo much nicer than the 887. The trigger on the 887 doesn't feel nice at all, it's hard to control the speed. The 809 works fine for construction screws and drywall screws and things like that. If I'm driving lags screws I'll use my big XR drill.Plus I got my 809 on sale for $70 so for that price I'm super happy with it

  6. I just picked up the DCK278C2 kit that comes with the 809 impact and 708 drill, Home depot is running a promo right now and was able to get a 5ah battery for free! for 300$ I think this is more than what I need at home.

  7. I am amazed I have the same driver DeWalt 887 and I have trouble putting in a 2 inch screw! so what am I doing wrong? is it the type of screw head, can you help?

  8. I absolutely love this set MyBest.Tools should have upgraded to the 20V sooner. The impact driver is a must have for driving screws; compact and all muscle.

  9. What is the difference in the models dcf850b dcf850nt dcf850e2t

  10. I just upgraded to the XR series up from the atomic but I’m not about to start shittin on atomic. Those were badass rock solid tools for the price. I am a low voltage contractor and these tools had to do everything from drilling multiple holes for wires through every stud in the building to running bigass lag bolts to delicate things like mounting cameras and speakers with the little plastic arms to tighten down. The Atomic series excelled at every task I gave them and surpassed expectations in every way while enabling me to work and earn the money for the XR series and my new DCD998 power detect, which I am absolutely in love with.

  11. I'm sold on the DCF840. Torque management is spot on.

  12. Nice comparison. Clear and concise. I liked seeing the examples of tools in comparative use.

  13. Would the DCF809B be power enough for removing lug nuts from a 2004 Ford F-150 ?

  14. Nice review & test, next maybe more scree types with bigger size….thanks 👍👍👍

  15. What impact driver do you have? If you have more than one, which one is your favorite?

  16. Nice info mate for me i have milwaukee 2853 and bosch gdx 1800 i prefer bosch because ihave more control on it

  17. Take you 809 swap the collet out with a 3/8 anvil and dont look back, well worth it and still cheaper than an overpriced 890.

  18. I own a made in Mexico 887 type 2, never had a single problem with it.

  19. Hi mate, picked up a DCD709 + DCF809 with 3 2Ah batteries for £199 (GBP). Is this worth it?

    OR should I return it and buy a DCD796 + DCF887? Mainly for home use & for other people. Should be around the same price but will have to be refurbished or used drills.

  20. I have the 809 Atomic and love it. I am not a fan of the manual 3 speed transmission on the 887 due to debris getting inside the switch and jamming it. Also heard the 887 has overheating problems. I abuse the 809 everyday no issues

  21. DCF888 is the best dewalt impact right now!

  22. I got both hence no more choosing just start using both.

  23. I’ve noticed on the Dewalt website you “Atomic” and then “Atomic Compact”…. are they all “compact” and just not indicated? Or are they different lines? Either way, IMO Dewalt just has way too many lines and SKUs (12v, 20v max, 20v max XR, 20v compact, Atomic, Atomic compact, Flexvolt Advantage, Power Detect….. they need to really reevaluate it all! It reminds me of years ago when Steve Jobs came back to Apple and said they had way too many SKUs for the Macs and paired them done.

  24. Just bought the 887 days ago. So far so good.

  25. Or just get milwaukee witch is smaller and alot more powerful

  26. if ur trying top find the best impact drivers why look at dewalt, dewalt is crap, why are they so big and heavy

  27. Tell you what?! For $149.00 I'd rather take the DCF887 over the Atomic for $129.00 for $20.00 more I can get the ones that have the max torque and max Rpm's of 3250. But I don't think I ever gonna need another one because my dcf888 is working fine! I love it! Well you know what! I'm thinking about replacing my old and worn out and smoked Ryobi p237 brushed 3 Speed Impact driver and I'm choosing between the Craftsman Brushless Impact Driver or the DeWalt dcf 809 And I haven't decided yet!! But they're both great impact drivers though

  28. Get the 887 its never good to 2nd guess if your tool will do the job. The Atomic is good for service techs who already are carrying alot of wieght.

  29. In the UK the prices are almost identical (£2-3 difference). You could quite easily lose that saving on a busted piece of wood from less control, so the DCF887 is more economical. I moved from a DCF885, which was very powerful, but little control to the DCF887. I find this more useful as a DIYer, as I don't need to change drivers.

  30. My 887 is fucked already. Useless tool can't handle hard work avoid avoid aboid

  31. 887 is all you need. My bro is a contractor and that thing is clipped on his tool belt

  32. Thanks for the information. These are the same price right now at my local home store and I was trying to figure out what the difference was. I'll be buying the 887 because it's more versatile with its three speeds.

  33. Hi, the 887 is stronger, I’ve seen this tool smoke and burned, I’m not sure if it’s just that tool or if this 887 is an issue! Idk, I’m interested in it just not sure! Excellent demonstration ty, Bob,

  34. 887 now available for £59 in 🇬🇧 bare tool

  35. Home Depot had the 809 w/ 2 batteries , charger, and bag for $99. The batteries are 1.5AH, but I have it in my garage where I service my window air conditioners and do minor repairs on bikes and other equipment. Anything else, I use my bigger impact guns and drills in the wood/mechanical shop or any other construction projects needing extra power in the tools. For $99 you can't go wrong for minor stuff…keeps me from walking 200 ft to the shop to get the others. LOL I'm a serious fan of the black and yellow…but on big construction jobs the Milwaukee 18 volt fuel line of impacts is number one. Milwaukee is in the lead with their variety of 18 volt tools as well…like mag drills ($2600.00), portable strut cutters ($3000.00), etc. Good video. Thanks.

  36. There is other XR models in between these two that are better than the atomic on your video

  37. 809 is home depot atomic…lowes version of atomic same price kit but it's a 840 and is more powerful then a 887 and twice as strong as the 809 ….dewalts secret release

  38. 887 is way better for only $20-30 more

    Adjustable speed and more power/torque

  39. I have atomic everything it's perfect for anything. If you want more power then use corded

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