Build your own nuclear battery with radioactive tritium - a pocket nuclear power plant -

Build your own nuclear battery with radioactive tritium – a pocket nuclear power plant

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  2. You have the wires going to the multimeter running parallel. Have you tried it running in series? Should bump you up to 3V but with less amps. Add three more set to that 3V running parallel to each other should correct amperage problems.

  3. Du solltest probieren, damit eine solarbetriebene Winkekatze aus so einem Asia-Geschäft zu betreiben. Meiner Erfahrung nach brauchen die viel weniger Strom als ein Taschenrechner und funktionieren auch bei kaum Licht.

  4. Where can i buy tritium bc it is not on ali expres anymore

  5. Would it be effective to extract free energy from radio waves with some antenna? It seems the presented radio battery is able to power a microcontroller in deep sleep mode!

  6. I used to have a watch with tritium-painted hands. You could always read the watch in the dark. I wish those were still available.

  7. Can we attempt to build an RTGS (Radioisotope Thermo Electric Generator) using a peltier module and a small quantity of thoriated tungsten or Uranyl Nitrate with americium / beryllium based neutron generator, all enclosed in a sealed lead block? An attempt using a few grams of the material is worth a try. This might generate more power than this tritium vial. Just a guess!

  8. how about connecting it to charge an electrolytic capacitor for a while, and maybe make an LED flash after a few hours of charging using joule thief 😀

  9. Neat! Gets me thinking how to add some light pipes, or maybe fiber, into the spaces or perimeter for some solar improved performance utility also?

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  11. Just stack 10 of these nuclear power plants parallel to feed your calculator, or use a supercapacitor wich charges up in the time you don't use your calculator.
    Nice project, now I want to build one on my own

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