Building A Nuclear Powered Calculator Because Batteries Are A Scam -

Building A Nuclear Powered Calculator Because Batteries Are A Scam

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I created a nuclear-powered calculator that lasts over a decade! Harnessing the glow of tritium gas, we converted its beta radiation into electricity using low-light solar panels. With careful construction and shielding, the battery-free calculator came to life.

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  1. have you seen the new casio scientific calculators? those are VERY efficient and actually useful.

  2. cool, does it not harm if we interact with it with bare hands as its radioactive

  3. Good to see some UK based people doing some science content. I have a fusor and have been doing some activation experiments.
    As previously mentioned yes the Beta’s are practically weak from tritium. It is however pretty bad for you if ingested especially as tritinated water.

  4. Nice work!
    Could it be pepped up a bit with a few sources from ionisation smoke alarms? Or are your green tubes already a level beyond that?
    Nearly 40 years ago I was testing electronic circuits that had memory backed up by a lithium coin cell. Many of the memory chips had a current of about 0.2 microamps but some of them were as high as 2 or 3 microamps. (Some of those might of found their way into non-volatile memory expansion for my Sinclair Spectrum computer). What I'm getting at is that you might have been particularly unlucky with your little calculator and another "identical" one might need 10 times less current. That could make enough difference for it to work continuously rather than for a few seconds.
    Just hoping you can make some advances towards getting a car working with your power source!

  5. Best fun project I've seen in a while.

  6. Brilliant way to get people to comment. Screw driver prop mic… lolol

  7. You are amazing dude , I found this channel … And stuff here is really impressive. Keep spreading knowledge… God bless you dear … Waiting to see more of new stuff from you 🎉

  8. Unless they're Duracell batteries then they will be corroded in the package that you bought this year. True story.

  9. damn if only we could harvest the power of light

  10. The most geekiest calculator on the planet. Luv it!

  11. You should put it into a box mark the date and bury it somewhere for future generations of yours to dig out and be proud of your invention 👏 🥰

  12. You forgot it was a screw driver after about 30 seconds, didn’t you? 😁
    I did…

  13. The most amazing thing is the screwdriver you are talking into

  14. Up Next – Tritium powered Airtag

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