Building A Nuclear Powered Gameboy (Lasts 100 Years!) -

Building A Nuclear Powered Gameboy (Lasts 100 Years!)

Ian Charnas
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Ian Charnas
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  1. Yoo I wanna do this to my blood glucose meter! Think you could help me find those battery chips please??

  2. Subscribed!
    Okay… i dont think i want to charge my phone with this…

  3. Man, your videos are really cool. You must have more subscriptors. Greetings for Mexico

  4. Damnit! I wish I would've found this in time for the raffle, that kind of nuclear powered game boy would be so cool to have. Not just because of it being one of many cool custom "Gameboys", but because it's powered by RADIATION!

  5. Just been binging all ur vids and the I love how u explain all the steps really detailed!

  6. Great video if you mind what were the exact components you used i want to make something similar my self

  7. Out of curiosity I googled "how much uranium would it take to power a Gameboy" and I still can't believe someone had the answer

  8. How much charge do those solid state batteries hold? How do they compare a AA or something commercially available?

  9. Do you think those batteries store enough energy to ignite an electronic match used in model rockets ? I believe it needs a minimum of .60 amp (600 milliamp

    Thanks , great video by the way

  10. Wait how the heck you only have 9k subs? That intro alone deserves 100k subs

  11. I seriously hope you don't get a real job that would interfere with you building more bizarrely fun projects like this!

  12. Have low light,what model of solar panels good for low light to use this method?

  13. man you're amazing. Please add more content like this!

  14. so can you make several of these nuclear solar cell solid state batteries using MJ cells and put them in parallel? if mass produced they could be cheap enough to make soda can sized AAA batteries that don't die?

  15. Gente vamos fazer o youtube dominado por JESUS!
    Cole isso em todos os vídeos que você vê!
    💛ELE VIVE💛

  16. Gente vamos fazer o youtube dominado por JESUS!
    Cole isso em todos os vídeos que você vê!
    💛ELE VIVE💛

  17. Ian, this was awesome! Wishing you continued success!!

  18. On the naughty list, just like that kid who made his own nuclear reactor 😋

  19. Now we just need to find out how to make a bright glow stick using Unrefined uranium ore 🐸

  20. We have a lot uranium ore in lower Austria.
    Actually this would be a much better source for this setup, I am just not sure how the radiation would affect the semiconductors in the solarcell over time.

  21. Coulda built a few more tritium generators instead of hunting down an exotic battery. But since the exotic battery has already been found the next step is to figure out how many tritium generators it takes to have a reasonable recharge time and fit it all inside the case.

  22. you weren't kidding about those batteries being impossible to find — all obsolete and 0 in stock 😞

  23. did you ever find a solution that was comparable to the thin film from Cymbet?

  24. Not to be a party pooper but RADIATION glows blue not green

  25. I can't refine uranium ore .. What a bummer .. haha

  26. I have several antique watches that have radium within the paint

  27. I truly don't understand how your channel doesn't have more subscribers! THIS IS AN AMAZING PROJECT! Completely bonkers and such high level execution! And easy to understand due to your thorough and fun explanations, absolutely FIRST CLASS content! I hope you keep producing these videos, this build was such a great concept!!

  28. How about stacking several of these batteries?

  29. Now turn a gameboy into a geiger counter! 😀

  30. Pick up that raid shadow legends sponsorship and make an array of these reactors.

  31. This could be done way more efficiently with more active materials like Americium 241.

  32. Yeah but thr capacitors and games wone last 50….didnt u ever read the back of the game pak it says fir best results do not use nuclear power and expires 50 years

  33. Could you use the ore with a layer of phosphor for a much more powerful diy battery?

  34. Do this again but with betavoltaik. That would be Aaaaaawesome and maybe better efficiency

  35. Why can't you use thorium ore to run a nuclear battery or you need a phosphor or fluorescent material to run the semiconductor?

  36. where the hell you bought tritium vials?! i'm searching them everywhere

  37. What if you reacted the tritium in a bunch of them with oxygen to make tritiated water and used beta voltaics to directly capture the electrons instead of losing energy to exciting a phosphor in between? You'd get more density by packing the tritium atoms close together into a liquid and more output from a beta voltaic cell at the small cost of making a really radioactive liquid that can easily be absorbed into your body!

  38. Hmmm… I wonder what would happen if you made one of these with some of that radium dial paint?

  39. Grab your Gameboy and come to Japan. We have literally millions of tons of tritiated water for you.

  40. Hello i just recently came to your chanel and you are amazing i wanted to build something like this myself i got the thin-flm battaries and now im just looking for the tritium can you gie a link to where you bought them thanks!

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