Can Nuclear Power SAVE The Car Industry? 4K -

Can Nuclear Power SAVE The Car Industry? 4K

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The idea of nuclear-powered cars has never caught on in the past, but as technology continues to develop, could nuclear power contribute to our automotive energy needs in the 21st century?

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  1. Much of the reduction in nuclear power generation is due to Merkel's panicked response to the Fukushima disaster. That ended well when Russia invaded Ukraine.

  2. I keep seeing comments about Nuclear can't be shut down, what if those same engines could be plugged into the energy grid? Almost like how you plug in diesel in the winter but backward.

  3. I think it was very telling when the usecase for nuclear power to help cars was the creation of synthetic fuels. Why is the conversion of electricity to create synthetic fuels at very low efficiency the first point that is talked about? The electricity could just be used to charge batteries.

  4. This is possible today. What? Yes, all that has to be done is use the Powerplant to make electricity. Then charge the EVs that are already on the road that use the charging stations that already exist. There is however, a problem that an Electrician I know told me about. The Powerplant needs to be shut down from 62 to 68 days for repairs or regular maintainance.

  5. I wish people were less afraid of nuclear power. Looking at the numbers: Three Mile Island: no deaths, Fukushima: 1 direct death, Chernobyl: < 100 direct deaths. Compared to burning coal which contributes to upwards of 100,000 deaths per year, ~100 deaths per 50 years is pretty safe, around what one might expect from incidences of accidents working on wind turbines and installing solar pannels. The damage to the climate due to people's (mostly) unfounded fear of nuclear energy is really sad.

  6. Wash your mouth out.
    Nuclear, if it is the answer to the world energy CO2 problem, AND 90% of the world's population is in dictatorships, then Nuclear industries in every country in the world would mean that the USA MILITARY budget would go from 4% to 40%.
    The USA is the biggest target in the world.
    Little Rocket man, the Iranian religious leaders, all the dictatorships in the world would be laughing and laughing 😃
    Australia could sell all the uranium the world needs, monopoly profits from big power businesses would flow for 100 years, political donations were every they were needed.
    Technology development in renewables would be stopped.
    Hello Hello is anyone thinking 🤔????

  7. Putin is struggling to kill his neighbour's children and threatens everybody with nuclear weapons if they try and stop him.
    Russia would be a nuclear weapon target itself!!!!!!!!
    A 70gm egg is the size of 1.5 kg of uranium, enough to make a nuclear bomb.
    People steal kg of gold regularly.
    Missing uranium would be a profitable international business 😕 if 100,000 reactors needed topping up.
    Armed guards are normal now with tiny amounts of uranium trade.
    Nobody looks at the right numbers.

  8. Good video but Rory needs to get the latest info on the safer nuclear openings available now.

  9. You ask a guy off the street and he'll say no way is nuclear power safe. If he knows his stuff, he'll mention the three major accidents – Chernobyl, Three-Mile Island, and Fukushima. What he won't know is the cumulative death toll was 31 people, all at Chernobyl. And that far more people die drilling for oil every year in the US alone. But you can't change people's minds with statistics, you have deal with them at an emotional level. That's hard to do.

  10. what about small nuclear on the fly charging for electric cars

  11. This subject comes up now and again. The main killer for any such idea is, as you say, the huge amount of shielding that would be required to knock down the prompt radiation of any reactor functioning with any interesting power level ( say at the 100 kw level). Even in the gigantic NB-36 variant of the Peacekeeper bomber (midfuselage, extremely complex kit, about mid-1950s vintage) could not be run with what folks considered a sufficient margin of safety. Sorry, but nice and honest reporting. BUT, I must add that SMRs are an emergent technology that may become very interesting up here in cold Canada! Our regulatory agency, the CNSC is in fact putting together a framework for regulating what might prove to be a very useful emergent technology here.
    thanks again
    D. Barillari, nuclear engineer

  12. A lot of us are going electric, simply because we don’t realize that for us to do that, the countries that have the natural resources are paying a very high price environmentally speaking and Powys’s well

  13. This is better than a lot of "science" channels. I'm not really into cars but it's nice to see there are still youtubers putting in the work to research things and present them in a factual way.
    Keep up the good work!

  14. Imagine you open your car hood and you see a miniaturized nuclear fusion tokamak engine running, giving you unlimited range.

  15. They've made a nuclear battery that is made out of synthetic diamonds. Proof of concept has been shown, problem is its expensive to me. Once its figured out how to produce cheaply, I can easily see it happe .

  16. fukashima was 0 deaths from radiation. so not exactly a disaster. more of a display of how safe it is. . compared to 500,000 death in china every year from air pollution.

  17. Nuclear is such a tediously long and inefficient process to generate energy. And some folk – ugh hum plug in EV fanboys / girls 🙄😅- have the cheek to whine about hydrogen fuel cells being inefficient… And just like with battery electric vehicles, where are the bad materials in the reactors / batteries gonna end up after their spent. Nuclear reactors are even worse, because of the half life of ghastly Uranium. 2:29 Ooo be SUPER careful mentioning nuclear weapons, nuclear reactors on wheels, and Donal Trump in the same video, shit 🤭😆😝 And 1KW of power? WOW!. 1.21 Gigawatts or GTFO 🤣👉

  18. the same issue applies to batteries, gasoline, and hydrogen when in a crash.
    1. batteries use lithium which burns hotter then the sun and is impossible to be put out. also creates a chain reaction which can set other batteries on fire as well as everything else in the area.
    2. hydrogen…. BOOOOOOM.
    3. gasoline just works as a leaking napalm. since it doesnt really explode. just burn unless its contained tightly with no exit.

  19. This is such a Fallout and Ridge Racer question, and I'm all in to hear this out

  20. We are beginning to go towards fallout 4 and I don’t like it

  21. Get reactors away from rivers and earthquake areas and coast lines. Build them underground preferably in salt mines or impermeable rock layers we have to eliminate Russia from the equation let them choke on their fuel .

  22. There are many abandoned mines in America build reactors there away from fresh water supplies . Safe from attack or malfunction. No Chernobyl or Three mile island molten salt or gas cooled .

  23. The amount of waste is actually a positive for nuclear because its multiple orders of magnitude smaller than coal

  24. How about we just use nuclear power plants to generate electricity for electric cars.

    I know crazy idea.

  25. …I don't wanna get caught in a nuclear accident

  26. You wouldn't have a clue, and you admitted you don't know, so don't make a video about it

  27. Portion of the electric vehicles are technically nuclear powered today, since that electricity from the grid is generated from a nuclear power plant. You dont need to carry a reactor in your car.

  28. How about a molten salt reactor? They are safer.

  29. Nuclear batteries made from nuclear waste, lasers reducing waste timelines, thorium reactors also burning current excess waste as a catalyst reducing radioactivity to 60 years. Nuclear is also the future of manned space travel.

  30. Nuclear Power is just steam power. The water in the core is heated by nuclear fission and then pumped into tubes inside a heat exchange. Those tubes heat a separate water source to create steam. The steam then turns an electric generator to produce electricity. Nuclear energy is not some magical mystery energy, it's just an easy heat source.

  31. no more charging station.
    like the Voyger probes built, launched decades ago

  32. Ian Weetman | Ion + The Spectres of Light says:

    I'm Canadian and our governments are going all in on SMR's to replace fossil fuels in provinces like Alberta and Saskatchewan which don't have natural hydro resources like BC, Manitoba or Quebec… As long as they decarbonize our energy grid I'm for it! Wind and solar where you can and nuclear to back it up…

  33. Terrible, TERRIBLE idea. With all the car crashes happening every year, millions of people will be exposed to radiation. Why not just leave the uranium in the nuclear power stations, and use this electricity to charge battery electric cars?

  34. your also talking about fusion, not fision? fusion wouldnt be possible, and way un safe?

  35. Fusion also creates force fields, so the need for traditional shielding is not necessary.

  36. We need to stop using plastics & foams, also stop using the ovens & frying foods. Nuclear power is toxic. We need to become raw vegans & vegetarians to cure the planet💚 & follow the 10 commandments🌟

  37. Remember how the man invented a car that ran solely on WATER??? They say he was killed because of his amazing invention. Who wouldn’t want a car run on water that drove 80 mph vs some car with radiation that the EMF’s are off the charts for??? Unless you don’t mind wearing lead!! Hahaha so funny that people will do this but won’t get their broken tooth ex-rayed. Shows the level of intelligence🙄 …. Your house grounded should be under 25 kvps…. These things are up to and over 1000. Nice huh?! Good luck with your cancer!! Oh and don’t forget how the batteries will cost you 30 grand!! I don’t think your TrippleA membership will be able to change these roadside or even offer you their amazing warranties that are less then 200$.

  38. This information is super interesting. I want to express my personal appreciation for the time and work you invested in producing it. Thanks so much!

  39. (Based in just speculation)

    With Biden’s new quota to put E-chargers in 35 states in the US: what if we had set aside some nuclear power plants to charge the grid required to balance the usage of E-chargers compared to the already delicate grid we have.

    In addition we should also find ways to reduce the waste created by junk battery’s.

    I won’t support E-chargers if it’s not backboned so we don’t get stabbed at with having to choose our AC or a car.

  40. What about the thorium car ?
    100 years with out refueling.

  41. The reason why we aren't using more and more nuclear power for cities is ridiculous

  42. Yes a commercial nuclear car would be ideal market for terrorist to acquire nuclear material for bomb making. Theres a reason why only few institution such as military and government has access to refine uranium. A kid managed to made a nuclear reactor that almost blow up out of salvage antique clocks with nuclear material.

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