Casio G-Shock GWM5610 Solar Multiband 6 Atomic Timekeeping Watch Review -

Casio G-Shock GWM5610 Solar Multiband 6 Atomic Timekeeping Watch Review

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Casio G-Shock GWM5610 Solar Multiband 6 Atomic Timekeeping Watch Review on the JustBlueFish YouTube channel, home of high quality wristwatch and horology related reviews and videos.

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In today’s review video we are looking at the Casio G-Shock GWM5610 Solar Multiband 6 Atomic Timekeeping Watch. We will take a look at the features and functionality and compare this watch to the popular Casio G-Shock DW5600.

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Casio G-Shock DW5600 on Amazon:


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  1. Very honest review. I will go for a regular 5600.

  2. one of the greatest watches ever made!!!! rocking my gwm5610 today!!!

  3. Is nobody going to mention that you’re recording a half hour watch review at 3:30 AM?

  4. Just get G5600 with tough solar function without atomic timekeeping if you like.

  5. I was thinking about dw 5600 but this one has better display. it's placed higher what makes it more visible. also the buttons are more comfortable to work with…

  6. I got my 5600 about 2 weeks ago. I choosed it beacuse i wanted the original g shock. I think the there’s no reason to choose the solar version since the lithium battery last for 10 years plus the capacitor need to change between 5-6. Years.

  7. I have your solution….put your watch inside the watch box….and leave them both outside to help it synch… then kindly send me your address..

  8. what also is the difference in those two watches is the thickness of the hour digits… in m5610 they are thicker, what makes them more visible. I am happy about the bigger size of the digits on display, the time is visible at first when you look at the watch.

  9. Do you never time anything longer than an hour? I do allll the time, I would love the hours counter.

  10. The module with blue tooth has everything and display current time when in stop watch mode.

  11. would your 5600 adaptors work on a 5610? cheers

  12. Multiband is ok but it doesn't recieve signal when the watch is on the move, another thing is that when it tries to recieve the signal, the screen doesn't show time for a while… but it is a great watch anyway… I'm not going to sell it ever…

  13. 6:04 Well, this one is a solar watch you won't use the battery (10 months). You can use the auto-light then. 😏
    But the light is a bit slow to come… 😩
    14:55 In Europe the 24h system is mostly used it's not Only for military. (I use 24h instead of am/pm)

  14. Well, the negatives you pointed aren't really. It depends of your use of the watch.
    It's still a quartz watch. You don't have to sync with the atomic time everyday or several times a day.
    It will be still be accurate compare to a mechanical watch. 😏
    Thanks for Your full review.

  15. If you believe you will See many miracles. says:

    secure. Love my 5610 gshock. Its hot 🔥
    Just got mine.i have no problem with it.
    I also got my 56100 as well.

  16. 5600 e is all anybody need. All the other stuff is just feature waste

  17. A great watch, and it’s great to have it in my collection..I also have the “blacked-out” version of the DW-5600, which is also great!!

  18. Why does everyone say it’s a square G Shock, it’s octagonal

  19. Thanks for the great review on 5610 , I will pick up 5610 for two reasons over the cheaper version: number 1 I never ever wanna mess with opening and changing the battery , and number 2 I do have family in different time zones so I constantly need to know what time is it where they are at, and that rally doesn't bother me that I can not see the time when i go to stop watch timer.

  20. We get it, it doesn't sink up in your house. Didn't need to hear it 40 times.

  21. bought two of these to mod, does anyone know why one has a horizontal dash between the Day/month yet the other has a "comma" as in the video?

  22. The RCVD also indicates that you haven’t messed with the time. If you change it manually the RCVD disappears.

  23. I have three of them different Atomic ones and they all work perfect almost every night very rare they won't pick it up the signal

  24. You have to put it on a window it's not going to work in your watch box that's for sure it can get pick up the signal

  25. What a wanky "review"
    Your first world issues are so lame fuck me!
    "Doesn't sync in my watch box" Boo Hoo ffs the damn technology you require doesn't exist
    "No time on stopwatch mode" seriously? Deal breaker?! You mate, are a hard customer that simply doesn't appreciate what goes into a quality product nor deserves one.

  26. I have a fair number of watches but one of my most prized is the DW5600. I just feel good wearing it. Even the Swiss watch nerds approve.

  27. Mine updates when I wear it overnight, but if it's off my wrist it doesn't. I guess it uses my wrist as an antenna😅

  28. The stopwatch actually is better on this one because it can count multiple hours. It doesn't show the time because it counts the hours in that space, but I get what you're saying.

  29. Clear accent and to the point. Excellent review. Thank you.

  30. 13:11 almost sounded like you were saying ‘when we’re talking aBRAGout… 😂 Watch is fantastic though, not perfect for sure, but it gets the job done and it’s cool and durable. I am planning in ordering this one from Amazon to check if out. I do own the newer GShock Smartwatch GSW H-1000 that for some reason not many Youtubers are talking about and reviewing and the Rangeman 9400. I believe this one is more of a classic look. Price it’s definitely reasonable at less than $100.

  31. Unfortunately, the thing that you consider to be an issue with the atomic timekeeping is not an issue. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the watch. I own this watch and a few other mutiband6 atomic gshocks. These atomic timekeeping watches must be free of any kind in house interference. Computers, radio, or even Wi-Fi signals can affect atomic signal to the watch. You cannot expect this watch to reliably receive an atomic signal shut up in the watch case.The watch needs to be near or in a window to get the best signal. As you already know, the atomic signal is usually received anywhere between 12-5am in most cases. Nothing was wrong with the watch just your location or interference. Sorry, not the watch fault.

  32. Is the alarm on the DW5600 louder than on the GW-M5610 ?

  33. Half of this video is you harping over and over about not being able to synchronize with the Atomic Clock and not being able to see the current time in the Timer mode. Personally, I got tired listening to it.

  34. I just returned my DW5600 …. the timer reset button is impossible to press…

  35. you can now see current time in timers in the GW-M5610U

  36. You're spot on about the atomic timing. I have a very hard time getting mine to sync. I live in New Jersey.

  37. The screen quality of the g shocks is very cheesy because when you look at the side, it shows all the figures as eight, and this casio f91w is not such a problem. 😀

  38. May I know how to turn the light display on. My watch display is too dark to see the time in the dark. Thanks in advance.

  39. They now have the GWM500 U which I just payed £74.00 or $98.00 which has the new module that does all that you have seen as negative hope this helps.

  40. There is now an updated version named GW-M5610U.
    You can read the time while in stopwatch and timer. The light is LED for 3 seconds. You can switch day and date. You can go directly to homescreen by holding down one button.

  41. I just got the DW5600 for $42 and thinking about returning it for the GWM5610 for around $70. I never use stop watch thing. Solar and Multiband 6 is cool.

  42. Try different setting for atomic time sync. The radio station (WWVB in Boulder, CO) that transmits the time is really low powered, so it's best to sync at night and as direct a "line of sight" as possible. Try different home locations. Read How Stuff Works: How do radio=controlled atomic clocks set themselves. Good review, BTW.

  43. only owned for 3 months and my screen has gone blank, anyone knows why?

  44. The new updated one should be perfect for you!

  45. My gosh what a watch.. If That watch was available when dinosaurs was roaming the earth It would have survived and still been here today telling time.

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