Casio G-Shock Rescue Series Atomic Solar 7900b Battery Tip -

Casio G-Shock Rescue Series Atomic Solar 7900b Battery Tip

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Casio G-Shock Rescue Series Atomic Solar 7900b Battery Tip

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Some info that I did not find on You Tube about replacing a battery on this G-Shock with Atomic and Solar. The battery I used was a Panasonic CTL1616


  1. Hello…is it GSHOCK model GW7900 tough solar?Can you share with me what type battery you use for replacement?

  2. wait, does your watch have/had a blue backlight?

  3. Hello! Can you plz tell where to open the clip from to take the battery out??I am confused and afraid it would break

  4. Thank goodness you put this video up. I had the exact same problem and I believe such detail should NOT have been left out. by the other video guys. Good job HAWK832.

  5. Thank you for posting this video. I had the same issue with my watch not initially responding and it confused me. Waiting a few hours solved the problem. Thank you.

  6. Hecks you mentioned Timex Expedition…Dont buy this brand not Good… I have timex expedition after almost 1yr of using the mechanism Suddenly Stopped but the battery is new…

  7. It looks like you don't have the level charge no more on the display… Can you confirm ?

  8. I did the same thing put there's a little spring I can't figure out were it goes

  9. I'm missing the screw on the lower right. Didn't replace it because I think it gives it character lol

  10. Great video BTW thanks. I have to replace my battery soon.

  11. Your video is pointless and the music in background is annoying

  12. Was wondering what kinda tweezers did you use, or what tool kit did you use?

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