Casio WV58a Atomic Clock Battery Change Time Lapse -

Casio WV58a Atomic Clock Battery Change Time Lapse

Chet Mo
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Casio WV58a Atomic Clock Battery Change Time Lapse.
Battery: CR1620
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  1. For any wanderer like me asking "how the fuck did he open the battery lid?!?". You use a needle between the two hooks (the small metal pieces on the side of the lid) going from the inner side of the battery to the outside to 'flip it open'. It should be on the side of the golden spring. Mine had a small hole between the two hooks where I could stick the needle in.

  2. Thanks for the video. No one else (that I am aware of) has even attempted to show this. I slowed it down to 0.25x, but I still could not see how to remove the battery. Mine had rubber holders – that I removed – as well as some super tiny metal cage to anchor the battery in place. I could not see exactly how you used the pin (at 0:13) to release it. 😢FYI, everyone, the Casio instructions are useless. They just direct you to the nearest Casio dealer/distributor and warn you against even attempting to do this yourself. The watch costs $30 on Amazon, and they know you’ll probably keep buying new ones rather than repair it.

  3. Not very clear at all to me, I wouldn't like to use this guide to replace my battery or maybe I missed something

  4. This video is so fast I cannot see what is going on. The removal of the battery retainer clip is so fast that I cannot see exactly what is being accomplished with the pin. I have poked and poked and it will not release.

  5. Sucks. Can’t hear anything, too dim, and the strap is in the way.

  6. What's the big rush? You didn't even show us the replacement cell number.

  7. Too fast can not see anything because of the strap is in the way.

  8. THIS is how to do those videos. No ten minutes of "like and subscribe" nonsense. Just to the point.

    Just helped me change the battery my own watch.

  9. My original battery has a metal band anchoring the battery in place. I need to call Casio.

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